Laverne created her first Google Search campaign for her yoga school. She selects the Google Search Network and by default, Google Search partners. Which benefit will she gain by appearing on Google Search partners?

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Laverne will be able to extend her reach to additional sites by appearing on Google Search partners.

  • Enables her to partner with other similar businesses.
  • Allows her to reach all device types.
  • Increases the geographic distribution of her ad.
  • Extends her reach to additional sites.

The correct answer is: Extends her reach to additional sites.

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With the Google Search Network, your advertisement can show up on Google Search destinations, notwithstanding indexed lists on Google Play, Google Shopping, and Google Maps (counting the Maps application). Your advertisement can likewise show up on non-Google search destinations (like CNN) that join forces with Google to show search promotions; these are called search accomplices. You likewise have the chance to extend to the Google Display promotions organization, where your text advertisement can show on destinations that band together with Google to show promotions.



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