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Ionos 1and1

If there is a company beaten in the world of hosting, that is Ionos 1and1. But we also all know that, once a Sambenito is hung, it is very difficult to take it off.

How much truth is there in his bad reputation? and is it still justified today?

What is true in the bad reputation of ionos 1and1?

I have already responded indirectly to ionos 1and1’s bad reputation in the previous paragraph, but a more direct answer is in order.

First, if you consult the web, forums, and blog comments, you will see that the vast majority of criticism comes from years ago. Although there are still critical opinions, positive opinions of Ionos 1and1 are also common now.

To this must be added that Ionos 1and1 has a track record of good reputation as you can see on Trustpilot, something to keep in mind after the merger of both companies.

Slowness and falls

Sure enough, that was also my problem years ago. But now, it’s just not like that, based on our tests.

The speed in the entry plans (shared hosting) is not great, but acceptable.

As for the availability tests, these have been on a par with the best on the market.

We are talking about objective tests. What’s more, with a free service like Uptime Robot (the one we’ve used) you can monitor our test site yourself to check.

On the other hand, as we all know, people on the Internet are trigger-happy. Therefore, both the praise and the criticism must be taken with a grain of salt.

By this, I mean things like that it is not reasonable to hire the most basic plan such as the “Essential” that costs € 3 per month (without discount) and expect miracles on websites that support thousands of daily visits. Let’s be serious.

Now, here is also a very clear criticism that I have to make to Ionos 1and1for not making these performance limitations much clearer, indicating, for example, an indicative number of visits that each plan can support.

Support “non-existent”

I have also confirmed this point in the past, in fact, the null support from the support was the last straw that broke the camel’s back at the time and made me terminate the contract.

In this new stage, the support is 24/7 and the experience has been positive, with some small downside that we comment on in the support valuation section.

Difficulties in contract cancellations

This is another point that I have come across as a recurring complaint on the Internet.

In some extreme comments, I have been able to see even accusing Ionos 1and1of harassing them with email, even legal threats for non-payment, after wanting to unsubscribe.

From my own experience as a former customer, I cannot confirm it. At the time I had no problem canceling the contract and, of course, I did not suffer “persecution”.

But, let’s go by parts:

First of all, you have a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

On the other hand, the cancellation process is easy, you can do it from the control panel itself.

Two issues remain to be clarified:

  1. Domain payments are not refunded, but this is not something specific to Ionos 1and1, but a general rule of thumb across all providers.
  2. In some products, there are periods of permanence, similar to those that are usual, for example, in the acquisition of mobile phones. It is a common practice in very aggressive discount offers to prevent abuse by customers.

Ionos 1and1 hosting features

As you may already know, Ionos 1and1 is a very large company with a very large portfolio of services, even more so after the merger, if possible.

So let’s start by organizing your services a bit with a view to what you, as a reader, will be most interested in.

Types of hosting and plans offered by Ionos 1and1

Ionos 1and1 offers practically the entire usual range of types of hosting: shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, with Linux servers and with Windows servers.

In addition, it offers managed WordPress hosting (they call it “WordPress hosting” ) which is a type of hosting optimized for WordPress at the hardware level.

Along with this, the technical team takes over or helps with more technical parts of WordPress: its installation, basic settings, updates, etc., along with specific support for WordPress.

It is something similar to what WordPress offers in its Business plan.

In this analysis, I am going to focus on the type of hosting that is most similar to that of the competition, within the segment of cheap hosting (up to € 10 / month), which is shared hosting, compatible with WordPress (not to be confused with managed WordPress hosting I just mentioned).

For very small projects, with few visits (a few hundred a days), the most basic plan, the Essential plan, will be enough to start with, but I would recommend, however, the Business plan to have a little slacker.

In addition, with this plan, you can enjoy the lowest price of everything for the first year. If you are “serious” with your project, surely, after that year you already have a level of traffic that justifies this plan and if not, you can consider changing to the most basic plan.

Regarding this type of plan for WordPress from Ionos 1and1, it is worth mentioning that, although they call it “managed”, it is more similar to hosting with WordPress support like the one also offered by Webempresa, SiteGround, or Raiola Networks.

More on this question below in the section on WordPress.

Basic features of Ionos 1and1

Below, you can see the essential characteristics of the Business plan for “normal” hosting (not managed), along with some additional information that you will not find published on its website:

It should also be noted that in the equivalent managed WordPress plan, the technical characteristics of the table are similar.

