Minecraft server host: which is the best choice?

Minecraft is a game launched in 2011 that is truly one of the biggest hits of the past 10 years. Many fans are looking to build their own Minecraft server. Although it is entirely possible to create the latter on a computer (Windows or Linux), sometimes it is better to opt for a Minecraft server host.

In this article, I will present to you the 2 best Minecraft server hosts of 2021. These two contenders are particularly interesting for their ease of installation and use but also their very competitive prices. You will be able to create your own Minecraft server and host games that can accommodate more than 50 days without encountering any bug to have the best possible gaming experience.

Why create your own Minecraft server?

Minecraft is a building game in a totally free world where every player can let their creativity speak. However, some servers have rules to follow and in some cases, it is even possible to get kicked from Minecraft servers if you break the rules.

For these reasons, more and more players want to create their own Minecraft server, and some use a web host with a VPS server dedicated to Minecraft for this.

But, what are the real advantages of having your own Minecraft server?

Do what you want!

This is certainly the number 1 argument that a Minecraft player will put forward. By creating and hosting their own server, the host can do whatever they want. He can set his own rules, invite or exclude players and customize the world in which he evolves as he wishes.

Install your own modes

Another reason for wanting to create your own Minecraft server is the possibility of installing special modes to totally change the gaming experience. We certainly don’t need to explain to you what it is about since, if you are here To find the best Minecraft server host, you certainly know enough about this game.

Minecraft server host vs manual installation

As we told you in the introduction, it is not mandatory to have a Minecraft server host to create your own server. Indeed, it is quite possible to configure your Minecraft server on your device to then put it online and open access to it to players.

However, there are a few important differences to be aware of if you are hesitating between a Minecraft server host and a manual setup on your computer.

The simplicity of the Minecraft host

If you are not a computer expert but love Minecraft, choosing the best Minecraft server host will make your life a lot easier. Indeed, as we will repeat later in this article, the number 1 strength of the 2 hosts presented below is that they offer a turnkey solution.

You won’t have to go through a long (and sometimes complicated) tutorial to create and install your Minecraft game server. Everything is done in just a few minutes and you will be able to start playing very quickly thanks to your Minecraft server host (VPS).


Minecraft is a game that really makes sense when a lot of people join the same server. As we often say “the more the merrier, the more we laugh!”. This proverb has never been truer than in Minecraft. Therefore, a good Minecraft server will be a server where the world is original, with a good game mode, and, most importantly, a world where a lot of people are playing at the same time.

Unfortunately, the higher the number of players, the more resources required increase. If it is quite possible to have a Minecraft server installed on your computer that accommodates a dozen players, the situation is different if you want to exceed hundreds of players.

The best Minecraft server host has way more bandwidth than you and me, but most importantly a lot more CPU and RAM than an overpriced computer. Thus, you will be able to host huge parties for hours without encountering any bugs so that everyone has a good time.

In addition to that, with your Minecraft server host, there will be no interruption, it can stay on 24/7. Again, this is certainly also possible with a computer, but your bill electricity won’t thank you… nor the people sharing your bandwidth.

The pricing structure

Finally, if you hesitate between a Minecraft server host and a manual installation, know that the price will be able to play. One would tend to say that one solution is free and the other is not, but this is wrong. Indeed, to have the best Minecraft server host in 2021, you are obviously going to have to pay. It is futile to look for a free offer, you will never find a free dedicated virtual server.

On the other hand, an installation on your computer will cost you (at first glance) nothing. In fact, it is quite different. Indeed, to have a somewhat solid Minecraft server, you must have a very good machine with a lot of RAM, CPU and above all, a very good bandwidth (optimally fiber). All of this obviously comes at a cost, and if you need to put $ 2,000 more into your computer’s configuration to be able to accommodate 20 people simultaneously on your Minecraft server, it’s definitely not worth the cost.

Added to this is the very rapid degradation of your device if you run it continuously at full speed.

You will see below that the 2 best Minecraft server hosts have ultra-competitive prices that will very quickly tip the balance between boosting your computer or paying for a Minecraft server host.

Do not hesitate to read our comparison of the best cheap Minecraft accommodation if the price is an important aspect for you.

The 2 best Minecraft server hosts

Now that you know why it is rather recommended to use a hosting service for your Minecraft server, we are going to introduce you to the two best hosts that offer a turnkey solution to create your Minecraft server in just a few minutes and welcome up to a hundred players without bug.

1) Hostinger

In 2021, the best Minecraft server host is Hostinger.

Several reasons position this excellent host as the benchmark for creating and hosting a Minecraft server very simply.

