How to easily navigate between layers on Divi

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navigate between layers

Today, we’re going to talk to you about Divi navigate between layers View, a brand new edit panel in the builder that lets you quickly view, navigate, organize and edit your pages in the interface of a nested layer. You can explore your content inside the layers panel while visually modifying your page. This brings the simplicity and efficiency of block-based editing and combines it with the intuitive nature of the visual builder, giving you the best of both worlds! The layers panel consolidates long and complex pages and lets you navigate and edit them with new efficiency.

navigate between layers

How to access the layers view

To use the new layers panel, just click on the new layers icon or right-click on any element and choose “Go to Layer” to locate that element in the layers window. This will give you an organized view of all of your page content in a condensed window.

View your page structure and quickly navigate to any element

The layers panel gives you a structured view of your page’s content that is organized and easy to understand. You can dig inside each section to reveal the nested rows, columns, and modules. You can also search the Layers panel to quickly find what you’re looking for or filter the Layers panel to reveal specific sections, lines, or modules. If you click on something in the layers panel, it will automatically scroll your page to the location of that element so that you can edit it using Visual Builder.

  • Show Your Page Structure – The layers panel displays all the items in an organized, nested list that clearly shows your page structure.
  • Find Items – Looking for a particular item on a long, complex page? Just search for the layers panel to find it quickly, navigate to its position on the page, and start editing.
  • Filter Items By Type – Want to quickly locate all of the button modules on your page? Filter the layers panel by “button” to see them all in an organized list!
  • Navigate Your Page Quickly – Sometimes it’s hard to find what you’re looking for on a long page. Instead of scrolling the page up or down in search, just click on the section in the layers panel to instantly navigate to its position.

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Organize elements and rename layers quickly

Items can be easily organized in the layers panel. Sections, rows, columns, and modules can all be rearranged by drag and drop. The condensed and ordered view of the layer panels makes it easy to move certain elements. You can also quickly rename items in the layers panel. Just click on an item’s name to adjust its admin label.

You can do everything in the Layers view

The layers panel is more than just a navigation/organization tool. It is a full-featured and feature-rich building tool that gives you all the power of the Divi Builder in a compressed window that is always available. You can drag and drop to move items. You can delete, duplicate or add new items. You can copy, paste, extend styles, and find and replace. You can do everything inside this little window. Every time you change something in the layers panel, those changes are instantly reflected on your page.

The layers panel makes some tasks easier. Are you having difficulty accessing overlapping items due to the advanced use of negative margin, position, and z index? Just find and edit these elements in the layers panel instead. The Layers view is simple and unambiguous.


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