Multilaser car dashboard converts a cell phone into a multimedia centre.

Multilaser car dashboard, When you’re driving, nothing beats excellent music. Keeping this in mind, Multilaser introduced Evolve Connect, a vehicle audio that allows you to utilise your smartphone as a multimedia centre. The gadget also includes a universal holder for attaching the mobile phone to the dashboard of the vehicle, allowing access to music controls, GPS, and other features.

The introduction is similar to that of other vehicle radios. On the front, there is a tiny screen in the middle, as well as touch-sensitive buttons on the side with customizable coloured illumination. The panel also has two USB connections, one for data transmission and the other for charging the phone’s battery.

The adjustable and retractable mobile phone support is the main attraction. By docking the smartphone in the base, you may link it to the speakers through Bluetooth and utilise SmartLink, an Android and iOS software. According to Multilaser, the software transforms the phone into a multimedia centre, allowing orders from the car’s dashboard to be executed.

Support also provides rapid access to other features that might assist drivers in their everyday lives. For instance, if you need to check the route to a location, make a call, or read an important message, just reach for your phone and launch the applications. However, remember to keep your hands on the steering wheel when driving.

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FM radio is included into the Multilaser vehicle audio.

FM radio, of course, reaches customers via the automobile dashboard. Even in the era of streaming, this capability is indispensable in automobiles. After all, how can you drive in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) without hearing the same songs over and over again, including the live version of Love Of My Life, from a special station that every carioca recognises?

“The new sound system also has two pairs of RCA outputs for easy system installation and outstanding sound quality,” they said. Evolve Connect is available for R$ 319.90 through the manufacturer’s virtual shop.

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