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instagram aesthetics pictures

Instagram aesthetic Photos: The best flirty and glamorous versions of ourselves, popularized on Instagram aesthetic Pictures, have been met with very negative reactions lately. The photoshopped montages of perfection: the decor with a floral wall in the background, the fashionista who crosses a zebra in a lively urban environment, these heart-shaped cappuccinos are above all photos from a staging, images embellished and unrealistic of beauty.

An article that appeared this week in the technology section of The Atlantic magazine firmly stated that the Instagram aesthetic photos are over! The look, made famous on the platform which originally only offered a square photo option, was quickly embraced by influencers, who artfully arranged the background, foreground, and subject, often with a product made to appear both spontaneous and glamorous but always with a quality design.
It may have started with the food and travel industries, the perfect photos of avocado toast, hot dogs, and cocktails in a pool, on the beach, or at parties, but it does. is broadcast worldwide, where everything is staged, organized, glamorous and impeccable.

instagram aesthetics photos

There is an abandonment of superficial posts

Like everyone else, we know these images are far from real. Shallow, fabricated posts in the age of authenticity are no longer cool, says The Atlantic.

Idealized scenarios have become the norm

The word Instragrammable even entered the urban dictionary, describing a situation and photo-worthy of an Instagram post. Worthy of interest because idealized scenarios have become the norm in the way we see the world on social media.

Restaurants and retailers quickly got into it, creating quirky interiors, objects, facades, and details that were Instagram-appealing. Retailers like Cos and Selfridges included immersive digital experiences early on with multi-sensory and Instagrammable moments. Imagine displays of over six feet and highlights of the brand in all of its stores, all glamorized and ready to be posted.

The flashback has started

A group of young and new influencers rejects “the idea of ​​a stylish and superficial news feed in favor of a more messy atmosphere and with fewer filters,” notes The Atlantic. By disorder, that means not capturing the perfect light, the perfect angle of view, or even the perfect shot. Huji Cam, an app to make photos look old-fashioned and unphotographed, attests to this and has been downloaded over 16 million times.

Others favor unfiltered, low-quality images, valuing the authenticity of the post rather than the perfection of the photo.

“We all know the situation is settled. We’ve all posted these staged photos. We all know the stress and anxiety that comes with it. And we see the evolution through it all. Culture is a pendulum, and the pendulum is in constant motion. That doesn’t mean everyone is going to stop posting perfect photos. But the energy is changing. ”

7 tips for having great Instagram aesthetic photos

What does it mean to have a great Instagram feed? By “beautiful aesthetic pictures ” we mean having a regular and worked aesthetically that reveals a certain graphic unity on your Instagram news feed. Your Instagram profile is now a real business card and, by having “nice aesthetics photos ”, you will encourage people who discover you to want to follow you, to click on the famous “Subscribe” button, and to be inclined. to pay attention to your content.

7 tips to have beautiful Instagram aesthetic pictures?

# 1 – The Instagram grid format: a basic prerequisite for having beautiful Instagram aesthetic photos

When we talk about the grid format on Instagram, we normally talk about how posts are positioned on the News Feed.

And it is by working, first, the design of your Instagram grid that you will be able to easily start to have a regular theme on your news feed. To develop a sophisticated grid, you must choose how your different templates or types of visuals will be positioned on your news feed.

You will notice that on one it was chosen to alternate the photos and the quotes while on the other one works rather a by line.

# 2 – the theme

The theme of your Instagram account is its mood, its atmosphere. This is what will be at the origin of the feeling of the visitor when he arrives on your account, it is your visual personality.

So what will your theme be? Rather minimalist, cheerful and colorful, tropical or even vintage or mysterious?

# 3 – The visuals

You probably already knew that to post strategically on Instagram, you first had to define the types of topics to be covered. But it does not stop there. Besides the pure content, you also need to define several visual topics related to your business.

So think about what you want to showcase visually on your Instagram account and list 5-10 visual topics.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Products (worn / zoomed, in flat lay …)
  • Quotes
  • Backstage
  • You
  • Your collaborators
  • Current productions
  • Before after Customers (photos / videos / written testimonials …)
  • Etc.

When choosing your visual subjects, keep your theme in mind and make sure that these help to reflect it effectively.

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# 4 – Filters

So practical and yet so underused, the filter remains an ideal way to standardize your photos in a few clicks! Again, keep your theme in mind to choose THE filter that will be particularly suitable for it.

