Linkedin Helper is a Linkedin automation tool that has the particularity of being a local application. Unlike chrome extensions or cloud-based tools, this positioning makes it easier for LinkedHelper to stay under LinkedIn’s radar if you use it with the care of course 🙂

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In this article, we present the features, prices, and user reviews of this second version of Linkedin Helper.

Linkedin Helper is routed 😱. During the month of August, the extension was even cut for two weeks. The reason? LinkedIn is chasing them! We explain everything and especially how to find an alternative to this B2B prospecting tool.

What is Linkedin Helper?

Linkedin Helper, You can automate messages for prospects on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Helper, which provides specific actions for a certain set of actions. Additionally, it allows you to customize your connections, send messages, follow potential clients…

In the first few years that LinkedIn helper automation gained popularity, this tool was one of the most popular

What are the risks of using LinkedIn Helper?

LinkedHelper is a local application, to be installed directly on your computer. It is, therefore, more difficult for Linkedin to detect the use of a LinkedIn automation tool. The application mimics human behavior and limits daily actions in order to comply with the rules established by Linkedin.

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To have even more control over each of the actions performed, LinkedHelper offers a “Limits” section where it is possible to control the frequency of sending: for example, 50 messages, 50 invitations, 40 “profile follow-ups” etc. Linkedin takes a close look at the activity on your account.

Sending bulk connection requests acts as a negative marker for the social network. It is advisable to limit the number of daily invitations to between 50 and 70. We must not forget that, very often, the problems that can arise on Linkedin are not caused by the tools, but by the excessive use that is made of them.

Is LinkedIn Helper risk-free? No, I don’t think so. For your LinkedIn account without a doubt! And for even more for the digital marketing of your business! A considerable number of accounts have been banned in recent months following the use of LinkedHelper. A quick search brings out many posts where the dangers of Linked Helper are demonstrated.

Linkedin Helper: the key features Automate your actions on LinkedIn

Automation is THE main feature of LinkedHelper. Tasks that can be automated include:

  • Profile monitoring
  • Profile visits
  • Deleting contacts
  • Adding/removing tags
  • Sending personalized messages

The power of LinkedHelper lies in its ability to mimic human behavior in order to facilitate lead generation.

Prospecting on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Helper:

Linkedin Helper allows you to build message sequences where the responses received are automatically sent to your CRM software, via the Zapier integration. With LinkedHelper, it is possible to personalize messages in order to improve the acceptance rate.

Adding built-in or custom variables helps a lot, especially when accompanied by “IF, THEN, ELSE,” statements. Following the sendings (which are not limited), it is possible to export all the contacts in CSV format in order to enrich your database.

Contact management: a real Linkedheler CRM

LinkedHelper has a built-in tool that allows you to get contact information and export it to a CSV file. The goal here is to build an ultra-targeted mailing list. A real integrated CRM! By adding all this information into LinkedHelper’s integrated CRM, Linkedin marketing campaigns have an impressive level of personalization, without any tedious process.

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LinkedHelper has a built-in tool that allows you to get contact information and export it to a CSV file. The goal here is to build an ultra-targeted mailing list. A real integrated CRM!

By adding all this information into LinkedHelper’s integrated CRM, Linkedin marketing campaigns have an impressive level of personalization, without any tedious process.

Multi-account management

With LinkedHelper, it is possible to use a license for:

  • Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, but not simultaneously,
  • Or, you can purchase multiple licenses (one per account) so that you can manage all LinkedIn accounts at the same time.

This is an interesting feature for growth hacking, lead generation, or personal branding agencies.

Even small business teams can adopt this functionality to optimize collaboration processes and save valuable time.

No difficulty in adding a new account. All you have to do is go to the “Linkedin Accounts” section, click on “Add New” and connect to the Linkedin account.

Is LinkedHelper easy to use?

LinkedHelper has a lot of features and offers many customization options, ideal for automating your actions on Linkedin. In terms of functionality and customization options, Linked Helper 2 is very rich.

Although this is ideal if you want to have significant control over the automation of your prospecting actions on LinkedIn (for example, the number of people you connect with, the frequency of connections and advanced rules for sending messages), this is necessary to the detriment of ease of use.

So the learning curve can be daunting, especially for a newbie to Linkedin automation. Fortunately, there are plenty of videos, as well as a fairly rich FAQ section, to help you get started.

LinkedHelper Pricing

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The pricing plans offered by LinkedHelper differ only according to the duration of the commitment:

  • For 1 month of engagement, the price is $ 15.
  • For 3 months of engagement, the price is $ 13.33 per month or $ 40 in total.
  • For 6 months of engagement, the price increases to $ 10 per month, or $ 60 in total. Finally, for a 12-month commitment, the price is $ 8.25, or $ 99 in total.

We come to the end of this article presenting the Linkedin automation tool, LinkedHelper / LinkedIn Helper. Are there regular users of this tool among you? Do not hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments 👇.

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