Measures Online Gambling Websites Take To Play Responsible

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Gambling addiction has always been a thing even before the rise of the online gambling industry across the world. There have been several cases involving this, and while most people always manage to overcome it, the price to be paid is a severe loss of money in their financial status. Gambling addiction has always been a topic in the healthcare industry, and there are steps you can take to avoid them.

No one, not even the online gambling establishments will like to their customers get addicted to the activity. Although it means extra streams of cash coming their way, it could also end up putting a dent in their reputation in the gambling industry. So, to avoid this, the gambling industry introduced responsible gambling practices at every gambling establishment, both offline and online. Players must adhere to the responsible gambling practices on their platforms to ensure their financial safety. In this article, we will be looking at how online gambling websites ensure that players gamble responsibly.

Responsible And Safe Gambling

Gambling addiction is a serious health issue, as it not only affects players’ financial status but also their lives and the people around them. To ensure safe and responsible gambling is carried out by their players, online gambling websites partner with reputable software providers to introduce programs like play limits and self-exclusion to protect vulnerable players.

Online casinos work with software vendors to provide features that put the players first, and they must also ensure that they offer a safe and secure gaming experience for them. The measures are taken by online gambling websites to ensure responsible gambling can be seen in the form of programs below:

Play Limits

Casino operators work hand in hand with software vendors to bring this Play Limits feature that is usually embedded into the settings of all games on their platforms. This is a feature that displays in-game messages when a player has reached the limits. This feature places a limit on the session length, and bet (both minimum and maximum). This play limit can also include the overall loss and bet limits per session, day, week or month. When players reach this limit, they will have no choice but to put an end to their game while analysing their losses and winnings at the end of the session.


This feature was solely created for players who have difficulties controlling the amount of money and digital time they spend on casino games. The players can contact the online gambling operators where they have an account to freeze their account, which will then prevent the player from accessing the games. Online casino operators can block a player’s access to the casino for a while if the terms and conditions of responsible gambling are violated. The remaining funds in the player’s account will still be there or they can be withdrawn to the player’s preferred method of payment when requested. The best thing about this self-exclusion is that no offers, promotions or any other marketing material will be sent to the player when their account is frozen.

Reality Checks

Another measure taken by online gambling websites to ensure responsible gambling is to remind the players about the length of time they’ve been playing the games, as well as the amount lost or won. This feature brings out a periodic in-game notification that is revealed to the players during gameplay. The gameplay will be suspended when the notification is displayed, it will only resume when the player confirms the message.

Clock Display

Not all online casino game has this feature, but it is ever-present in all NetEnt’s games that you’ll find on casino platforms. This is a real-time display that makes it easy for players to keep track of time. Sometimes you might be so engrossed in a game that you end up forgetting you have an appointment with a friend at a specific time. This time display feature goes a long way in ensuring you keep track of time.

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