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What is the full form of MP?

MP full form: Member of Parliament

MP full form: MP stands for ” Member of Parliament ” in full. In Hindi, MP stands for ” Member of Parliament “. The Member of Parliament (MP) is the Parliament’s elected representative. Members of the lower house are often included in this group in many nations with bicameral legislatures. In India, a Member of Parliament (MP) represents the people of India in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament. Members of Parliament for the Lok Sabha are elected by adult suffrage in a direct election. The Indian Parliament is bicameral, having two houses: the Rajya Sabha (Upper House, or Council of States) and the Lok Sabha (Lower House) (Lower House i.e. Lok Sabha).

Rajya Sabha is a legislative body of India.

The Rajya Sabha has a maximum of 250 members, with 238 representing the states and union territories and 12 appointed by the President. It currently has a sanctioned membership of 245 members, with 233 members elected by the States and Union Territories and 12 members nominated by the President. The Rajya Sabha is a permanent legislative body. Every other year, however, one-third of the members retire and are replaced by freshly elected members. Each member is elected to a six-year term.

Lok Sabha is a legislative body of India.

The Lok Sabha is made up of people’s representatives who are elected directly by the people through universal adult suffrage. The House has a maximum of 552 members, with 530 representing the states, 20 representing the union territories, and two members from the Anglo-Indian community selected by the President. The House currently has a strength of 545 members. The 543 members are directly elected by the Indian people on the basis of universal adult suffrage from parliamentary constituencies across the country, while two members are chosen by the President of India from the Anglo-Indian community.

The following are the prerequisites for being a member of the Lok Sabha, as laid down in Article 84 of the Indian Constitution (under Part V-Union):

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