Incredible Records Shattered: Top 10 Fastest ODI Centuries

The One Day International format of cricket has seen some incredible records shattered in the last few years.
Incredible Records Shattered: Top 10 Fastest ODI Centuries

The One Day International format of cricket has seen some incredible records shattered in the last few years. Many well-known batsmen have gone on to score centuries in record time, and here we will look at the top 10 players who scored their ODI centuries in the fastest amount of time.

Many cricketers like Viv Richards, Sourav Ganguly, AB De Villiers and Virat Kohli have defied all odds and set amazing records by scoring centuries in just a matter of balls. These players were considered to be among the greatest ever ODI batsmen and it was no surprise when they made such incredible records. Their scores not only stunned their opponents but also earned them a lot of respect from fans around the world.

#10: South Africa’s AB de Villiers

South Africa’s cricketing sensation, AB de Villiers, has long been the talk of the town when it comes to sheer talent and record-breaking feats in the game. As one of the greatest batsmen in modern cricket history, de Villiers has achieved many incredible records in One Day International (ODI) matches. This article looks at 10 of his fastest centuries that have shattered all expectations.

From explosive knockouts to powerful performances against renowned teams like Australia and England, de Villiers is well known for setting new records with each game he plays. His highest score was an astonishing 162 not out off just 66 balls against the West Indies which earned him a place in this list – but this isn’t his only amazing feat! He also holds the record for second highest score at 149 runs off 44 balls, making him a powerhouse player on any cricket field.

#9: India’s Virat Kohli

India’s Virat Kohli needs no introduction. He is one of the most prolific batsmen in the world and has broken numerous records throughout his career. In this article, we will look at his top 10 fastest ODI centuries that have made him a living legend. From a match-winning 82 off 51 balls against Australia to an unforgettable 183 against Pakistan, Kohli has made sure that he stands out each time with brilliant performances on the field. His dazzling strokeplay and magnificent power hitting have helped him create new milestones in ODIs, such as becoming India’s fastest cricketer to score 5,000 runs and 6,000 runs in the format. His list of incredible feats also includes being the fastest Indian to hit 11 ODI centuries and 12 ODI half-centuries.

#8: India’s Yuvraj Singh

India’s Yuvraj Singh is one of the most dazzling and talented cricketers to ever come out of India. He has time and time again proven himself to be a part of an illustrious club of batsmen who can single-handedly take down any opposition team. His batting style is one that dazzles spectators, making him a fan favorite across the globe. In this article, we look at some incredible records that Yuvraj has shattered throughout his illustrious career.

The most awe-inspiring record he broke was when he became the first batsman in ODI history to score two centuries in the same world cup tournament – a feat no other player had achieved before him. It was during the 2011 World Cup where he scored two unbeaten innings for India – a stunning century against West Indies and another against Ireland in their semi-final match.

#7: New Zealand’s Corey Anderson

New Zealand’s Corey Anderson recently made cricket history when he smashed the record for the fastest century in One-Day Internationals (ODI). His century came off just 36 balls and beats out Shahid Afridi’s previous record of 37 balls. While this is certainly an impressive feat, it is only one of many records that Anderson has set or broken during his ODI career.

Anderson is no stranger to smashing batting records. In December 2013, he became the first player to hit a hundred in less than 45 balls in ODIs. He also holds New Zealand’s fastest fifty record at 18 balls and is the only player to have scored two centuries off fewer than 50 deliveries. Even more remarkable, Anderson currently holds five of the top 10 spots on the list for fastest centuries in ODI history!

#6: South Africa’s David Miller

South Africa’s David Miller is one of the most prolific batsman in the world. His ability to score quickly and consistently has earned him a place on the list of top 10 fastest centuries in ODI cricket history.

Having made his international debut in 2010, Miller has been an important part of South African cricket for a decade. His most remarkable feat was achieved when he scored a century off just 35 balls against Bangladesh in October 2018, making him the 8th player to reach this milestone in ODI history. This record puts him ahead of some renowned players like AB de Villiers, Yuvraj Singh and Sanath Jayasuriya who had held it previously.
Miller continues to be an integral part of South Africa’s team and will surely be remembered as one of its greatest hitters ever.

