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instagram highlight ideas

20 ideas for your Instagram Highlight Stories

Today we bring you some ideas for Instagram Highlight Stories. Since Instagram has lowered the reach of feed posts and made stories more relevant, it is more important than ever to spend time on stories.

instagram highlight ideas

Instagram highlight ideas, there are many types of stories, but we could mainly divide them into 2 large groups:

When we talk about production for stories, you may be reluctant to spend a lot of time on them, in the end, it is a lot of effort for content so instantaneous that it only lasts 24 hours. So this is where the importance of Featured Stories comes in.


In this post, we are going to see some ideas of post types. that you can create to plan your content and include in your calendar of social media posts. It’s a way for you to brainstorm if you’ve run out of ideas! We will also see what covers (covers or highlights) you can put in your highlights so that they go according to your brand.


  1. Tell anecdotes of your day-to-day.
  2. Recommend your favorites: be it places in your city, products, services …
  3. Make reflections that you find interesting.
  4. Share discoveries that you like, such as movies, cosmetics, documentaries, books, series, music, or illustrators.
  5. Show interesting parts of your life. For example: if you like fashion, the outfits you wear. Or if you like decoration, details of your house.


  1. Make the making of your work or behind the scenes of your project.
  2. FAQ. Answering the most common questions of your project will be very interesting for your audience and will also save you time in the future.
  3. Portfolio. Showing your work is the best way that they know what they do and that they can hire you.
  4. If you offer any service, such as consulting, coaching, or mentoring, you can show the success stories.
  5. Reviews about a product you know or a service. For example, if you liked a course, it is interesting for your audience that you share it.
  6. Customer testimonials.
  7. Recommendations from other professionals who complete your service or product. Collaborations with other people are a way to increase your audience!


  1. Tutorials on some techniques related to your project.
  2. Informative posts where you give or explain your knowledge 15.
  3. Interviews with someone who interests you.

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We give you 20 ideas that you can put on your covers. Think that between 5 or 6 stories are fine. Choose those designs that are aligned with your brand, so that your profile has greater visual congruence.

TIP: Remember that it is not possible to set the order of the Stories or – How to change the featured stories

  1. Single color covers
  2. Toggle icons of different colors
  3. Covers your name or the name of your brand
  4. Covers in which you put names inside
  5. Covers with illustrations
  6. Covers with gradients
  7. Covers of different shades of the same color
  8. Covers backgrounds with blur
  9. Covers the corporate colors of your brand
  10.   Covers with color images
  11.   Covers with images
  12.   Covers with neon colors
  13.   Blank covers
  14.  Random covers
  15.   Covers with text only
  16.  Covers with collages
  17.  It Covers alternating colors and texts
  18.  Creative covers
  19.  Covers with photos and icons
  20.  Very natural covers


As we have seen, featured stories play an important role within your content on Instagram. The covers you choose and the visual aspect of your account are something very personal that will help you to work on the branding of your Instagram feed. From writers we are very fans of simple covers, with icons, and in colors that represent the color palette of your feed.

For example: If you use a feed-in in which clear photos stand out with a lot of lighting, we will select some highlights with light icons.

Finally, remember that the posts and content they publish on Instagram make you be perceived in one way or another. As a professional in your field and they can give feedback on the confidence they have in your brand, product, or service.

In short: some posts can be aimed at achieving various objectives, so using this type of content will allow you to transmit more with less.

It is very important to create an optimized biography on Instagram to get those users who come to your profile, stay and follow you. And, for this, they need to know and know what they will find in your account.

One of the parts that must be optimized in the Instagram profile is that of the highlighted stories, or those circles that appear on your Instagram profile, and that many brands or companies do not use or use them indiscriminately without any type of strategy.

Instagram highlight ideas, Instagram stories usually disappear within 24 hours after their publication, but Instagram allows us to keep them for longer through featured stories.

These appear in the Instagram profile, just under the contact buttons and above the publications that are shared in the news or the feed.

Featured stories allow you to organize the stories you want to keep for more than 24 hours in an orderly manner on your profile, so it is essential to strategically think about which featured stories are going to be created and kept.

Instagram highlight ideas for creating your stories

The first thing to do to create your Instagram highlight ideas featured stories with strategy and meaning is to think about what is going to be shared in this section.

Therefore, you have to think carefully about what themes are going to be created in the highlighted stories and what is the objective of each one of them.

Do you want some ideas? Here are 10:

Services, products, or info products

If you have a business in which you sell services, products, or info-products, it is interesting to create an outstanding story to make them known (if you have many, choose only the most interesting ones for you, and if they are very different from each other, create an outstanding story for each type).

Do not limit yourself only to share the product or service itself, provide extra information about how you work or how it works.

Behind the scene or the camera

An interesting option is to create a featured story so that they can see a small internal part of the process you carry out when you perform a service, how you and your team work, how your products are manufactured, or how you package those shipments that your company makes.

