Monica Carvalho at 51, undertakes a new beauty operation to parade as Grande Rio’s muse.

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Beauty operation to parade as Grande Rio’s muse It’s true! Monica Carvalho, who turned 51 on March 28th, is preparing to parade as the Grande Rio muse at Marquês de Sapuca. The actress got a new, non-invasive skin rejuvenation beauty process to appear fantastic in this post-pandemic revival of Carnival.

The product combines a filler (hyaluronic acid) and a collagen biostimulator (calcium hydroxyapatite) in a single syringe, promoting the production of natural collagen with instant impact. The therapy costs around R$ 2,500 each syringe.

She is vain and does not conceal the procedures she receives: “I inject botox, use lasers, and moisturise… In that regard, I’m a staunch conservative.”

Aesthetic treatments that are not exaggerated

For the time being, the artist claims she has not resorted to cosmetic surgery, but she does not rule it out if she feels the need to renew it in the future:

“I’ve never had facial harmonisation done, but I’ve seen a lot of people altered and that bothers me. I’d rather get a facelift than filler injections.”

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Discipline as a beauty trick

Beauty operation to parade as Grande Rio’s muse Monica states that she decided to try the new method since she was unhappy with her Chinese moustache (creases in the skin that go from nose to mouth).

Monica, who is self-disciplined, explains that one of her concerns is washing her skin: “I sometimes become really fatigued, but I wash my face, remove all of my makeup, and apply my creams before night.”

She will march as a floor standout at Carnival in a costume named “she’s not joking, she’s from the shovel-turn.” The narrative “Fala Majeté! Sete Chaves de Ex” will be performed in Rio’s sambadrome by Grande Rio.

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