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As Kafkai explains, it seeks to be a tool for creating content for SEO and professional marketers. In my opinion, Kafkai is trying to compete with article spinners that have a lot to do with SEO, using the example of setting up a PBN network.

kafkai – Content Generated By AI writer

Other AI authors rely on short-form content, such as blog titles and ad copy, but Kafkai chooses to write articles, something much of the competition avoids. Kafka is an incredible option for people who can’t afford to spend $40 on an article, or those who don’t want to waste time creating an article. Kafka offers a good alternative for people who can’t afford to spend $40 on an article, but still need to utilize the advantages of good content marketing and blogging.

What is KafKai?

With Kafkai, you can generate and write content from scratch using an artificial intelligence platform. Machine learning algorithms from CopyLens help you save money and ensure quality while creating unique content copies. Content can be generated in a number of ways with Kafka for SEO and marketing purposes.

Benefits Of KafKai Article Generator Software

I want to emphasize that even though using automatic article writer software has many advantages, manually writing content will always be the best option. This captures your readers’ emotions and connects with them on a profound level.

When it comes to artificially generated articles, they may approach the appearance of human writing, but it’s not as good as your original content. Using automated article writing software offers a number of advantages:

Saves Time & Effort

A major benefit of using online article generators is that they are very time-saving. You can automatically write articles with the best article generator software. This eliminates the need for you to create similar content for your multiple sites.

Content that is SEO friendly

It is not uncommon to find that the best article generators can produce SEO-friendly articles. It only asks for a few key phrases and topics.

By incorporating artificial intelligence into the software, relevant keywords and adjectives can be incorporated to generate articles with high semantic content.

Is Kafkai the best Artificial Intelligence content generator?

Among the underrated and unrecognized article builder software I have run into lately, Kafkai is among the best. Even though Kafkai is not popular, I found the content generated to be of extraordinary quality. Their software implements the GPT-2 machine learning model to achieve this quality.  Elon Musk posted it in 2018 as a technological breakthrough.

Additionally, Kafkai offers three different ways to create content. The following modes of creation are efficient enough to produce human-like content that is unique. Consequently, Kafkai is one of the best AI content generators for SEO experts, bloggers, and marketers.

What are the features Kafkai offers? a number of benefits that make it an excellent choice

  • There are three different ways of writing an article or content with Kafkai, as we mentioned earlier. You will be able to experiment with different output formats by using the third mode, a non-trained model that allows you to create content that fits your niche.
  • There is sufficient content in Kafkai to cover a maximum of 29 niches. These include affiliate marketing, automotive, online marketing, software, and technology. In addition, KafKai is continually developing its software and adding new niches.
  • There is a great deal of emphasis on quality and uniqueness in this article generator. This assures the uniqueness of every article and prevents the articles from being used by other users. Upon checking for duplication, we found that the content was distinctive.
  • You can also generate content or articles using Kafkai’s WordPress plugin.
  • A total of six languages are now supported by the software and it can now generate articles in those languages. In addition to English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, and Italian are also supported.

Kafkai Pricing

Kafkai not only provides excellent article-building capabilities, but it’s also considerably less expensive than similar products. This is a free tool that allows you to generate 25 free articles during its 3 day trial period.

It is then possible to upgrade to any of the company’s subscription plans.

You should know that Kafkai now supports subscription pauses with its recent software update. If you do not want to generate any new articles, you can put your billing on hold rather than canceling your account and withdrawing your access.

kafkai pricing
source: kafkai


  1. Writer – This plan is $29/month and allows you to create 10 articles per day and 100 articles per month.
  2. The newsroom would cost $49/month so that you could generate 25 articles daily and 250 overall in a month.
  3. You’ll have to pay $129/month for 100 articles a day and 1000 articles a month if you want to use the printing press.
  4. Industrial Printer – Lastly, we have the Industrial Printer which allows you to generate 500 articles a day and 5000 articles per month for £199.


Blogging and writing aren’t in our genes. The more we work, the more we learn.

Most of the time, you will run into writer’s block. The amount of time you lose by the time you resolve this issue would be significant.

In this case, kafkai content generator software certainly comes in handy to create unique articles. You can automate your content creation process by selecting any of the article creator software mentioned above.

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