# 5 – harmony

Now that you have your theme in mind, that you have chosen a way to design your Instagram grid, and that you know what you are going to be talking about visually, the time has come to make sure that the whole is always well-coordinated, cohesive, that the colors blend and respond effectively, that the whole is never too busy, etc.

To get there, here are 3 tips that will allow you to have beautiful, harmonious Instagram aesthetic pictures :

  • Choose 2 to 3 dominant colors for your grid in line with your theme. For example, if your theme is a jungle, you may opt for: green, brown, white.
  • Pay attention to the background of your photos and judiciously place some photos with a very light/refined background to lighten your entire news feed easily and make it much more fluid and harmonious. Read more on how to remove the background on photo without photoshop
  • Finally, use an application that allows you to visualize in advance the distribution of the photos on your feed to be able to rearrange them and work on a coherent whole. For this, you can rely on applications like Preview or Planoly.

# 6 – the frame

To give a “uniform” side very easily, use the frames! Adding a frame around your photos will allow you to space them out and therefore to air your grid a little while giving a coherent and worked look to your news feed.

This is especially a good tip if you tend to post a lot of different subjects, take pictures that are quite busy or are quite rich in color.

Also, keep in mind that you can also play with the color of your frame and that it does not have to be white.

# 7 – quality

Finally, last but not least, always make sure to post high-quality visuals to have beautiful Instagram aesthetic photos.

And to easily improve the quality of your photos, here are some tips:

  • Use your phone’s external camera which offers better quality
  • Use natural daylight as much as possible (morning or late afternoon light tend to be best)
  • And systematically edit your photos by playing with the brightness, contrast, and saturation to a minimum to increase the intensity of your shots easily

On Instagram, aesthetic pictures trends come and go, they don’t stop for a moment and are, therefore, constantly evolving. But, where is Instagram aesthetic pictures leading its steps for the year 2020 that is already on the horizon?

Everything indicates that next year Instagram will continue to exude as much creativity as ever and will do so by relying on aesthetic photos trends.

1. The “grid” of Instagram will be a kind of “home page”

Profiles on Instagram are on their way to becoming “home pages” with all the laws. And as such, their ultimate goal is to convert those who visit them into “followers.” How? Making the history of the brand is very clear through the bio, the highlights of the stories, the distribution of the “grid” and the publishing style.

Gone are the days when photographs were edited to infinity and beyond to degenerate into extraordinarily garish and saturated photographs. The so-called “no-edit edit” will win integers on Instagram for 2020. Next year the small photographic retouching will be imposed on this social network and we will say goodbye to the orphan editions of realism.

3. The UGC (User Generated Content) will spread its wings on Instagram

The so-called UGC is probably not the newest trend, but the truth is that it is growing absolutely runaway on Instagram. More and more brands are betting on the so-called “curated UGC” and incorporating the content lit by their fans to their “feed” and their Stories.

4. Authenticity to power

Authenticity is a trend on Instagram, which is increasingly open to welcoming more honest, more real, and more vulnerable content from brands and influencers with open arms. The objective? Build the foundations of a much stronger connection with the audience.

5. More inclusion

Inclusion is part of the agenda of more and more brands and is, therefore, increasingly present on Instagram. Aware that they must heal from their “blindness” (which makes them ignore certain communities), brands are making room in this social network for much more diverse communities and this is reflected in the images they share on this platform.

6. The duo of photography and emojis

Once humble emojis are making their way as decorative elements in more and more posts (in portraits and travel photos, for example).

7. Video and moving image, increasingly omnipresent on the «grid»

Although the video is a growing trend on Instagram, many brands are still extraordinarily restrained when it comes to including this format in their feed for fear of seeing the global aesthetic photos of the grid destroyed. However, the truth is that it is enough to add small animations to static a priori images to make them stand out from the crowd. Apps like Enlight Pixalopp and Mojo make it very easy for both brands and ordinary users in this regard.

8. The “sketch” look

Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian posted a PicsArt-sponsored post on Instagram in which her seemingly hand-drawn silhouette was superimposed on her figure in a photograph. With the accolade of good old Kim, the “sketch” look (with fine lines) has reached stratospheric popularity on this platform.

9. Design with scribbles

Spurred on by the burgeoning popularity of PicsArt, more and more brands are adding “doodles” or scribbles as ornaments in their posts and their Stories.

