Is Using an Email Management Program Worth It?

By George
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Are you asking, “Is an email management program worth the investment?” We won’t judge you for asking; it’s a legitimate question!

We want to help you answer that question and decide if using a service to manage your email inbox is right for you. So, we’re going to break down 7 major benefits you can expect when you choose one.

1. Use All Your Email Accounts In One Place

It’s rare when you meet someone with only one email. But, if you run a business, you probably have even more accounts to manage. With an email management program, you can see and use all your emails in one shared inbox. Labeling your different accounts will help you easily recognize each message source at a glance. And you can still send emails from all your separate accounts.

2. Sort and Filter All Your Emails with Ease

A tidy inbox is easier to work with. You get less stressed. It’s easier to find important messages. And, let’s face it, when you can see everything at a glance the likelihood of you missing important deadlines goes way down.

Email management services make it easy to automate your email filters based on various criteria: email address, subject, body text, etc. You can create an organizational system that makes sense for your business.

Weed out the spam messages. Send newsletters to a specific folder. And create tickets for customer service requests… All using automation you set, saving money you might otherwise spend on a virtual assistant.

3. Increase Your Email Storage

Do you worry about hitting the storage limits for your email? An email management program usually comes with a high storage limit, increasing your options without making you choose which email records to save.

Now you don’t need to dedicate time to decide which emails you can risk deleting. And you don’t have to be concerned about your email slowing down to a crawl because of how many you’ve saved. Simply file them away and archive them so they’re available and easy to find if you need them later.

4. Reduce the Risk of Security Threats

How often do you see headlines about customer data getting exposed by hackers? Many email management programs offer higher levels of security for your emails than what is offered through your domain or private service provider.

This added level of security can protect your business from downtime and expenses associated with a virus or the legal ramifications of a data breach. If protecting your intellectual property and company assets is a priority, an email management program can reduce your risk exposure.

5. Easy Accounting of Digital Business Records

If your business were audited, how easy would it be for you to come up with all your associated email records? According to CIO Insight, between 5-50% of email records are considered business records in most cases. It’s one of the largest sources of business records that can be needed in the event of an audit.

If you need to prove compliance or get hit by a lawsuit, you must be able to locate your related email records quickly for your defense. And if you can’t find them, they might as well not exist. An email management system makes this process easy. And it protects your records in the event of a digital disaster on your own servers.

6.Invest Your Time in Other High-Priority Tasks

People spend, on average, 5 hours per day on email. Much of that time can be reduced by email management programs. How much time would you get back if you no longer had to sort messages into the appropriate folders or block spam manually? What if you had easy templates saved to make email responses quick and painless?

Are these tasks the best use of your time? AI and automation, available to you through these programs, take many time-intensive tasks off your plate. This frees up your time and increases your productivity.

7. Save Money

An email management program is an investment. But the alternative costs much more. The AI and automation services included in your program will reduce the labor costs associated with virtual assistants doing the same work. And because it increases employee productivity by removing those tasks from their plant in streamlining their workflow, it puts money back in your pocket!

It’s far less expensive than the downtime and IT services that will be necessary if you have a virus or data breach… And, ensuring your files are easily found in the event of an audit or lawsuit has the potential of saving you millions.

Maybe the question to ask isn’t whether or not an email management program is worth it… Maybe the better question is whether you believe that you and your business are worth the investment. What would you do with more time, money, and security?

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