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LiveCanvas is a Bootstrap 5 WordPress page developer that brings dreams into reality without unreasonable coding and programming. With LiveCanvas, it is simpler than any time in recent memory to make the site and online presence you had always wanted for your business or brand.

Building a quick stacking, responsive, and outwardly engaging site is an unquestionable requirement in this day and age, paying little heed to the market or industry you work in and address. Without a legitimate internet based presence, you pass up likely freedoms and opportunities to drive extra income home. Utilizing LiveCanvas, it is feasible for pretty much anybody to make smooth, current, upgraded, and responsive sites for any reason or item.

Regardless of whether you are new to WordPress or with the possibility of building your very own site, LiveCanvas conveys. Utilizing LiveCanvas is simple, direct, and natural, in any event, for the people who are new to the WordPress backend or the method involved with introducing and building a WordPress topic.


Who is the LiveCanvas Plugin For?

Any individual who needs to assume full responsibility for the plan of their WordPress site should find LiveCanvas an intriguing module.

In any case, LiveCanvas has heaps of elements that designers and coders ought to particularly see as exceptionally valuable. These elements assist with isolating LiveCanvas from the opposition. On account of the HTML and CSS Editor that we cover in more detail later on in this audit, you get a great deal of command over how your site looks with this WordPress module.

So assuming you need to make a custom WordPress site, or add pages with hand crafts to your site, LiveCanvas could be the module for you.

LiveCanvas works with it’s own topic – a custom kid subject of UnderStrap. This implies two things: great site execution and having Bootstrap 4 as CSS system under.

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LiveCanvas Features

Prior to choosing a WordPress page manufacturer or subject module that is ideal for you, it is profoundly prudent to survey the elements that each brings to the table. Investigating and contrasting highlights can assist you with better figure out which arrangement is great for your business and brand.

Streamlined for Speed

Did you realize that a site’s stacking speed assumes a part in how long a client will stay on the site just as the site’s general ricochet rate (or number of people who leave prior to exploring past the principal page of a site)? At the point when a site doesn’t stack quick enough for a guests or imminent client, they are considerably more liable to go somewhere else for the data, items, or administrations they are looking for.

One of the most engaging parts of LiveCanvas is that it is streamlined for speed. As a rule, when utilizing a WordPress page developer, you are probably going to run into issues with stacking rates, execution, and in general enhancement. This is particularly obvious in case you are utilizing a simplified page developer or an elective page manufacturer that doesn’t need programming or coding information.

With LiveCanvas, it is currently conceivable to fabricate your WordPress pages and subjects without forfeiting the stacking velocity of your site.

LiveCanvas centers around utilizing Bootstrap 4 just as plain HTML, giving the quickest stacking answer for WordPress as far as page manufacturers today. LiveCanvas holds up with a speed test even against a portion of its top rivals, like Elementor and Oxygen.

Zero Configuration Necessary

Utilizing LiveCanvas is great for any individual who is keen on building a WordPress site with practically zero coding at all. Getting everything rolling with LiveCanvas requires zero setup subsequent to introducing LiveCanvas as a WordPress module. You don’t need extra modules or added JavaScript to exploit the highlights and capacities that accompany LiveCanvas.

Whenever you have introduced LiveCanvas onto your WordPress site, you can promptly start making new HTML blocks and different pages to fit with the design as well as subject you have as a main priority for your business, image, or online presence. People who are new to backend programming with WordPress can benefit from LiveCanvas as well as people who are new to HTML and would prefer a hands-off building experience.

Simple Theme Integration

Do you as of now have a WordPress topic for your site that you intend to keep or would you like to keep explicit components of your present topic? LiveCanvas functions admirably with any norms agreeable WordPress subject just as some other BootStrap 4 topic.

Utilizing a guidelines consistent or BootStrap 4 subject is perhaps the most ideal way of guaranteeing that LiveCanvas stays viable with your site. Perhaps the most ideal way of ensuring ideal execution of your site while as yet carrying out premade consistent subjects is to utilize CustomStrap with your WordPress site.

Frontend Editing

In case you are searching for a WordPress page manufacturer that requires zero backend altering or the board, LiveCanvas might be ideal for you. Whenever you have introduced your LiveCanvas module, you can promptly start altering your site by getting to, perusing, and clicking different spaces of the site, straightforwardly while perusing.

As opposed to hunting bringing down explicit lines of code, LiveCanvas makes it more straightforward than at any other time to finish altering and save changes to your WordPress site continuously. Essentially click the region, segment, or collection of message you need to alter to start promptly refreshing your site.