Testimonials or opinions

If your clients share their testimonials or opinion of your service or product, a very good option is to collect all those testimonials in a featured story so that new users and potential clients can see those testimonials and decide if they want to work with you or buy your products.

If you want to stand out as a professional in your sector and let your followers see that you are up to date with trends and news, implementing them in your brand, is a great option.

You can take the opportunity to create videos about this and get a greater connection with your audience.

Tips or tips

Like the previous idea, with this one, you can also stand out as a professional in your sector. A set for sharing some tips or advice, which are quick and easy to implement. Your followers will love being able to do a few little things to improve and when they need something, they will come to you in appreciation.

Workshops, events, or training

If you give formations or go to them, show it. It is very important to show that we are up to date and that we keep trying to improve and grow, and this is a very good way to do it.

Share images of those workshops or events, summaries of what you have learned or what has made you think, etc.

About you or your team

We want to meet the people behind that logo or those stock images, so for me, one of the essential sections in a company is this. Show who are the people who work in your company and what their positions are, you will give more confidence to users and they will know who can help them at all times (with name and face).

New posts or articles

If you have an active blog in which you share interesting information for your Instagram followers, a good way to notify them of the content you have and the new ones you are publishing is with a prominent story.

In addition, you can also do it with your YouTube videos.

Free downloadable resources

If you have free downloadable resources on your website (or not free) you can create a section of featured stories to share them so that your followers can know what resources are available on your website.


If you are a designer, artist, or content creator, you can use a featured story to share your creations, and that your potential client can see your portfolio from your profile to know if your style and what they are looking for fits and contact you.

Stories, whether featured or not, are in 9:16 or 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Instagram highlight ideas, to create an icon, you only need to create an image in which the icon that you want to identify that category of the featured story appears and upload it to the featured story already created.

To create a cover, you must create a story, keeping in mind that from the outside it will be seen within a small circle. Think about what you want to see from the outside so that it is the main thing on the cover (and that it is not too big so that in the circle it does not look too small) and create your complete story, which will be seen when the story is clicked or opened featured.

Instagram highlight ideas, To create your featured stories, go to your profile and click on the circle with a + and New from the Featured Stories section. From there, you can choose old stories to add to your new featured story.

Remember that the stories will be ordered chronologically, so if you want to change the order of some or upload a cover so that it appears at the beginning (as I have) you will have to republish the stories in the order you want to keep in the featured stories.

When you’ve created your featured story, you can choose a cover icon for it. Edit the featured story and select the option to upload from the gallery. Choose the cover icon you want to upload and resize it so it looks good and doesn’t get cut off. And ready!

To upload your featured stories you will first need to upload the stories to Instagram, and then, once they are uploaded, the highlight option will appear in the lower right corner. Click on it and select the featured story in which you want to add it or create a new one.

Tips: Instagram highlight ideas for stories

  • Use your corporate colors for them

Using your brand colors on the icons or the covers of the featured stories will further strengthen the brand image, making the user directly relate that or those colors to your brand as soon as they see it, without having to make sure that it is you.

In addition, you will be able to give unity and coherence to your stories.

Many options can saturate, so I do not recommend that you put more than 10. It is not that it penalizes or anything like that, it is that if you set a limit it will be easier for you to choose those that are relevant for you and your brand.

You can have up to 100 stories within each featured story, but my recommendation is that you don’t get to that many. Almost no one has that much time to see so many stories, especially if you start with stories that are very old or that already have a long time.

Delete and add stories to your featured stories periodically so there is always relevant and interesting content.

Now I recommend that you take a sheet of paper or create a text document and write down all those categories that you are going to share in stories, to select the highlighted stories of your profile.

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Now is the time to start doing something different with your Instagram profile. Here are 5 types of outstanding stories to tell your story with.

If you are active on Instagram you will know that featured stories are becoming an essential element of your Instagram bio.

And, through them, you can set in your biography the Stories that truly represent you, those that you want not to be lost for any reason, or those that you need to offer by hand for more practical reasons (call it participation, news, or sales) .

Surely you have already created a few on your Instagram profile or are about to do so. Doubts about what your options are in this regard? Well, here we propose 5 types of outstanding stories with which you can truly express who you are and offer your followers a great platform for monitoring and interaction .

Instagram highlight ideas: Different types of Instagram highlight stories

We recently told you about the use made by some of those who best exploit Instagram of the featured stories. On this occasion, we want to delve deeper into the subject of those stories that we can fix in our bio from a strategic point of view.

To do this, we will develop some of the actions that these small pieces of content so popular with the general public can support .

The thing is not about copying exactly what a third party does because it looks beautiful (although sometimes it is not a bad idea), but about understanding our audience, the environment, and using the resources that we have at our disposal to better exploit our business.

Next, we will see some of those strategies that are perfect for these Instagram highlight ideas.

