Male hairiness | shaving or waxing to remove chest hair?

By Tamer Alexandera

Shaving or waxing to remove chest hair, you are a modern man and you, like many of your peers, maybe start to think that having a hairy chest is no longer altogether desirable. After all, whether you’re at the gym for your daily exercise or relaxing by the pool, you’ll notice that many of these gents have a hairless chest. So you’re beginning to think about getting rid of your body hair, too! Having said that, you’re not sure which approach to use. Should you shave or wax your legs? We’ll assist you in figuring things out.

Why shaving your chest might not be the idea of the century

This is a long-running tale about men and razors! So it’s not surprising that shaving is the most prevalent practice employed by males to attempt to get rid of unsightly body hair. It should be noted that this is the quickest and least costly choice, but not the best! Hair comes back rapidly and thickly after shaving. Pimples may occur as a result of this fairly rigid renewal. Because it is dispersed across a vast region, it may also produce irritating and severe itching. The skin on your body as a whole might become very sensitive. You face the danger of getting ingrown hairs. Don’t you think it’s unappealing?

Hair removal is a good way to remove chest hair

Yes, we suspect it: just hearing the words “hair removal” makes you shudder! That being said, it’s the most effective technique to get a hair-free chest…and a worry-free one. Shaving just removes hair from the skin’s surface. Epilation involves taking off the hair from the root. Because the hair must come back, it is possible to stretch out the period between treatments. As a result, the skin stays smoother for longer, is less prone to itching, and has fewer ingrown hairs. That being stated, you have many hair removal solutions accessible to you; here is a couple.

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Several methods to consider

The first step is depilation with heated wax, often known as strip depilation. This is the traditional way, and it is more popular among males. It is, indeed, the least painful.

There is also sugar waxing, which is a viable solution! It is somewhat more painful than wax, but it always takes the hair out in the opposite direction of growth. This drastically reduces the likelihood of their regrowing under the skin.

Finally, hot wax hair removal is particularly recommended for the tiniest places, such as around the nipples.

And laser hair removal or pulsed light, have you thought about it?

Laser hair removal or pulsed light will bring you the closest to having the hairless chest of your dreams. You may shave in between sessions with this kind of therapy. As your hairs die and the amount of them reduces, they tend to grow thinner.

Pulsed light hair removal is less unpleasant than laser hair removal and is perfect for treating the torso. Its broader tip lets you cover a bigger area at once, shortening your sessions!

The main disadvantage of either procedure is that you must avoid the sun at all costs while undergoing therapy since your skin will be compromised. During the winter, it is thus recommended to undergo laser or pulsed light hair removal. Also, avoid making plans to go to the south during the treatment time.

Shaving or waxing to remove chest hair, you have various alternatives for removing the unsightly hair that has invaded your chest. Having said that, hair removal is still the greatest way to prevent irritating your skin while achieving attractive, long-lasting results.

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