Shortcodes Included

One of the advantages of utilizing LiveCanvas is the capacity to exploit standard WordPress shortcodes. Furthermore, it is likewise conceivable to put your most loved shortcodes into any guidelines agreeable or Bootstrap4 WordPress topic that you decide to use for your site. It is likewise conceivable to carry out shortcodes on any custom page you make with the utilization of LiveCanvas.

Save Edits and Revisions

One of the most exceedingly awful sentiments is investing time and energy into work just to lose it or to not have a reinforcement duplicate of your work accessible. With LiveCanvas, keep up with your inner harmony consistently, in any event, when you are currently making alters and saving updates to your site.

LiveCanvas exploits the update taking care of framework given by WordPress. With the modification framework set up, it is feasible to return and resuscitate more seasoned adaptations of your work in the event that you commit an error or then again if your new updates are causing issues or stacking mistakes.

Being able to review past variants of a page can assist with saving time while reducing nervousness over losing the work you have as of now put into a page, blog, or piece of content.

Live Editing and Tweaking

A significant draw of LiveCanvas is the capacity to alter pages live while tweaking them continuously. With the LiveCanvas proofreader, it is likewise conceivable to just reorder HTML just as CSS shortcodes and pieces that you see as reasonable for your own site to see right away.

In the event that you appreciate getting inventive while building your sites or then again in the event that you like to test different HTML and CSS scraps before building your pages, you can do as such more straightforward than at any other time with the utilization of LiveCanvas. Being able to change CSS and HTML code pieces continuously isn’t simply valuable to save time, yet it is likewise a way of really getting to know programming and coding.

Regardless of whether you are new to programming and chipping away at WordPress, LiveCanvas gives a truly bona fide experience of what it resembles to make a web-based presence from the beginning without pressure and bother.

Square Creation Freedom

When utilizing LiveCanvas, you are given various HTML and CSS squares, layouts, and premade formats to use to assist you with getting everything rolling with your site. Notwithstanding these premade choices, you are likewise given the opportunity to make your own personal neighborhood library of custom squares with the utilization of HTML pieces.

Utilizing your own HTML pieces to make custom squares is ideal in the event that you expect to make various pages or sites. Moreover, having your own squares furnishes you with much greater adaptability with regards to making and executing a design for your site.

Building your own custom HTML blocks is great for marking purposes just as for the kind of content, data, or items and administrations you give. With the choice to make your own special HTML blocks, you can foster squares that are reasonable just for your business and brand, assisting your internet based presence with standing apart among your opposition, both on the web and off.

Custom Headers and Footers

Utilizing WordPress is very instinctive, natural, and easy to understand, which is the reason so many today are deciding to construct their sites and online web journals with the utilization of WordPress itself. Notwithstanding, in case you are utilizing WordPress with next to no modules like LiveCanvas, you might end up feeling exhausted and baffled with the vibe of the header and footer WordPress brings to the table.

With the utilization of LiveCanvas, you would now be able to make your own special headers and footers inside the actual manager. A distant memory are the times of feeling stayed with the customary WordPress headers and footers. Regardless of whether you are hoping to make an exceptional header that is not normal for some other site or then again assuming you need to eliminate the conventional headers and footers WordPress gives, you can do as such with LiveCanvas.

Use Animations

If you appreciate utilizing activitys and enlivened illustrations, you can do as such without issues while utilizing LiveCanvas. LiveCanvas permits clients the capacity to just reorder HTML codes just as codes that trigger a wide assortment of activitys.

Admittance to UnSplash

One of the benefits of picking LiveCanvas as your WordPress page building module is that you will likewise get limitless admittance to UnSplash, an excellent internet based picture store. Regardless of whether you are searching for a photograph for a blog you have as of late composed or then again in case you are looking for photographs to assist with making the tasteful you imagine for your WordPress website, utilizing UnSplash with LiveCanvas is a way of saving time just as cash.

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LiveCanvas extraordinary highlights

1. LiveCanvas is worked for old-school style devs working in unadulterated HTML/CSS.

This is both an ace and a con. In the event that you like working in unadulterated HTML and CSS, and keeping away from any PHP rationale or intuitive visual nature of amateur pagebuilders, LiveCanvas is totally ideal for you.

It neatly permits you to characterize your functioning space, organizing the format in the sections you need, and afterward picking from pre-assembled layouts and content squares or coding in crude HTML/CSS. This part of it alone makes it ideal for devs needing to get directly to the wiring as opposed to being compelled to work like novices.

Then, at that point, there’s likewise the capacity to make your custom segments and squares for you to re-use anyplace around your site. Everything is crude HTML based. LiveCanvas feels more like a basic way to static-hardcode rather than a genuine dynamic-data set pagebuilder.

