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What is the full form of ISI?

I) ISI full form: Inter-Services Intelligence

ISI full form: ISI stands for Inter-Services Intelligence in its full form. Inter-Service Intelligence is the complete form of ISI in Hindi. It is a Pakistani intelligence agency. Its headquarters are in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital. It is Pakistan’s main intelligence service, in charge of intelligence assessment and national security. ISI is in charge of managing, processing, and analyzing national security data from all around the world.

Pakistan established two intelligence organizations after independence: the IB (Intelligence Bureau) and the MI (Military Intelligence) (Military Intelligence). However, after these two agencies’ dismal performance, the ISI was founded in 1948 to acquire intelligence and distribute it among the armed forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force).

II) ISI: Indian Standards Institute

ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute in full. In Hindi, ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute. It was founded to provide standards for systematic industrial development and to ensure that industrial production is of high quality. It issues an ISI mark, which is India’s industrial product certification mark. In the Indian subcontinent, it is the most widely used and recognized certification mark. This mark certifies that the product complies with the Indian Standards Institute’s requirements (ISI)

III) ISI: Indian Statistical Institute

ISI stands for Indian Statistical Institute in its entire form. In Hindi, ISI stands for Indian Statistical Institute. The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is a research institute and university in Baranagar, Kolkata’s northwestern suburb. ISI is one of the oldest and most famous statistical institutes in the world. It is solely dedicated to statistics, social sciences, and natural sciences research, education, and application. This university offers a wide range of courses, including statistics, computer science, and mathematics. The UGC, NAAC, and AIU have all given their approval to this university.

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