Microsoft is confused and puts an iMac with an Apple M1 in the Windows profile

By Jenna More
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iMac with an Apple M1 in the Windows, Every IT business makes a social media faux pas at some time. Whether it’s a joke or a more serious statement, there’s always a time when things don’t go as planned, and Microsoft was no exception: the corporation posted a snapshot of an iMac on a Twitter profile. The tweet was updated in response to Apple fans’ jokes.

The announcement was made on Thursday (31), on Windows Twitter. The tweet was much more fascinating and included a very crucial warning; after all, it discussed clearing the operating system to enhance computer efficiency and security. Everything is lovely and flawless, except for one small-but-important detail: a snapshot of a lady using a green 24-inch iMac with Apple M1.

“Is it spring cleaning?” “Check out these recommendations from Microsoft’s Carmen Zlateff on how to clean and operate your device securely and smoothly,” the tweet said.

However, the narrative does not finish there. According to a record from the page on the Internet Archive, which was uploaded on the Bustle site on March 24, the picture was stolen from a cover image of an article linked in the tweet. In addition to Windows, the article discusses Apple computers and includes an interview with Carmen Zlateff, partner director of Windows programme management.

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Microsoft deletes photo tweet of iMac with Apple M1

iMac with an Apple M1 in the Windows. Of course, the post was the butt of jokes. After all, in addition to the iMac not shipping with Windows 11 out of the box, it is still not able to install the Microsoft operating system on Macs equipped with Apple M1. Apple’s new chip also directly competes with Intel, one of the top producers of PC CPUs.

“No, they took 12 hours to remove after receiving hundreds of memes and jokes from Apple lovers,” one Twitter user said on April 1.

Microsoft removed the tweet in response to the outcry. The issue is that the response took 12 hours to occur, as reported by a social network member. But, eventually, someone intervened: the Windows profile retained the same link to the Bustle story, but added a picture of a lady using a Microsoft Surface.

What’s remarkable is that it wasn’t simply the tweet that received a fresh picture. When I accessed the report on Monday (4), I saw the identical graphic as in Microsoft’s tweet. However, when discussing the revolving cursor wheel after the machine crashes, the text continues to reference macOS and Windows in the first paragraph.

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