Lead generation: 7 unique approaches for generating quality leads

Lead generation, commonly abbreviated leadgen, is at the heart of digital acquisition strategies. How to generate a click, a download, a registration… All about generating qualified leads.

News for qualified lead generation

The JT is a digital, interactive event to promote your products and services and recruit new customers. This is a 30-minute program, created in Skype/Teams multiplex, led by a host who orchestrates the speaking of guests and experts. Its editorial thread is co-designed by the advertiser and the media. The news can be broadcast live or delayed. The partnership with a media makes it possible to bring the editorial guarantee to the JT and to call on a professional journalist. The media coverage of live and replay offers a double opportunity to generate qualified leads.

Lead generation and conversational programmatic

Conversational programmatic invites the public to give their opinion to generate engagement. Different formats can be offered: survey, promotion, demonstration with redirection to a landing page and a form for generating qualified leads. With a completion rate of 70%, the conversational formats that can be integrated at the end of the article or in the media (Les Echos, Le Monde, Forbes, Les Numériques, Challenges, etc.) are subject to semantic targeting that guarantees relevant and premium distribution.

The activation email at the heart of a lead generation strategy

The activation email remains an effective lead generation tool as long as it is properly designed and addressed to relevant bases. With a message enriched with targeted content offers (white papers, videos, etc.), the activation email can generate leads scored at 2 interactions: download and engagement.

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Generation of qualified leads on LinkedIn

With ABM Targeting, Account-Based Marketing or targeted marketing dedicated to large accounts, you communicate with a list of target accounts and converse with them. With an IP advertising campaign, you identify key companies and deliver tailored messages in conversation mode via LinkedIn.

Ultra personalization to generate more leads

Mass emailing no longer gets the scores it did yesterday. In B2B, the opening rate is estimated at 13%. To overcome this lack of interest, we recommend the ultra personalization of catchy messages, both in the text, but also in the visuals.

B2B lead generation through ABM Door opener actions

Ideally designed with a partner media, the ABM Door opener campaign consists of sending a list of targeted accounts a personalized envelope containing a magazine accompanied by a brochure, an enveloping ring and a business card. A way to generate qualified BtoB leads, particularly legitimate in vertical markets, which also facilitates commercial prospecting.

The influence premium version of lead generation

In partnership with renowned influencers, such as Yann Gourvennec, the aim is to produce expert content, based on cross-interviews. The summary document, promoted on social networks, is then offered for registration. This tool perfectly illustrates a long-term lead generation strategy through its impact in terms of image and notoriety.

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