Instagram Trends: Top 10 Trends Brands Are Using Lately

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Instagram Trends

It’s that time of the year again, a time when brands on Instagram are casting their nets wide in search of game-changing marketing strategies that will put their name on the business map.

When you consider the result of certain strategies, you’ll discover it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Hence, brands will rather invest in strategies that work, like Instagram trends.

Getting along with the fast-changing Instagram trends can be quite challenging because the trends from last year might be entirely different from what’s trending in the current time.

So, in a bid to stay relevant with Instagram marketing, businesses are now pushing to be in front of the Instagram trends wave rather than behind it by exploring the top ends that are useful.

Are you seeking to know more about Instagram trends? If so, we discuss the top ten trends that brands are using lately in this guide. This will help you fish where the fish are in 2022.

Instagram Trends

Here are the top 10 Instagram trends that brands are using in 2022;

Trend #1: Video Contents Sharing

A good marketing strategy for brands involves sharing valuable video content on Instagram. This is a fast-rising trend because Instagram has gone beyond sharing photos and images.

As of the end of 2021, sharing of video content has represented almost 80% of the total mobile data traffic on the internet. Moreover, Instagram recently announced their intentions to promote videos more. Hence, everyone wanted to cash in on this new update.

This trend has helped brands increase target audience engagement; all thanks to the creation of Instagram reels. They can now share vlogs and video product descriptions on Instagram.


Trend #2: GIFs and Memes

Gifs and memes have a way of speaking to the hearts of gen Zs. Perhaps this is why this trend has become widely popular lately.

Most brands find it easy to connect with their target audience through GIFs and Memes. To the younger demographic, memes are amusing social media commentary because they comprise funny texts and images.

GIFs and Memes also initiate interactions. Plus, they’re a good way to make your target audience have a good laugh while scrolling through your posts.

Note: Avoid using GIFs and memes that don’t align with the brand you’re promoting.

Trend #3: Paid Marketing Partnership 

It’s no news that Instagram is a leading platform for influencer marketing. Due to the massive number of daily active users, Instagram designed their app to be partnerships-friendly. And so far,  brands are appreciating it.

This feature makes it easy for content creators to tag sponsors on their posts. For instance, you’ll find many social media content creators promoting brands in the middle of comedy skits.

Brands can now use tagged content from creators and influencers who have selected their brand as a trusted partner. Little wonder why big brands are now devoting more time and resources to influencer marketing in 2022.  


Trend #4: Hosting Instagram Live

Instagram Live became a thing during the global pandemic. It paved the way for brands to share stories about their products and services with a live audience. What an amazing innovation!

Big brands are now using this feature to corner the social media marketing stage. This has raised the bar for business owners looking to get the best out of Instagram marketing.

Are you wondering how to use Instagram Live to connect with your target audience?

The steps are quite simple and straight-forward. It involves;

  • Hosting live brand promotions
  • Sharing tutorials on how to use the products
  • Pointing them to where to get the products 
  • Entertaining questions about the products 
  • Conducting interviews where necessary 

These simple steps will help your brand get the best out of Instagram Live brand promotions.

Instagram Live can be likened to word-of-mouth marketing as you’re relying on advertising through live conversation. This trend will create a major buzz about your online brand.

Instagram trends

Trend #5: Instagram Shopping Events

Have you noticed how businesses nowadays are creating an impactful experience with customers through Instagram live shopping?

Yes, Instagram now has a “shop feature.”  And leading brands are now making the most of it to host shopping events and increase their sales.

With this IG feature, you can build a digital store online. Customers of a particular brand can visit their page to participate in live shopping events. This is an interesting and interactive trend on Instagram.

If your brand has an Instagram shop; you can join the trend to showcase your new products, display product reviews, tag featured products, and even collaborate with other brands.


Trend #6: Linking Stickers on Instagram Stories

All Instagram accounts (no matter the verification status) now have access to use interactive link stickers to link out from their stories. It’s a feature that was introduced in November 2021.

Brands have now jumped on the opportunity to link followers to their business page. The process involves opening the sticker tray on your stories to enter your business URL.

Adopting this will not only help brands gain more Instagram video views but also drive discoveries.


Trend #7: Enabling Instagram Drops

Instagram drops feature became a popular trend for brands because it allows brands to increase product awareness, show product lines, and even announce the brand collaboration.

It is a special trend because brands use it to generate buzz around products yet to be launched.


Trend #8: Exploring Instagram Reels

In a similar fashion to TikTok’s video format, Instagram launched Reels to allow users to create short entertaining videos. This trend is one of the best ways that businesses can improve their engagement and reach in 2022.

While reels are a popular feature amongst personal accounts, brands on IG have since jumped on the trend. It provides an opportunity to promote a business with short video clips.

No matter how you choose to use Instagram Reels for your marketing, ensure you get creative with the videos you’re sharing. It’s the least you can do to engage the audience watching.

Instagram trends

You can see from @minengibyrtw eye-catching reel post, a high level of confidence in her fashion style. She’s promoting a beautiful fashion outfit that will give her brand credibility.


Trend #9: Explore Page Navigation

Instagram has developed a unique feature known as the Explore Page. This allows users to discover collections of interesting content from the comfort of their homes or office.

The navigation of the Instagram Explore Page by users is now in full swing. This has pushed brands to use the opportunity to reach more people. It’s a valuable tool for every brand.

This feature also makes it easy for those interested in your products to locate your brand.

Instagram Trends

Trend #10: Using AR Features

This list of top Instagram trends that brands are using lately will not be complete without mentioning Instagram’s AR Features. It is known as theAugmented Reality” Features.

This feature brings life into Instagram stories. Aside from filters, users can now explore the new AR features by engaging with music when creating Reels and Stories. Isn’t this amazing?

This feature has helped brands invest heavily in creating unique filters for their brand products. It increases product and brand awareness and also helps businesses reach a bigger audience.

Note: Instagram will continuously release more AR features, so keep an eye out for them.

Instagram Trends


While you’re on a journey to promoting your brand, know that this in-depth article will guide you in taking advantage of the latest trends making waves in 2022. It will aid your marketing plans and push you towards your desired success.

Meanwhile, Instagram will continue testing new features for the foreseeable future. So, no matter the size of your brand, you need to keep updating your Instagram knowledge. Also, always be on the lookout for new trends so you’re not left behind when new ones make waves

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