Mary wants to run a text ad on the Google Search Network. She’s new to text ads and needs to start with the basics. What are the three components of a text ad on the Google Search Network that Mary will need to know?

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Headline, URL and Description are the three components of a text ad on the Google Search Network that Mary will need to know.

  • Beacon, Tag, Conversion
  • Headline, Descriptor, Image
  • Tagline, AMP, Characters
  • Headline, URL, Description

The correct answer is: Headline, URL, and Description

Read more: Jennifer’s looking to limit the number of people who see her Google Search Ad for an all-inclusive vacation to Paris. She doesn’t want to match with people looking for anything else – just “all-inclusive vacation Paris.” So she limits who sees her ad using exact match type. Which search terms might match with Jennifer’s ad?

The three parts of a text advertisement on the Google Search Network that Mary should know are Headline, URL, and Description.

Text advertisements on the Search Network show above and beneath Google list items. To make a text advertisement, you really want a feature, URL, and depiction.

Feature: People are probably going to see your feature text.

Portrayal: Two depiction fields — with up to 90 characters each — let you feature novel insights regarding your item or administration. On portable, where space is tight, Google Ads improves your promotion to show the most noteworthy performing text.

URL: The URL shows your site address. It provides individuals with a thought of where they’ll go when they click your advertisement



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