List each FITT principle and describe what they represent

List each FITT principle and describe what they represent?

The FITT concept is a way for organizing an optimal physical activity schedule, with the following principles:


The goal is to attain goals without overtraining the body, thus the approach focuses on the frequency with which the exercises are performed, as well as the days of the week in which you train.


  • This relates to an exercise’s difficulty or the amount of effort required for physical activity.
  • The intensity can take many different shapes, and it all depends on the person’s physical state.
  • One of the clearest indicators of how strenuous the activity is will be your heart rate.


After deciding on the frequency and intensity of the workout, it’s time to figure out how long the person will spend on each exercise and how long the program will last in total.

Depending on a variety of criteria, such as present fitness level, age, weight, health, and others, the duration can be raised or lowered.


This relates to the type of activity that will be done, such as cardiovascular, swimming, jogging, lifting weights, or warming up.

As a result, we can conclude that each FITT principle component (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type) works synergistically to design an optimal physical exercise routine.


List each FITT principle and describe what they represent

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