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What is the full form of LED?

LED full form: Light Emitting Diode

LED full form: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode in its entire form. In Hindi, the full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode. A semiconductor light source is an LED. When current passes through it, it emits light. It’s a semiconductor light source with two leads. LED is a vital electronic component that may be found in a wide range of electrical and electronic products nowadays. It’s typically found in electronic test devices, televisions, calculators, clocks, and radios, among other things. In the world of light sources, LED has proven to be a revolutionary product. When compared to typical light bulbs and fluorescent light sources, it saves roughly 80% of energy.

What is the diameter between the LED and the LCD? Difference between LED & LCD

basis for comparison LED LCD
completely Light Emitting Diode Liquid Crystal Display
backlight no backlight Cold cathode fluorescent lamp provides backlight
Quality High Less
power requirement more Less
display area Small Vishal
Price More Less
material used Gallium Arsenide Phosphide Liquid crystal and glass electrodes
switching time Quick slow
direct current no effect shortens life span
Contrast Ratio Less More
Mercury is not used. has been used.

Other full forms of LED abbreviation

  • Free
  • Pulkovo Airport (Airport Code)
  • Live Electronic Dance
  • Low Energy Demand
  • Low Energy Detector
  • Lazer Enhanced Destruction
  • Lighted Electronic Display
  • Lawyers, Engineers, and Doctors
  • Lamp Enhanced Display
  • Load, Encode, and Download
  • Look Examine and Do
  • A Light Electrical Distributor
  • Laser Erasing Disc
  • Light Evacuated Device
  • A Luminance Emitting Diode
  • Laptop Entry Disc
  • Laser Equipped Disc
  • Local Economic Development

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