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linkedin prospecting

LinkedIn prospecting: A recent survey of 140 sales teams showed that 96% of sales reps use LinkedIn at least once a week to find leads, retrieve data, or initiate a first sales contact. Tools for generating leads via LinkedIn are now essential in the B2B sales reps toolbox.

In this article, we will present you with 5 tools to become much more effective in your B2B LinkedIn prospecting.

linkedin prospecting

Switch to multi-channel LinkedIn prospecting with Waalaxy

Waalaxy is the latest tool developed by the Waapi team, the founders of Prospectin. Waalaxy belongs to a new generation of tools whose objective is to increase the number of points of contact between you and your prospects.

The leads that you generate via LinkedIn are not only reachable on the professional network but also on other social networks, and above all: by email.

Waalaxy, therefore, allows you to interact via different channels with your prospects through automated sequences to advance your leads within your conversion funnel. Another powerful feature is the ability to launch campaigns directly to LinkedIn profiles that engage with your posts or visit your profile.

Waalaxy’s approach is interesting: the tool is both powerful and easy to use, the idea being to allow sales teams to build their multi-channel sequences themselves, by prioritizing LinkedIn and ‘E-mail! To follow the functional evolutions to come, do not hesitate to consult the public roadmap of Waalaxy.
Regarding prices, the purely multi-channel offer is available from € 40 per month and per user.

LinkedIn prospecting: Generate B2B lead lists with Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is not well known, yet very effective. It is probably the longest surviving LinkedIn tool today. This is a google chrome extension purely designed for Linkedin. It exists in a free version. The tool allows several things:

  • First, Dux-Soup allows you to retrieve the data of all profiles that are given as a result of a query in the LinkedIn search engine.
  • You can “visit the profiles” of each of the results that appear in the results list following a request so that a notification is sent to each of the profiles in question. In this way, you can send a signal of interest to all your prospects (and indirectly invite them to visit your LinkedIn account) without having to click on each of the profiles one by one.
  • With this tool, you can also take notes on the LinkedIn profiles you visit.

Many features have been added around these use cases, to make it a very practical and rather complete tool on the scale of a single LinkedIn account.

Dux-Soup, in its free version, also allows you to track the activity of 100 visited profiles or 100 members of a group per day. There is a paid version of the tool (at $ 15 per month) which allows you to export the automatically collected profile data to a CSV file or to export the notes you have taken.

Dux-Soup is a great tool for generating lead lists from LinkedIn engine queries. We strongly advise you to test the free version and adopt Dux-Soup if the tool has appealed to you to create your lists.

LinkedIn prospecting: Get your lead generation off the ground with Prospectin

Prospectin is a tool that has been talked about a lot recently in LinkedIn communities. Prospectin’s bet is to offer marketing automation scenarios… on LinkedIn. And frankly, it’s quite successful!

Prospectin first offers you to target prospects that seem interesting to you thanks to the LinkedIn search engine. Then, you can create LinkedIn prospecting campaigns by segmenting your “base” of leads. The tool recommends scenarios (tested and optimized) for:

  • Develop your network, for example by visiting a profile, then following it the next day, and finally adding it three days later
  • Get in direct contact with the most interesting prospects
  • Optimize your response rates before your first post by liking content, commenting on certain posts, etc.

If you’re not sure where to start, the tool guides you fairly well to scenarios that work well. The big plus of this tool is that you can install it as a (really) automatic pilot.

Nothing to configure (or almost), Prospectin makes sure to stay away from the quotas that would make you risk losing your LinkedIn account. A very good compromise to keep control and go far enough, while remaining cautious.

You can install and use the tool for free, you will only be limited to 15 actions per day. If you start to see results, then you can upgrade to paid plans, which start at $ 10 / month. Note, the tool offers a team plan that allows you to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts from a single interface.

LinkedIn prospecting: organize your LinkedIn messaging with Piwaa

The tool of the Prospectin suite, Piwaa is very complementary: it is an overlay to LinkedIn messaging which is very difficult to use as such. Use canned responses, follow-up schedules, and lead tags to optimize your interactions with your prospects through LinkedIn.

In terms of pricing, Piwaa offers 3 options:

LinkedIn prospecting: Boost the visibility of your posts with Podawaa

Pods are groups of individuals who organize themselves to comment on or like LinkedIn publications to promote the promotion of these posts in the eyes of the LinkedIn algorithm. Many tools have been created to automate this process, such as Lempod or Alcapod, which have since been closed by LinkedIn.

Podawaa is, therefore, such a tool: it allows you to boost the engagement and reach of your publications on the professional platform.

Here, the idea is to earn credits by liking or commenting on LinkedIn posts:

  • Earn credits – 3 likes earns 1 credit, 1 comment earns 2 credits.
  • Spend your credits – For your posts, 1 like obtained via Podawaa costs 1 credit and 1 comment costs 5 credits.