Ionos 1and1 safety features

The security features have everything you need.

Ionos 1and1 support service features

The support service has all the essentials, including telephone and chats service, along with the value-added service of a personal advisor that also offers help with basic marketing and strategy issues for your website.

My opinions on Ionos 1and1 as WordPress hosting

More than 30% of the websites worldwide use WordPress. It is, far ahead of the rest, the leading platform for creating websites, not just blogs.

Therefore, it is imperative that we also address the issue of using WordPress on Ionos 1and1.

Ionos 1and1 WordPress support

As you could see above, Ionos 1and1 offers managed WordPress plans.

Here we must comment that managed hosting “to use” such as WPEngine or WordPress in your Business plan, for example, is a service where technicians act directly on practically everything and that can also impose limitations to use certain plugins or themes (considering them problematic, etc.).

In the managed hosting of Ionos 1and1, the technicians in many aspects act more by guiding the user than by intervening directly (unless the user requests it), but it is also more open and flexible (they do not impose limitations on plugins, etc.).

Therefore, I said above that the Ionos 1and1 managed WordPress hosting concept is more similar to unmanaged hosting, but with support for WordPress as offered by other providers of the competition.

The 1and1 Ionos personal advisor

As a plus to its normal support service, Ionos 1and1 has added a personal advisor service to all plans that can be contacted by phone, e-mail, or via chat.

The idea can be summarized by saying that it is a support with a more “strategic” nature, aimed at helping the client to be successful with their online project.

In that sense, both topics and basic digital marketing issues are covered, issues related to the use of Ionos 1and1 products, such as simply being able to ask the advisor to explain concepts that you do not understand (marketing, hosting, etc.).

This service is an idea that, as such, I have not seen in other hostings and with which Ionos 1and1 effectively aims to differentiate itself from its competitors.

The truth is that it seemed to me not only an original idea but really useful because I know first-hand from my experience on the blog how lost people are who start on these issues.

Therefore, such a service is very useful to have a contact to calmly ask your questions and help you make decisions.

The tools to install WordPress on Ionos 1and1

Ionos 1and1 has automatic installers for all popular applications: not only for WordPress but also for Joomla, Prestashop, Moodle, phpBB forums, etc.

The idea is to simplify the conventional installation process of WordPress and similar tools, although, personally, it is not one of the things that I value the most.

Personally (if it is not too complicated) I recommend first fighting a little with the “original” installation process that only involves copying the PHP files of WordPress and configuring the access to the MySQL database.

It is not that complicated either and it familiarizes you with the use of the main functions of your hosting and the technology behind WordPress.

In the case of seeing yourself overcome by this process, there is always the option of resorting to the automatic installer.

Ionos 1and1 customer service and support evaluation

Above I have already broken down the benefits of the Ionos 1and1 support service.

But really the most important thing is the subjective evaluation of the support service, that is, the experience as a customer.

At this point, since we have recently incorporated Ionos 1and1 into our hosting evaluations and we have only had 7 or 8 interactions with their support, I want to be cautious.

For this reason, for now, I am going to limit myself to say that my first experiences have been positive: prompt, friendly, and decisive attention, very different from the experience I had years ago.

My only criticism is that I greatly miss a genuine ticketing system.

The support, to my liking, focuses too much on direct contact, via telephone with the support technicians or through the personal advisor that allows the telephone, e-mail, or chat.

It can be considered that Ionos 1and1 supports tickets by being able to carry out support via email with the personal advisor (that is why it appears in the table in this article), but it does not have the “traditional” format of ticket systems that resemble a forum of discussion with a thread for each incident attended, the format that I consider the most efficient and comfortable.

However, most people indeed prefer telephone support, so this is probably not a major inconvenience for most.

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Server performance tests

Now let’s talk about the aspect that probably interests you the most: the real performance of Ionos 1and1 servers since these will be decisive in the experience of your website users.

For this reason, in this section, we have worked especially in-depth with measurements in a real site created with the Ionos 1and1 Business plan.

Thanks to this, you can visit this yourself and have your impressions of “how it goes”:

In the following sections, we examine them in more detail and I explain how to correctly interpret each piece of information.

The page load speed of Ionos 1and1 servers

Let’s start with the loading speed of the pages, the fundamental aspect of your website. Here the critical threshold that should not be exceeded will be 2 seconds of loading, from this time, users begin to perceive slowness on the page.

