Marta’s online store sells accessories for a widely used smartphone, and her current customer base shares a number of relevant characteristics. She believes she’ll have her best return on investment by narrowing her Google Search campaign audience. Which two Google Search campaign settings can be configured to reach more specific customers?(Choose two.)Select All Correct Responses

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Location and Device Type are the two Google Search campaign settings that can be configured to reach more specific customers.

The correct answers are: Location and Device Type

Read more: Bob’s electronics company is launching the sale of a new television, UltraView1000. Bob decides to use phrase match in his Search Ads campaign because he wants searches that contain UltraView1000 to show his ad. How else will phrase match benefit Bob’s campaign?

Area and gadget typesetting can assist with limiting her Google Search crusade crowd. This setting can be arranged to arrive at more explicit clients to get the best profit from the venture.

While the mission type you pick figures out where clients see your advertisements, you can modify a lot of highlights to ensure you draw in the most significant crowds, any place they are.

Gadget Targeting: Reach your clients on any gadget, including work areas, tablets, and cell phones.

Area and Language: Your mission’s advertisements are qualified to show to clients specifically areas, or to clients who’ve picked your chosen language as their program’s language setting.



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