Kredittkort Uses, Benefits, and Drawbacks

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Financial advisors and experts in personal finance strive very hard to persuade us not to use credit cards. That’s because the general public is quite irresponsible when it comes to using them, which in turn creates hardships. But opposite to what most people believe, if you know how to use credit cards responsibly, they can be a great addition to your budget, and you can receive a lot of advantages down the line. 

Sure, the advantage of using debit is that you can never go below what you have on your balance, but keeping track of your credit cards does the exact same. Here are some of the best uses, benefits, and drawbacks you can experience from using this simple piece of plastic, as well as some tactics to beat the system. Follow this page for additional info . 

The Uses 

Applying for a new credit card seems like a daunting process. You have to go to the bank, wait in line, and then take up space for half an hour at least. All of the people behind you in line will cuss and maybe make some remarks, which could make you anxious. 

Plus, the procedure itself requires you to sign a hundred different papers to receive a piece of plastic. But, to compensate for the grueling process, banks offer incredible versatility and bonuses right off the bat. 

If you’ve had a good credit score in the past, you can get a bonus that can be as high as 500 dollars just for signing up and using the card in the first year or so. There are some spending requirements to meet, but you’re spending money already, which doesn’t make it a nuisance. Click on this link to read more. 

Second of all, there are cash back initiatives that make it worthwhile to keep spending. The concept behind this process is straightforward. You spend a sum of money, and you get a percentage back. It’s an old method that was first used by Discover, and it all started with one percent. 

Now, campaigns start from 2 percent and can range as high as 6 percent for some individuals. However, there are some restrictions on these enticing deals on a monthly, quarterly, or annual scale. The finest versions are the ones that give the highest rewards while keeping low annual fees and minimum interest. 

Depending on the type, you can receive the percentage back on all of your spending or only in retail stores. One great method to maximize the use of the card is to go grocery shopping with your friends. Pay for everyone’s bills, and then they could give you money in cash. You’ll be getting rewards on top of their spending, as well as yours.  

The Benefits 

Financial institutions that issue credit cards typically provide their customers with the opportunity to receive points for every dollar that is spent using the card. The majority of rewards will award extra points for specific spending types, such as petrol stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. 

When you attain a particular number of these points, you can redeem goods, gift cards, and trips from the merchants they work with. Also, there are shopping credits for the biggest retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart, where you can buy pretty much everything. 

The choices are limitless, and you can make double use of the money you’re spending daily. Getting a co-branded card is another great idea if you’re a massive fan of a specific clothing store, charity organization, or hotel chain. 

Finding the services that coincide the most with your values and mission in life will be difficult but not impossible. Spend a few days researching the pros and cons of each vendor, and try to see how they fit into your spending habits. If you pick something that forces you to switch a habit, you might get the opposite effect and spend more than you’re doing now. 

Another popular benefit is the use of flyer miles. This is the first improvement of a boring piece of plastic which made it well worth the money. By developing a relationship with American Airlines, Citibank bank started to provide its customers with this deal in the early 80s.

 It was an innovative way for passengers to earn more miles even when they weren’t traveling. You could earn a mile for every dollar that you spend on net purchases. You can visit Kredittkortinfo – lav rente if you want to learn more. In some cases, it can coincide with two dollars per mile since those cards don’t have an annual or monthly fee. 

The value you get from using these cards is directly proportional to the class you want to fly in. This multiplies the value, and every side has been completely satisfied. Depending on the criteria, you can get either fifty percent off or a hundred percent free ticket to a place of your choosing.  

Safety is one advantage that a lot of individuals forget. It’s much simpler to avoid financial losses when it comes to fraud or criminal uses. If someone steals your cash, you have nothing to prove for the transaction. It’s going to be your word against theirs. 

However, credit cards record every single transaction, and the servers keep the information for decades. There is the possibility that a criminal can steal your card and make purchases. In that case, the only thing you have to do is report a stolen card, and the transactions will be nullified or refunded. These issues are easily resolved since the bank will take care of everything. You will receive a completely new version, and the thief wouldn’t be able to do a thing.  

The Drawbacks 

There are several circumstances where paying with cash is preferable. Many stores accept credit card payments to make it as simple as possible for their customers to make a purchase. However, retailers are still required to hand up a part of each sale in cash, and they also have to fulfill transaction charges to the main companies. 

This is why loads of small stores provide discounts in exchange for the pleasure of promptly receiving cash on hand. A hand-to-hand transaction contributes much more to the bottom line of their business compared to using a credit card. 

When comparing large items such as furniture sets, for example, the price difference could be rather significant. That’s one scenario where you would gladly give up the protection of the bank and go with cash.  

Other circumstances have something to do with the way you typically spend your money. If you are only eligible for a limited credit card, and it’s difficult to maintain a lower balance, then you will be subject to expensive fines. A lot of people don’t take a look at their balance before going shopping. This makes them go over the limit without even thinking about it, and the fines have a negative impact on their credit score. 

Another scenario is spending much more than you can reasonably afford. That’s a habit that can only be unlearned if you use a debit card. Compared to the credit version, debit cards don’t allow you to go over the limit. Visit this page for more   

You can only spend as much as you have in your account. Nothing more and nothing less. Finally, if you are unable to make payments on time and in full toward the amount on your credit card, it’s best to stick with debit. That way, you will prevent running into debt, and you won’t suffer at the hand of interest.  

A Few Final Words 

These financial instruments are most useful for individuals that are self-disciplined. If you are able to maintain awareness of your financial situation, then the bonuses will be astounding. For that, you need to be familiar with you to structure your purchases and refrain from overspending. If you do everything correctly, the benefits can pay for your risky investments and trips around the globe.  

By Bex
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