For the tests to be realistic, three typical scenarios are always measured :

  1. Simple page loading speed. They are light pages with little content (around 0.5Mbytes).
  2. Complex page loading speed. These are pages that increase considerably in size (around 1.5Mbytes) and represent pages with a lot of content and a complex structure (multiple images, embedded videos, etc.). They correspond to the typical pages of this blog, for example.
  3. Charging under stress conditions. Specifically with 15 users constantly browsing the web for 3 minutes. With this, we simulate approximately 1000 users per hour, which is a lot of loads, well above what is required with a basic shared hosting plan like the one tested. However, the behavior in these circumstances provides very interesting information about the slack in resources that the Ionos 1and1 servers have.

Loading times with a light page

As you can see, the load times for a simple page, without being excellent, are quite good:

Ionos 1and1

Loading times for the cover of the test site for Ionos, a page with very little text, no images, no embedded elements (brel, etc.).

Loading times with a heavy page

For complex pages, the times are still quite acceptable:

Ionos 1and1

Times loads a content page on the Ionos test site, a page with +1000 words of text, 5 images, and 2 embedded videos, representative of typical blog content.

Charging times under stress

In a situation, with many visits (from more or less 10 simultaneous visits) the performance of the server is clearly downgraded.

Now, to be fair, I have to reiterate that in this test we are pushing a lot for what can be asked of this type of plan. We are talking at a load equivalent to many thousands of visits per day.

In short, for small and medium-sized websites it should not be something too worrying as long as the traffic does not exceed a few thousand views per day (2-3 thousand visits), although the exact figure depends a lot on the complexity of the website and the requirement. to servers.

Ionos 1and1

Response times (without loading the entire page) under stress for Ionos. This test achieves a maximum load equivalent to 1500 pages per hour of the main page.

Servers processing capacity

Certain websites can put a lot of demands on the processors, so it is a good idea to also examine the processing capacity (CPU capacity) of the servers.

This table collects the values ​​measured with the algorithms of the famous PHP benchmark Script, a benchmark widely used in hosting comparisons:

Error: Could not resolve host:

It should be noted that these values ​​are measured in near-real-time (they are automatically refreshed several times a day). Lower times equate to higher throughput.

Availability rate of Ionos 1and1 servers

Finally, in terms of availability rate (absence of drops), Ionos 1and1 achieves very good values:

Ionos 1and1

Availability statistics of our Ionos test site, Pay special attention to the value of the last 30 days (right side of the screenshot).

Pros and cons

With what I have seen, I can already make a small balance of pros and cons on which my final opinion is also based, which I have summarized at the beginning of the post.

Advantages and differential aspects of Ionos 1and1

  • Price: the price of € 1 in the Business plan during the first year is unbeatable.
  • Availability of WordPress support: not all hostings offer specific support for WordPress, 1and1 does have this option.
  • Personal advisor: the idea of ​​including an advisor who also helps with basic business and marketing issues, I think can add value to many people.
  • Generous space and transfer resources: Even the most basic plans have plenty of disk space and unlimited transfer capacity. For certain web profiles, this can be decisive.

Disadvantages and weaknesses of Ionos 1and1

  • Somewhat tight CPU speed and capacity: In direct comparison to its immediate rivals cited here, the Ionos 1and1 scores are somewhat lower in our measurements. I put “something” adjusted because it is reasonable for the price.
  • Somewhat tight scalability: it must be remembered that, although they do not expressly limit the supported traffic (transfer capacity), this limit will be set by CPU capacity limitations. So you have to quote a lot, as in other providers, this concept of “unlimited”. I also put here “something” adjusted because it is still reasonable for the price.
  • It does not use cPanel for server administration: for server administration, it uses its own administration tool, not the de facto standard which is the cPanel tool. I see your tool as somewhat more basic (although sufficient) and not using cPanel supposes a little additional learning when you come or change to another hosting with cPanel.
  • You should clearly state traffic limits: It is in your own business interest that you should leave clear realistic traffic limits, especially on the cheapest plans. Otherwise, they will generate the wrong expectations in clients without experience in hosting.

The best alternatives to Ionos 1and1

The hosting market is very competitive, you have many options and over time several have been consolidated that offer excellent service at reduced prices.

In that sense, as I have already commented above, I consider Webempresa, SiteGround, and Raiola Networks as alternatives that you should consider.


For website maintenance service contact us.

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