Monster Chicken Royale mode has been added to PUBG for a limited time.

By Bijesh Ustav
2 Min Read

Monster Chicken Royale mode In order to defeat the feared Monster Chicken, gamers will have to go on a trip that will last for two weeks.

PUBG: Battlegrounds has planned a wonderful (and genuine!) surprise to commemorate this very important occasion of April 1st: the new Monster Chicken Royale mode, which will be accessible until April 11th.

Additionally, in this mode, which can be accessed through PUBG LABS in the lobby, you will have to battle or run from a big 50-meter chicken, also known as a Monster Chicken, in addition to your standard opponents.

The rules of Monster Chicken Royale are quite similar to those of standard Battle Royale. There is, however, something unique about this battle: the presence of a massive chicken wandering the battlefield. From the beginning, all players will be aware of the precise position of Monster Chicken, which will be shown by a chicken symbol on the map.

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In this game, there are two ways to win: either kill the Monster Chicken with zero life points or be the last survivor, so eliminating all of the other participants. The victorious player will get the Tier 1 Bawker Helmet as a prize, regardless of the method of victory.

In addition, PUBG has planned activities on Twitch. By participating in partner broadcasts, gamers will be able to earn two new spray artworks for their collection.

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