Name at least three physical properties of the bowling ball

By Allen Kazadi
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Use the picture to answer the question. Name at least three physical properties of the bowling ball. ​


The physical properties is hardness shape and color, I choose hardness because I have grabbed bowling balls before and they are very hard well there could be different types of bowling balls made of different things but I have never seen one or toughed a bowling ball that is not hard. Another physical property  I chose for the bowling ball was shape, The reason I chose shape was because the bowling ball is circle, the actual name for a 3-D circle is sphere. The last physical property for a bowling ball is color because mostly all bowling balls have color for example the one in the picture it is red with a little bit of pink, there is many different bowling balls that have different color different hardness but NOT different  shape. That is the physical properties of a bowling ball.

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