Moto E32s is a low-cost smartphone featuring a triple camera with Android 12

Moto E32s, Motorola expanded its entry-level mobile phone offering (25). The Moto E32s is a smartphone that distinguishes out for its triple 16-megapixel camera and a price that is less than R$1,000 in straight translation. The launch datasheet still includes a 5,000 mAh battery and Android 12 out of the box.

The phone follows the Moto E32, which was released in May for R$1,499. The only change is the CPU since the Moto E32s comes with the MediaTek Helio G37. The Unisoc T606 chip is used in the prior generation.

Otherwise, we have two mobile phones that are identical. This is the case with the triple photographic set, which combines the 16-megapixel primary camera with two additional 2-megapixel sensors, one for macro and one for shooting depth of field. The front camera, which is used for selfies and video calls, has a resolution of 16 megapixels.

The Motorola mobile phone is basic, yet it boasts a 90 Hz screen.

The 6.5-inch screen, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, is another standout. Furthermore, the phone is available in versions with 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB or 64 GB of storage. The battery has a capacity of 5,000 mAh and a recharging rate of 18 watts.

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When all of the work is done, the user should receive a fair amount of battery life. However, anytime I see a refresh rate of 90 Hz or more on phones of this size, I wonder what the true purpose of this feature is. After all, it’s not a very powerful machine for running games at their highest graphical settings.

Of course, we’re referring about a basic mobile phone. And the benefit is reflected in the price: the smartphone will cost about R$ 770, and it is a model aimed at individuals who conduct basic daily tasks or just do not want to spend a lot of money on a new phone.

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