La reina del flow 2 Netflix: No season 3 for La Reina del Flow

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La reina del flow 2

On November 17, Netflix delivered the second and last period of La reina del flow 2. A Colombian series that hit the stage, with Carolina Ramirez in the number one spot job. In any case, who are the entertainers of this telenovela?

Following two years of pausing, Netflix has delivered the second period of La reina del flow 2. A relentless hang tight for the people who needed to follow the undertakings of Yeimy Montoya. The telenovela recounts the narrative of a gifted young lady who wishes to break into music. While attempting to make a profession, she winds up in jail in New York in the wake of losing her family on the sets of a hooligan. Upon his delivery from jail, his sole object is to vindicate the people who demolished his life and killed his family. To accomplish this, she changes her character. The series permitted endorsers to find the ability of entertainers Carolina Ramirez, Carol Torres, and Andres Sandoval.

Carolina Ramirez, the superstar (Yeimy Montoya)

Colombian entertainer, Carolina Ramirez is enthusiastic with regard to moving. She concentrated on artful dance prior to turning into an entertainer. She started her TV vocation in 2002 by handling the job of Lila in Jack The Ripper. After four years, she made her film debut in the element film Sonar no Cuesta Nada. After this job, she followed the jobs on TV and on the big screen. In 2018, the makers called her to play Yeimy Montoya for the requirements of the La Reina del flow 2 series. Having turned into a genuine accomplishment in Colombia, the telenovela became known all over the planet when Netflix decided to communicate it. In the wake of featuring in 82 scenes of the series, she joined a Sony Pictures Television production, De Brutus nothing. On the off chance that she was uncovered on account of La reina del flow 2 , she attempted to be persuaded by the job. She then, at that point, utilized a few models to construct her person of Yeimy Montoya. ” The main thing I did to begin building Yeimy Montoya was to set some genuine benchmarks and some have come up. The first to arise was Jennifer Lopez, when I saw her I realized this was the style I needed to give the person, albeit later I researched Ivy Queen’s methodologies “.

Carlos Torres, the enchanting resource (Charly Flow)

Brought into the world in Barranquilla, Colombia, Carlos Torres played Carlos Cruz assumed name Charly Flow in La reina del flow 2. However, prior to playing this part, the entertainer made his TV debut in the series Padres e Hijo. Consequently, he assumed parts on the little screen in Floricienta, Pocholo, and Complices. In 2009, he got his first fundamental job in a telenovela prior to playing a scoundrel in the series Nina’s mal, adjusted from a Mexican film. In 2018, he turned into a genuine star in Colombia playing Charly Flow, an artist who owes his profession to Yeimy subsequent to taking his melodies.

Andres Sandoval (Juancho)

Colombian entertainer, Andres Sandoval has assumed a few parts in fruitful series. He assumed his initial segment in the film in the film Terminal Oasis, in 2007. He proceeded with his energy in the film by playing in The VIIIth Arcane, Salute Satan from me, and in Life, passing, and acknowledgment. In corresponding with his acting vocation, Andres Sandoval has coordinated a few short movies, remarkably Resurrection which he introduced at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2018, he partook in the telenovela La Reina del flow 2 where he plays Juancho, a man who has consistently been infatuated with Yeimy. While the last option is enthralled by her companion Charly Flow, Juancho does everything to vanquish her.

Adriana Arango (Ligia Cruz)

Enthusiastic with regards to moving and artistic expression, the entertainer moved on from L’Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in France in 1997. She began her profession in TV, the year following her recognition, in the series Roses at nightfall. sun. She has taken part in numerous theaters and movies. Be that as it may, she drove a splendid vocation in TV in the telenovelas, similar to La Reina del flow 2. She assumed the part of the mother of Charly Flow, frantic to have her family rejoined.

No season 3 for La Reina del Flow 2

The telenovela closes after two seasons of broadcast on Netflix. Entertainer Carolina Ramirez affirmed the news, responding to a fan’s inquiry. Extremely pitiful news for enthusiasts of La reina del flow 2 … The entertainer has continued on, she currently plays in De Brutus nothing.

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