10. Carousels aimed at generating conversions

Used well, carousels can maximize the reach of so-called “shoppable posts” and also give wings to engagement (by proposing, for example, followers to choose their favorite photo from a collection of images).

11. The “shoppable posts” gain in sophistication

Shoppable posts are becoming more sophisticated to achieve the desired engagement: betting on questions and answers in Stories and incorporating UGC (among many other possibilities).

12. Pantone palettes

Pantone has created an application ( Pantone Studio ) that allows the user to identify colors in an image and create a color palette based on the image they want to share. And more and more brands and influencers are using this tool to provide greater cohesion to their “feeds” on Instagram.

13. Retro technology is back in fashion (on Instagram at least)

Aesthetic photos inspired by “old” tint technology (Windows windows, for example) is currently trending on Instagram and in 2020 will probably be on the crest of the wave. The Storyluxe app is perfect, by the way, for this purpose

14. “Homemade” memes

This trend may not be suitable for all brands, but “homemade” memes (and made with the Stories editor) are increasingly recurring on Instagram. Long live the humor!

15. Use Stories filters to shoot videos

Since the launch of Spark Studio AR, more and more creators are using this platform to add augmented reality filters to their videos.

How to create cohesive Instagram aesthetic photos

Homepage Articles Marketing How to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic photo Posted: 2020-12-27 If you want to gain new Instagram followers, having a beautiful and cohesive Instagram aesthetic photo is the key to converting visitors to followers.

Having a curated Instagram aesthetic photo is one of the best ways to grow your account, build a following, and show off your brand’s unique style and tone.

And the good news is, you don’t need professional photography skills or expensive editing software to nail your aesthetic photo

Why are cohesive Instagram aesthetic photos so important?

You may be thinking: why is it so important to create a consistent Instagram aesthetic photo?

Your Instagram aesthetic photos are one of the best ways to get more followers and grow your account. And this year, creating consistent Instagram aesthetic photos is more important than ever!

More and more people are turning to Instagram to search for their favorite businesses. That means your Instagram profile is now just as important as your website’s home page.

Your Instagram feed is the first thing a visitor sees when they land on a new profile, so you must make a good impression. When a visitor lands on your profile and knows exactly what they can expect to see in their feed, they are much more likely to hit the “follow” button.

Creating Instagram aesthetic photos Step n. # 1: choose an Instagram aesthetic

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the Instagram aesthetic you want for your profile. A great way to start is simply by looking for inspiration.

What do some of your favorite feeds look like? Are they light and airy? Dark and moody? Do they follow some kind of pattern?

Taking the time to think about these things while browsing your favorite profiles will help you decide which “aesthetic” will best represent you and your brand.

You will also want to consider what type of photos you will post. For example, even if you prefer a light and bright diet, if you live in a place like Seattle, it may be difficult for you to achieve.

Be sure to consider what and where you will shoot as this will be what you will be able to consistently hold. And consistency is key when you are creating your aesthetic pictures and should be considered above all else! A

another way to help you determine what look you’d like to create in your feed is by creating a mood board.

There are a ton of different programs and apps, like Pinterest, that you can use to create a mood board. Creating a mood board is a great way to help get your creativity flowing and guide you in deciding how you want your feed to look.

When you’re creating your mood board, be sure to include a combination of colors, textures, patterns, and quotes to help you better visualize what your Instagram feed should look like.

Once you’ve created your mood board, take a step back and decide what words come to mind. Your mood board should be a visual representation of what you want your Instagram brand to encompass.

And once you have a clear picture in your head of how you would like your photos and Instagram feed to look, you will make the editing process a breeze!

Creating an Aesthetic Instagram Photos Step # 2: Editing Your Photos for Your Instagram Feed

The best way to create a consistent Instagram aesthetic is during the editing process. Choosing the same filter, filter set, or editing “rules” will help your photos look consistent and “fit” together.

If you’re looking to give your photos a more professional look, Lightroom is by far one of the most powerful photo editing tools out there, especially since you can use out-of-the-box Lightroom presets.

Lightroom presets are one-click photo editing tools that can dramatically speed up your workflow and give your Instagram photos a professional look.

Using Lightroom presets on your mobile device can give your Instagram feed a major update and help you create high-quality Instagram Stories content (which we’ll talk about in step 4!).