#5: Australia’s Shane Watson

Shane Watson, one of Australia’s most iconic cricketers, is no stranger to setting and breaking records in the field. During his career, he has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to scoring centuries. This list showcases ten of the fastest ODI centuries ever scored by Watson.

Watson holds three spots on the list, two of which were set in the same year. In 2009, he set records for both the third and fourth fastest ODI centuries after smashing unbeaten 102s against India and Pakistan respectively. He also holds the fifth spot with an incredible 103 from just 84 deliveries against Bangladesh in 2011. With such a stellar track record, it’s clear that Watson is certainly one of cricket’s greatest batsmen!

#4: Bangladesh’s Tamim Iqbal

Bangladesh’s phenomenal batsman Tamim Iqbal is one of the fastest century makers in ODI cricket. Iqbal holds the impressive record of being the first Bangladeshi cricketer to score a century in international cricket and his list of accomplishments continues to grow. He recently joined an elite group of players who have achieved the coveted feat of scoring a century within 70 balls or less, breaking several records along his way. The feat has earned him much admiration from fans all over the world and has cemented his place as one of Bangladesh’s greatest cricketers ever.

Having made his debut for Bangladesh at a young age, Iqbal was able to showcase his extraordinary talent with ease and confidence. His impressive strike rate coupled with great batting technique makes him one of the most feared batsmen in this format.

#3: New Zealand’s Grant Elliott

New Zealand’s Grant Elliott will be remembered for his incredible record-breaking century in the 2015 ODI World Cup Final. The match saw the Black Caps taking on their trans-Tasman rivals, Australia. With just eight overs remaining and New Zealand needing 20 runs to win, Elliott stepped up to the plate and hit an astonishing 103 off 101 balls. His shot not only earned him the title of fastest ODI century ever scored in a World Cup final, it also propelled the team to victory – a moment that will forever be etched in New Zealander’s hearts.

Elliott’s performance was even more remarkable considering he had only made two centuries throughout his entire international career prior to this match.

#2: India’s Mohit Sharma

India’s Mohit Sharma is a renowned cricket player and has achieved some incredible records in the past. He holds the record for the fastest ODI century scored by an Indian, which he achieved in just 81 balls against Zimbabwe in 2015. His skillful batting technique and tactical awareness have earned him a permanent place in the Indian team’s batting line-up. Furthermore, he is also known for his impressive bowling skills, often delivering crucial wickets at important stages of games. He was also part of India’s victorious campaign at the 2019 Cricket World Cup and contributed to their success with both bat and ball. With such talent on display, it is no surprise that Mohit Sharma has become one of India’s most popular cricketers today.

#1: Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi

Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi has been a household name in cricket for many years. He is one of the most iconic cricketers across the globe and still continues to set new records and achieve milestones. His batting style is unique, with a combination of power and finesse that few can match.

One particular record that Shahid Afridi holds close to his heart is his achievement of scoring the fastest ODI century ever recorded in just 37 balls against Sri Lanka in 1996 at Nairobi. He overtook former South African batsman Gary Kirsten who held the previous record with a century off 45 balls. This feat was considered almost impossible back then, but Afridi managed to do so with relative ease, making him an instant hit among cricket fans worldwide.

Conclusion: Fastest ODI Centurions

The conclusion of Incredible Records Shattered: Top 10 Fastest ODI Centuries brings to light some remarkable performances by the world’s top cricketing nations. AB de Villiers of South Africa holds the record for the fastest century in ODI history, reaching 100 off 31 balls against West Indies in 2015. This was only moments after breaking the previous record held by Corey Anderson from New Zealand. Other notable mentions include Shahid Afridi and Sanath Jayasuriya who both made centuries within 45 balls; a feat that has been accomplished just twice in international cricket history.
This list of incredible athletes highlights just how powerful and skillful batsmen can be when they put their minds to it.

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