# 1 – FAQ and Q&A: answer questions

This is a functionality that fits perfectly with the format. The famous FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions ) or frequently asked questions are extremely helpful for users, but also very boring.

But with featured stories, you can give them a more dynamic nuance by turning them into Q&A ( Questions and Answers ), with personalized questions and answers answering user questions in Stories.

You just have to create a Storie with the classic “Ask me a question”, post the questions of the users with your answers and then fix them in the corresponding Q&A highlighted story .

Instagram highlight ideas: Using Instagram stories in this way allows you to offer a layer of service precisely within one of the most powerful channels for brand-user interaction.

We can collect a good handful of those questions that in our eCommerce are (or are not) answered in text in a remote section that nobody sees, and do it with text or, even, live voice recording a live video .

The main advantage of using Instagram in this way is that we can explain a concept much faster, and we also have multimedia support for videos and images, with which we are enriching communication and facilitating understanding.

On the other hand, it is still a two-way channel, so if the doubt is not 100% clarified, we allow the user to establish a conversation with us in which we can clarify or add information.

And besides all this: it is very, very cool .

# 2 – Tutorials

Another thing that drives the online public crazy is the tutorials. For those who are not completely clear about what they are, we will say that they are pieces of video or text content in which an explanation of the use or consumption of a certain product is developed.

The tutorials were, until recently, exclusive content on video platforms such as YouTube, and then the rest of the networks were used to disseminate that content and generate visits.

Featured Instagram stories give us the possibility to do all the work on the same platform with a great capacity for engagement (much greater than YouTube and we no longer tell you Vimeo, Metacafe, or similar).

The use of tutorials is usually associated with businesses and products of a technological nature, but this does not necessarily have to be the case.

If you have software or hardware that supports different configurations, doing the video explanation provides obvious added value, but …

… What if you are a cosmetics store and teach how to use a product? What if you dedicate yourself to the food sector and take out a series of recipes to get more juice out of your products? What if you sell decoration and in your tutorials, you teach how to assemble your furniture? And if you are a crafts blog, in this highlight you show your how-to’s ?

As you can see, almost everything supports the realization of tutorials, you just have to give it a spin.

# 3 – Collaborations with influencers

Actions with influencers are great: they give us visibility, generate interaction and make our clients subtly identify us with those profiles that can prescribe about them, whom they admire and whom, in some way, they aspire to be alike.

The real problem with influencer marketing campaigns is that they are extremely short-lived. No matter how much impact they have, they are associated with social networks, in which everything happens too quickly and status updates are happening non-stop.

Find the right influencer, design the campaign, invest in it … how can we make all that effort and resources have a more lasting effect over time ?

Well, Instagram highlight ideas can be a good resource. Fix all these actions in your bio, use a photo and the name of the influencer in question, and you will be multiplying the effect because anyone who enters will be able to see those collaborations without even scrolling .

Just one piece of advice: keep in mind that the secret to influencer marketing is to keep it low-key. That is to say, it is not too noticeable that it is a remunerated action.

If you choose to put your collaborations with influencers in your featured stories, try to make them go through something spontaneous that has emerged from the influencer in question. And, if it is not possible for the thing to “strain”, try to make it at least as natural as possible. Come on, don’t title these featured stories ” Influencers ” or “Collaborations” or anything like that. Nor do you take out the influencer saying “I have collaborated with X brand.”

# 4 – User Generated Content

We have already told you on other occasions about the power of social proof and word of mouth between users and clients. Instagram is no exception, and here those two things work remarkably well. This is probably why influencer marketing, when done right, works so well here .

When your brand already begins to have an order history and more and more people meet you, it is a matter of time before users begin to publish photos and Stories with your products, tagging you so that you realize it.

Don’t ignore these images or leave them with a simple “Thank you!” On the contrary, take advantage of the fact that you have users producing content for your brand for free and disseminate them.

These contents will serve to make branding to improve your reputation, to win dissemination to improve your visibility on Instagram (the more interactions, the better you treat your algorithm), to show how are products that otherwise you may find it more difficult to show …

Come on, they are a diamond in the rough. Don’t waste them: republish them on your profile and in your Stories, and turn all user-generated content into Featured Stories that everyone can see at any time.

And by the way: many brands merge collaborations with influencers with user-generated content. It is a way of giving naturalness to the influencer theme to achieve better effectiveness.

# 5 – Stories of your employees

Social networks in general, and Instagram in particular, are ideal for humanizing our image. Users love to know how their favorite stores and brands work and who the people behind them are.

Give your workers control of your Instagram Stories (with minimal editorial control, of course). Let them record themselves in their workplace, show them how they perform their functions, the store facilities … It is not a matter of voyeurism, this is a way of empathizing with brands .

This strategy involves taking a step further than making a simple employee profile. It is not that it is a bad idea, and of course, you can make it compatible with what we have just proposed, but it is less organic and can be somewhat artificial .


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