Simplicity above all

The first reason is the great simplicity of installation. With Hostinger’s Minecraft hosting, you’ll be able to get your server online in just a few clicks. Everything happens on your virtual private server (VPS) on which the foundations to put your Minecraft server online will already be there, waiting for you.

Either way, Hostinger customer support will always be able to help you and the live chat, available 7 days a week, can answer you in just a few minutes if you have any questions while installing your Minecraft server.

A wide choice of Minecraft hosting

Your most complex task will be figuring out which offer to choose. And there, what we like, and that’s why we position Hostinger as the best Minecraft server host, is that there is a vast choice.

You can choose between 7 different Minecraft accommodations to best suit your needs.

  • The Alex plan at € 8.95 per month offers 2GB of RAM and runs on 2 vCPUs.
  • The Village plan at € 12.95 per month offers 3GB of RAM and works on 3 vCPUs.
  • The Creeper plan at € 15.95 per month offers 4GB of RAM and runs on 4 vCPUs.
  • The Herobrine plan at € 23.95 per month offers 6GB of RAM and runs on 6 vCPUs.
  • The Enderman plan at € 32.99 per month offers 8GB of RAM and runs on 8 vCPUs.
  • The Evoker plan at € 48.99 per month offers 12GB of RAM and works with 8 vCPUs.
  • The Wolf plan at € 65.99 per month offers 16GB of RAM and works with 8 vCPUs.

All of these accommodations are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are disappointed with the service, you can request your refund at any time.

If Hostinger is, in our opinion, the best Minecraft server host in 2021, it is because of its excellent value for money. Be careful, however, the prices displayed above are for long-term subscriptions (which we recommend). Monthly, prices will obviously be higher. However, thanks to our promo code “pressecitron” you will be able to benefit from a 10% reduction on all Minecraft server hosting.

To better understand how to apply the promo code to your order, we advise you to read our dedicated article on the subject. For the more curious among you, know that the promotional code to fill in is: PRESSECITRON.

Very good performance

Hostinger is not a web host known simply for its excellent VPS service for Minecraft. Indeed, this host has made a place for itself in the very competitive hosting market thanks to quality, stable and fast offers.

It is this stability and speed that we liked during our host test and you will inevitably feel it when you create your private server on Minecraft using this host. Everything will be stable and fast, and that is the whole point of using their service.

You can change the location of your Minecraft server in one click depending on the location of your visitors and players.

2) LWS

While for us Hostinger is truly the best host for your Minecraft server in 2021, we still want to present you with an alternative that you might be interested in LWS. Although this host did not shine with a thousand fires during our LWS test, it still has an offer with a Minecraft server at very attractive prices.

3 Minecraft server offers at LWS

LWS goes a little less far than its competitor by offering 3 dedicated server offers for Minecraft with a quick and easy installation.

The particularity of their offers is that the entry price is extremely low, but the more “premium” offer is significantly more expensive than that of Hostinger. In this case, you will have the choice between:

  • VPS M at 5.99 € TTC per month, ideal for 15 players with 4GB of RAM
  • VPS L at 35.99 € TTC per month, ideal for about 30 days with 8GB of RAM
  • VPS XL at 59.99 € TTC per month, suitable for about fifty players with 12 GB of RAM

We can clearly see that if the entry offer can be interesting compared to that of Hostinger, its L and XL offers are immediately less attractive with poorer performance for a higher price.

Note, however, the inclusion of VoIP servers in these LWS offers for your Minecraft server. Also, just like at Hostinger, you will have your free domain name for any of the Minecraft hosting plans.

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Quick and easy installation

From the start, we’ve been telling you that the 2 best Minecraft server hosts have in common that they are very easy to install and use. This is therefore the case with LWS which allows installation in just a few minutes and guaranteed activation within 60 minutes at most (compared to a few minutes at most at Hostinger).

You will not need any technical knowledge to create your Minecraft server at LWS and this necessarily works in favor of this host, compared to a manual installation on a computer. We will also add that the customer support is particularly efficient and can assist you at any time in the optics where you would need a little help to finalize the uploading of your Minecraft server.

Conclusion: which Minecraft host to choose?

As you can see, in 2021, you don’t need to be an IT pro to have your own private server on Minecraft. Everything is done easily and in just a few clicks thanks to the help of specialist hosts like Hostinger and LWS.

So what is the best Minecraft server host in 2021?

These two solutions are really interesting, but for their performance and ultra-competitive pricing, our preference goes to Hostinger. We also remind you that with the promo code “pressecitron” you will have an additional 7% reduction, making its Minecraft hosting offer even more attractive.


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