LCD full form

What is the full form of  LCD?

LCD full form: Liquid Crystal Display

LCD full form: LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display in its entire form. In Hindi, LCD stands for liquid crystal display in its entire form. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat-panel display that uses liquid crystals to modulate light. Liquid crystals do not directly emit light; instead, they use a backlight or reflector to create color or monochrome images. In 1888, a liquid crystal was discovered. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is an optical device that has been electrically charged and is made up of segments filled with liquid crystals. Pictures are displayed on LCD screens using liquid crystal and polarised light. A large brilliant light beams towards the viewer when an electric current is applied to the LCD TV. It is made up of the millions of pixels that make up an image.

What is the diameter between the LED and the LCD? Difference between LED & LCD

basis for comparisonLEDLCD
completelyLight Emitting DiodeLiquid Crystal Display
backlightno backlightCold cathode fluorescent lamp provides backlight
power requirementmoreLess
display areaSmallVishal
material usedGallium Arsenide PhosphideLiquid crystal and glass electrodes
switching timeQuickslow
direct currentno effectshortens life span
Contrast RatioLessMore
Mercuryis not used.has been used.

Other full forms of LCD abbreviation

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