Scrape your Sales Navigator data with Evaboot

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a real gold mine for sales teams and especially for SDRs, who has never dreamed of being able to extract lists of leads? This is exactly what Evaboot offers:

  • Start by extracting and enriching your leads from your searches using the Sales Navigator filters: obtain the URL of the LinkedIn profile as well as the information of your prospect’s company as well as the URL of the website.
  • Clean up your data: Evaboot removes duplicates and other special characters that could affect the quality of your data.
  • Detect leads that don’t match with your Sales Navigator search to avoid poorly targeted messages.
  • Thanks to integrations with the main email finder, Dropcontact or Hunter, in particular, identify the email addresses of these prospects!

Evaboot’s prices depend on the volume of prospects you want to extract from Sales Navigator, you have to take into account:

  • $ 19 for 2000 leads
  • $ 29 for 5,000 leads
  • $ 49 for 20,000 leads
  • $ 79 for 50,000 leads

Track your performance and optimize your posts with ShieldApp

Shieldapp is a reporting tool specifically designed to analyze the performance of your content and actions on LinkedIn. With a shield, the app identifies what works and what doesn’t, and extends the reach and engagement of your posts.

Shieldapp’s prices are based on 3 offers:

  • Solo – $ 12 / month for 1 LinkedIn account and basic features: performance of your content and growth of your profile.
  • Plus – $ 19 / month for 1 LinkedIn account, all the features of the Solo plan, plus demographic data of your audience and CSV exports in particular.
  • Business – $ 24 / month for an unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts, all the features of the Plus plan, as well as the aggregated data of the various LinkedIn accounts and premium support in particular.

Generate B2B lead lists with LeadFuze

They’re pretty tough on their homepage: LeadFuze lets you generate lead lists, and they’re pretty good at it. The tool will allow you to easily identify prospects who interact with your marketing campaigns on LinkedIn or generate “cold” lists of ultra-targeted leads.

LeadFuze even offers to generate lists for you using its artificial intelligence: FuzeBot. It is a very powerful tool, which integrates directly with your CRM software to avoid you copy and paste and CSV files.

But these tools come at a cost. Count $ 132 to get 500 leads per month ($ 0.26 / lead), with the Starter plan, then $ 447 for 2,500 leads ($ 0.18 / lead) with the Scaling plan.

Automate the rest with PhantomBuster

If LinkedIn can identify prospects, the ultimate interest is to enter with those who interest you. PhantomBuster is a multi-functional SaaS tool that automates data collection from any source, especially from social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course brel.

The team of developers behind PhantomBuster is full of imagination and regularly releases new automation tools.

One of the latest tools is an API that allows you to automatically send invitations to a large number of targeted LinkedIn profiles. We will quickly summarize the process:

  • # 1 – You need to create a Google SpreadSheet in which you list all the profiles that interest you and for which you would like to automate the sending of LinkedIn invitations. You must indicate in the table the URL of the profiles in question and the position held.
  • # 2 – Once the file is ready, you should retrieve your LinkedIn login cookie, which you can find by inspecting the home page code of your LinkedIn page.
  • # 3 – Now you need to write the message that will be sent with the invitations. The size of the message should not exceed 300 characters. You can integrate custom fields in the message (# firstName #) to add a personal touch to each message.
  • # 4 – You just have to run the script. To do this, you need to go to the PhantomBuster site, create a free account, go to the API store and choose the “LinkedIn Network Booster” script and configure the API.

Note that PhantomBuster offers other scripts to automate your activity on LinkedIn, including one that automates the acceptance of invitations.

In terms of price, PhantomBuster offers 5 offers whose prices vary according to the time of use of the tool as well as the number of users within your organization:

  • Free Forever – Free therefore for 10 minutes per day and 1 slot.
  • Growth Hacker – $ 30 / month for 1 hour per day and 5 slots.
  • Business – $ 70 / month for 3 hours per day and 10 slots.
  • Enterprise – $ 200 / month for 10 hours per day and 20 slots.
  • Premium – $ 900 / month for 60 hours and 40 slots.

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Build a real LinkedIn CRM with Linkedhelper

It was one of the readers of our newsletter who told us about the new updated version of LinkedHelper. So we went to see what it was, and we must admit that it is quite successful!

This is an application to download to your computer, which launches a browser with a whole interface to launch campaigns.

The interest is twofold:

  1. You have an improved LinkedIn interface to set up your campaigns, no URLs to copy and paste, or other stuff like that.
  2. Everything is done locally (even if the tool manages proxies), which makes all your actions much less suspect for LinkedIn.

It’s super complete, and you can export everything in CSV without difficulty. If you haven’t yet been won over by the dux-soup and prospectin of this world, it’s worth a try.

Count on $ 15 per month or $ 99 per year.


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