The HTML/CSS supervisor is a great touch. I likewise appreciated how it sprung up from the base like the program designer instruments and accompanies distinctive styling choices. Punctuation auto-right additionally decent. Everything feels exceptionally instinctive.

You can likewise look at the LiveCanvas organizer’s clarification of why he fabricated it:

LiveCanvas – I fabricated a wordpress page manufacturer without any preparation. Here’s the means by which and why  – reddit

2. LiveCanvas utilizes the Bootstrap CSS system.

Once more, here goes another genius and con. In case you’re one of those form without any preparation devs that affection (and acquainted with) the Bootstrap CSS system, this pagebuilder is fabricated only for you! Assuming you don’t care for the Bootstrap structure, this clearly isn’t really for you.

Everything being equal, I for one don’t care for CSS systems yet will say that LiveCanvas is for sure extremely quick with it. It’s truly not genuinely awful. To compose CSS without any preparation would take such a ton longer. Your call.

3. LiveCanvas stacks very quick, no extra CSS/JS on frontend.

It’s exceptionally straightforward how they oversaw it yet in addition reasonable. There’s no extra CSS or JS, on the grounds that the CSS is now worked off a similar Bootstrap structure that the subject was worked with. Furthermore, there’s no JS except if you physically empower movements. This is the ideal granular control for engineers that need very spotless altered plans yet without swelled/slow JS movements.

This is the thing that permits LiveCanvas to be so darn quick! I likewise love that it stacks quick on the backend also. Other pagebuilders can take somewhere in the range of 5-20 seconds to stack and that is an all out buzzkill. Causes your site to feel such a great deal heavier and considerably more irritating to get in and out of-=p[l;,

4. LiveCanvas is design-driven, not content-driven.

While LiveCanvas can be utilized by anybody, it’s truly more for somebody with a comprehension of HTML code. An engineer sees how areas, divs, sections, and html work. (Design FIRST.) First they characterize the space and afterward they occupy the space.

While non-coders think a contrary way. (CONTENT FIRST.) First they toss things onto the page and afterward they drag things around to move or resize/reshape them. In case you’ve been planning or working with pagebuilders in non-coder mindset, LiveCanvas isn’t so much for you.

5. LiveCanvas isn’t showy.

This is the reason I like it, however will likewise be the motivation behind why others might abhor it. Whatever smooth designs and formats you saw on the site… the real pagebuilder doesn’t feel like that. It’s extremely straightforward, no extravagant formats and designs to browse. The included “prebuilt formats” are more similar to draft plans for you to expand upon. Once more… that is ideal for me… however I’m certain many individuals acquainted with the smooth completed Elementor/DIVI plans will think LiveCanvas is “mediocre”.

It truly depends where you’re coming from. In case you’re a noob without really any feeling of plan rationale… I believe you’re in an ideal situation with a completed topic or DIVI/Elementor to give you pleasant plan motivations. LiveCanvas is more for engineers that as of now have completed realistic plans from their customers and presently need to code them into WordPress.

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For the individuals who are on the chase after a WordPress page manufacturer that is simply difficult to utilize, yet additionally gives first rate includes, LiveCanvas conveys. LiveCanvas is natural and easy to use, planned with fledglings just as cutting edge WordPress subject fashioners as a primary concern.

Regardless of whether you are new to WordPress formats and subjects or on the other hand in case you are progressed, yet looking for a more straightforward technique to get done with the job, LiveCanvas brings something to the table for pretty much anybody. Utilizing LiveCanvas is basic, clear, and doesn’t need extra modules or additional items to begin with each of its elements following establishment is finished.

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Pricing Structure

Utilizing LiveCanvas isn’t for nothing, as it offers premium administrations and elements that are elusive elsewhere, even with the top contending WordPress page developers today. LiveCanvas presently offers two paid plans.

LiveCanvas is a premium module that is accessible on two estimating plans:

Professional: $79 each year for admittance to updates and backing for 1 year.

Lifetime: $199 for lifetime admittance to updates and backing.


The professional arrangement for LiveCanvas is ideally suited for fashioners and is paid for on a yearly premise. The expense of the ace LiveCanvas plan is $79 every year. A portion of the highlights of the LiveCanvas Pro arrangement include:

Fabricate limitless sites (while the arrangement is dynamic)

Updates for 1 year

Full help for 1 year


Notwithstanding the standard professional form of LiveCanvas, there is likewise a LiveCanvas Lifetime enrollment accessible. The LiveCanvas Lifetime plan is great for any organization or office that expects to chip away at numerous sites while utilizing LiveCanvas. The Lifetime plan for LiveCanvas is accessible for $199 yearly. A portion of the elements of the Lifetime plan for LiveCanvas include:

Fabricate limitless sites

Updates for 1 year

Full help for 1 year

LiveCanvas doesn’t at present offer a free form of the WordPress module. Notwithstanding, it offers a 30-day unconditional promise for the people who are unsatisfied with the module and additionally any of the highlights that the Pro or Lifetime plan give.

