How to migrate from Blogger to WordPress

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migrate blogger to wordpress

Migrating Your Blogger Site to WordPress

Migrating your Blogger Site content to WordPress is very simple and fast. We split it into two steps. We will initially download content from Blogger. Next, let’s migrate the content downloaded from Blogger into WordPress!

migrate blogger to wordpress

Step 1 – Download Blogger Content

First, log in to your Blogger account, Google’s Blogs service! After logging into Blogger, locate the “ Settings ” option in the sidebar of the admin panel and click on it.

After accessing the settings page, scroll down until you find the “ Manage blog ” options. Then select the option “ Back up content ”.

After that, click on the “ Download ” option.

Right after you click, a file of type “ .xml ” will be downloaded. This file contains all current Blogger content. So save it as you will use it next.

Step 2 – Importing Content to WordPress

To fully migrate Blogger content to WordPress, you will need to import the content downloaded in the previous step into WordPress. You must already install WordPress on your server.

So, go to your WordPress admin panel. In the sidebar of the panel, locate the “ Tools ” option and select the “Import” option.

Afterward, you need to locate the Import from Blogger option, and then just click “ install now ”.

After installation, click on the option “ Run Importer ”.

On the next screen, just click on the Choose File option, then select the XML file that was downloaded from Blogger, in the previous step. Finally, just click on “ Load file and Import ”!

Ready! You’ve just migrated from Blogger to WordPress!

Redirecting Your Blogger Site to WordPress

When migrating from Blogger to WordPress, most likely you will be leaving the domain “ ” (or something similar) and moving to a domain of your own. If you don’t do any redirection, your blog’s old audience can continue to access your Blogger instead of your new domain.

Therefore, you must redirect all Blogger hits to WordPress. That way you will keep your audience! Furthermore, by performing the correct redirect, you can still take advantage of the relevance achieved on your Blogger and “transfer” to the new domain in WordPress! In other words, all your SEO work will not have been in vain!

1st Step – Getting the redirect code with WordPress Plugin

Once you’ve finished migrating Blogger to WordPress, log back into your WordPress admin panel. Afterward, install the plugin “ Blogger to WordPress ”. This is a free plugin that will help you redirect Blogger to WordPress in a very simple way!

Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress. Later, locate the sidebar option ” Tools ” and select ” Blogger Redirection for WordPress ” or ” Blogger to WordPress Redirection “.

On the next page, click on the “ Start Configuration ” option.

You will then be presented with a list of blogs from which you imported Blogger content. Click “ get code ” next to the correct blog address and copy the code.

Step 2 – Redirecting from Blogger to WordPress

Now, return to the Blogger admin dashboard. To be able to redirect you will need to insert the code obtained previously directly into the blogger template.

So, in the sidebar select the option “ Theme ”.

Then click on the arrow of the button “ Customize

Now select the option “ Switch to the first-generation classic theme ”.

Once the page reloads, a new button will appear, click on “ Edit HTML ”.

On this new page, a complete HTML code will appear.

Just then select everything (you can use the shortcut cmd+a or ctrl+a in the code) and replace it with the code you copied in step 1. Then, just click on the “ save ” button.

After completing this step, you have completed redirecting your Blogger to WordPress. However, if you are still unsure, restart your browser and try to link to your Blogger site. If everything went correctly then you will be redirected to your new domain with the WordPress site instead of the old Blogger.

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What to do after migrating from Blogger to WordPress?

If you’ve followed all the step-by-step so far, then you’ve already managed to migrate your website content from Blogger to WordPress.

However, please note that you have only migrated your Blogger content, so your site layout will conform to WordPress. So, now is the time for you to work on your WordPress layout, take advantage of the various theme options offered! You can also create your own theme or even use a Page Builder to customize it any way you like!

It’s also very important to take care of your WordPress site’s security! Check out some articles where we teach you how to use Wordfence, one of the best Security Plugins for WordPress! Also, learn how you can moderate comments and users on your WordPress.

Also, WordPress is one of the best CMS when it comes to SEO! So use the abuse of SEO techniques to rank your site in the main Search Engines!

Anyway. Now you know everything you need to do to migrate your website from Blogger to WordPress. Therefore, you are more than prepared to professionalize, optimize and customize your blog! Enjoy all the content we have here on the HomeHost Blog and be sure to check out our hosting plans with servers optimized for WordPress!


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