While mastering Adobe Lightroom on the desktop takes time and practice, using the Lightroom presets in the mobile app is a quick and easy way to take your Instagram photos to the next level.

Since many presets are offered in “bundles” or collections, you can choose from a selection of filters for each of your photos while keeping a consistent look on your Instagram feed.

This year, many popular Instagrammers have even released their preset collections, making it easy for you to achieve the same look as your favorite influencers!

There is no one-size-fits-all filter, so you must play around and find out which filter is the best fit for your photo. Try to find a “set” of filters or presets that have the same look or feel to help you keep that aesthetic consistent with every photo you’re posting.

Creating an Instagram aesthetic Photos # 3: create balance in your Instagram feed

Once you’ve edited your Instagram photos, you’ll want to think about how they will look next to each other. It is important to create a “balance” in your feed and make sure it is not too busy or cluttered. You want to make sure it’s easy for new eyes to move through your feeding without interruption.

The goal here is to create a depth of field, similar to what you learn if you’ve ever taken a photography class. A great way to do this is by placing busier photos alongside clean or minimal photos to split things up a bit.

If you have a business that sells products on your Instagram feed, you can do so by mixing your product photos, with some user-generated content post, lifestyle photos, or any other different type of content that you plan to post.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking in “grid terms.” This will help you achieve a good “balanced” look on your Instagram feed and help you create that killer aesthetic.

Creating an Instagram aesthetic Photos. # 4: keep your aesthetic on your Instagram stories

Previously, when hearing about an Instagram aesthetic, most people only thought about their feed, but now everything has changed!

When creating your Instagram aesthetic, you’ll want to make sure you’re thinking about your Instagram Stories too.

Creating consistent Instagram Stories is a great way to build your brand and keep your followers coming back for more. This can be as simple as using the same Instagram “font” all the time, or using your brand colors when using text or drawing tools.

While Instagram Stories continue to grow in popularity, brands take Stories as seriously as their regular Instagram posts by creating highly crafted stories that stand out on Instagram and prevent people from overlooking your story.

You might notice brands and companies like @oakandfort taking their website design and style (like logo, font, color palette, and tone) and applying it to their Instagram Stories layout.

If you want to consistently create beautiful Instagram Stories, try using Instagram Stories templates!

Instagram Stories templates have been gaining popularity this year, with businesses and influencers creating their own brand stories that have consistent color, tone, style, and format.

There are also a ton of apps like Canva and Unfold that can help you create beautiful and consistent Instagram Stories with their out-of-the-box templates.

Instagram Stories templates are a great starting point for creating your stories and Later has created 19 free templates you can try that are fully customizable to fit your brand aesthetic.

Template design for Instagram Stories makes it easy to create stories from your phone or computer and ensures that everyone on your team can create branded content.

Generally, Instagram Stories templates are pre-made layouts with graphics, text, or animations that you can edit to suit each new story.

By using the same (or similar) templates for your Instagram Stories, you can create consistent, branded stories that align with your business as a whole.

If the design and style of your Instagram Stories don’t match the aesthetic photos of your profile page, you will miss out on introducing your brand to new audiences and leaving a lasting first impression.

Creating an Aesthetic pictures on Instagram Step # 5: Scheduling Your Cohesive Instagram Feed

Planning your content is really what is going to make or break your Instagram aesthetic. Not only do you want to focus on how you’re editing your photos, but start considering how they look next to each other and what’s next to, below, or on top of your new posts!

The best way to pre-plan your feed and make sure everything flows together is by using a visual planner like Later.

Later’s Instagram Visual Planner shows you exactly what your Instagram feed would look like, and it’s truly a game-changer. The visual planner allows you to easily rearrange or swap photos to find the perfect balance for your Instagram feed.

Scheduling your posts in advance not only helps you maintain a consistent aesthetic but also helps you post regularly, which is also very important when you’re trying to get more followers.

Again, new visitors to your profile are much more likely to become followers when they know exactly what to expect from your feed and Instagram Stories.

And those are our five easy steps to create an amazing Instagram aesthetic! By having consistent elements across your website, posts, and Instagram stories, your brand will have the opportunity to truly unify your aesthetic and style from every angle.

And now that you’ve learned exactly how to create and select an Instagram aesthetic for your brand, you’re ready to design, run, and display your own beautifully designed Instagram profile!

It takes some planning, but once you’ve created an Instagram aesthetic that wows, your Instagram account will go from strength to strength!

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