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Advantages and disadvantages of LiveCanvas

There are a wide range of WordPress page manufacturers accessible available today, particularly for the individuals who are new to WordPress just as the people who have almost no interest in coding and programming themselves. Prior to picking a WordPress page developer that is appropriate for your site, it is ideal to look at the advantages and disadvantages of every arrangement or module that you are keen on. Contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of LiveCanvas can assist you with deciding if it is the best page-building answer for you.


  • LiveCanvas is basic, clear, and planned in view of fledglings.
  • LiveCanvas permits clients to effortlessly point, click, and alter pages just as formats progressively. Keep away from backend coding with LiveCanvas.
  • It is more straightforward than at any other time to introduce and incorporate a Bootstrap4 or a guidelines consistent WordPress topic into your own site when you are utilizing LiveCanvas.
  • Reorder both HTML just as CSS scraps into LiveCanvas’ live editorial manager, furnishing you with the capacity to see your work continuously.
  • Find out about coding by survey the coding of a site you are making by pointing and clicking progressively. Use LiveCanvas to turn out to be more acquainted with the rudiments of HTML and CSS for your own web advancement abilities.
  • LiveCanvas was constructed and modified for complete speed improvement. LiveCanvas is one of the quickest stacking page manufacturers planned with WordPress accessible available today. When leading pace tests, LiveCanvas beats top contenders like Elementor just as the Oxygen Builder. In case you are searching for a WordPress page developer that isn’t just overflowing with highlights and usefulness, yet in addition with speed advancement, look no farther than LiveCanvas.
  • LiveCanvas offers two premium paid designs for clients, one which gives a lifetime enrollment and admittance to the premium module itself.
  • It is feasible to make and save custom squares when working with LiveCanvas. If you mean to fabricate different sites or on the other hand if you make a square you might need to add to one more page of your site, you can do as such easily by saving your own special custom HTML and CSS blocks when utilizing LiveCanvas.
  • With LiveCanvas, you can carry out custom designs and activitys on-the-fly and with little exertion. Instead of transferring a content or record to your site’s server, essentially reorder the code piece you need to use on your site and watch it show up inside the LiveCanvas supervisor continuously.
  • LiveCanvas utilizes very spotless code just as standard HTML5 and Bootstrap4. By utilizing clean coding, your own site will stack a lot quicker without getting dialed back by conventional WordPress and WordPress subject issues.
  • LiveCanvas requires zero setup for clients to begin with the page developer. Zero setup implies no backend getting to, except if you need to go there yourself. Whenever you have introduced LiveCanvas, you can quickly start making alters to the front finish of pages you mean to change yourself.
  • You can in any case utilize the website(s) you have worked with LiveCanvas, regardless of whether you restore your module’s participation. A functioning participation with LiveCanvas is just essential on the off chance that you plan to stay aware of module refreshes.


  • Tragically, there isn’t yet a free form of LiveCanvas accessible, in any event, for individual use. Be that as it may, both the Pro and the Lifetime premium plans are reasonable for both individual just as business clients.
  • There is definitely not a monstrous library of premade formats, all things considered, and topics accessible. In any case, there is a library of premade layouts just as HTML and CSS blocks you can add and alter when utilizing the live editorial manager of LiveCanvas.
  • LiveCanvas doesn’t offer a demo rendition or a free way of attempting the page developer module, yet it offers a 30-day unconditional promise to limit hazard.

At the point when you are first getting everything rolling with another WordPress site, choosing a look, topic, and generally speaking tasteful for your website can represent the moment of truth your web-based presence. By deciding to utilize a WordPress page developer like LiveCanvas, alter your pages continuously, play with inventive components, and foster a site that is really an impression of your business, image, or even you without the entirety of the problem.

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Final Thoughts

LiveCanvas has a considerable lot of the best highlights found in the most famous WordPress page developer modules. This incorporates a cutting edge intuitive interface, a decent choice of readymade content, and loads of customization controls.

In any case, it likewise has an easy to understand HTML and CSS supervisor that gives you much more command over your page plans.

Accordingly, in case you’re searching for an adaptable and engineer well disposed WordPress page developer module, LiveCanvas is an extraordinary choice.



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