How to Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

By Rebecca

Increase website traffic: With the absence of website traffic contemporaries, how else would you imagine your site or online business work?

Do you believe individuals would just merely find out about your site by fortune?

Efficiency and consistency are the passwords to success among internet marketers. With the sudden-paced lives we have and the advancements in our technology, you have to be both effective and at the same time coherent in order to fit in and stand out from the crowd.

This goes true for your online business too. Your business can’t simply be around; it has to be known to other people.

With the modern world, you can now succeed in your business without going through the traditional methods of promoting and selling.

You don’t have to go and see clients because you can now post your goods or offer your services online through a beneficial site. You don’t have to consider rejections when individuals decline your offers.

And it’s a heavy relief that you can get away with all the sales talk and you can prevent yourself from worrying other people.

Through your online business, you can post your products and services and expand your network and reach even those who are physically out of reach because of geographical reasons. You can make people come to you without directly telling them to.

Here are some best ways that can help you to increase website traffic and generate more revenue for your business.

Increase website traffic


Search engine optimization is one of the more popular ways to endorse products to a particular website and since most of us use search engines to get information on a specific item or topic, search engine optimization may just be the best method of improving the quality of a website traffic on your website.

So your rankings in the search engines may determine the failure or success of your online business endeavor.

Keywords play a very important role in the enhancement of your website traffic because people use them to search for what they want in the search engines and if you use keywords the right way, you will increase your rankings on the search engine list and people will find you faster.

If you do not maximize the use of keywords or you were not able to place the correct keywords in your website, then you may find your website listed on the farther pages of the search engines and people rarely go there especially if they find what they’re looking for on the first pages of their search.

If people find that your website is not well written and is not informative enough to answer their questions and if they feel that they are just being given the runaround so as to push a particular product, then your website will be marked and your attempt to sell will be for nothing.

So make an effort to make people feel that your products sales page is worth spending their money on by making your website look appealing and create articles and information that are worth reading.

Social Networking Websites:

Recent statistics have proven that most people on the internet flock more on social networking sites than on any other website available and in fact, the same survey has found out that about thirty percent of online traffic is caused by social networking websites.

This shows that in order to boost your website traffic, you have to find a way to utilize social networking sites in your advertising campaigns which will increase your selling advantage.

On top of the list of these sites with the biggest number of memberships is Facebook followed by these in no specific order: Twitter, MySpace, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Buzz, Google Buzz, Digg, Delicious, Instagram, and Share-A-Link.

Simply putting advertisements on these networking sites will not do the trick due to the fact that in these sites, people buy more because of their affinity to a specific person than the beauty of the ad itself.

In fact, these specific people called “influencers” can directly persuade at most half of the actions on a specific selling website just by simply stating recommendations on the brand’s products and their virtues and why they should buy it.

So the real secret in marketing in these websites is to clearly identify these “influencers” and make them your target because a few of them doing the word-of-mouth advertisement for you will increase your exposure and possible sales exponentially. Create your website using Hostinger shared hosting plans as they are affordable and come with great performance.

Of course, reaching more people by maximizing your presence in social networking sites through advertisement placements is effective but to really make the most of your efforts, try to recognize the most dominant and influential members first and concentrate on this person by engaging him or her in different ways.

Video Marketing:

Video has come into its own in the new millennium, and with it, Internet marketers are willing to take the leap to provide a new, fresh way to present their products and services.

Just like article marketing, video marketing uses keywords in order to categorize your videos and make them easy for people to find. People love videos and will probably find, watch and click on any links you put into your video.

It is now easier than ever to create an interesting video, and with each passing year, the price of the software decreases. As well, the learning curve on most video marking software is now much less with much of the special effects being handled by the software and not the operator.

As a result, video marketing has become so easy that even a newbie to the industry can get up and running in a short period of time. Because you don’t need to fight with the technology, it has become an excellent way to get your message out there and build web traffic to your website.

YouTube is built for marketers. It even allows you to insert your website URL into your video for easy access, has meta tags so that your videos are easy to find, and allows meta tag descriptions that get indexed fast in the major search engines.

Because of this, your video has the potential generating massive amounts of website traffic from day one, because YouTube videos are listed higher in the search engines than written content.

YouTube, while being a video-sharing site, is also a social networking site, which means that people will not only view your videos but will also rate and comment on them as well. If you produce a video that is interesting, entertaining, and not long-winded, you can get a lot of people to view your video and comment on it.

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They will also tell their friends about it, giving access to other like-minded people who are interested in your subject matter.

Article Marketing:

Article marketing is one great way to get traffic to your website. The great benefit of this strategy is that it provides free targeted traffic, so you’ll be getting more targeted website traffic.

Before starting your website, you need to host your website. HostGator is one of the most reliable hosting providers out there. Activate the HostGator coupon code and acquire the best discount on web hosting.

So, below are some tips that can help to generate targeted website traffic on a consistent daily basis with articles.

Writing articles – Yes you can write articles! A lot of internet marketers do not have a professional writing background, they just do it. Obviously, it is not easy, to begin with, if you are not a writer. It just requires practice and the more you do the faster you will become.

Article directories – When you write your information-packed articles, you need to submit them to article directories. Your article should firstly be submitted to EzineArticles being the top article directory on the internet. If you have put your article on your blog or another article directory first, EzineArticles will reject it for being duplicate content.

Short articles – You should be writing about 300-350 words per article, anything longer, and people will not read them.

Even though you can submit shorter ones with 250 words at EzineArticles, people will feel they have not benefited. Your goal is to provide just enough information for them to want more.

Submit frequently – You want to submit articles on a regular basis for you to benefit from loads of daily visitors. If you submit good quality articles on a regular basis, try stopping the traffic by checking out your website!

Even though you are writing regular content, your older articles will keep on working for you too.

Banner Advertising:

One powerful technique to boost website traffic is the use of banner advertising. Banners are those colorful ads that are often seen above an article or placed beside it.

Banner ads have a long and proven track record, and many website owners have found that they are the fastest, easiest way to increase website visitors.

Traditional ads have mostly graphic elements, but they can also contain multimedia elements, including catchy music or animation. When a person sees an ad that interests them, they simply click on the banner, and they are instantly transported to the website represented by that ad.

These ads have grown into one of the most versatile forms of advertising, literally encompassing the best points of all other traditional advertising.

Banner ads are also an important element of Pay Per Click, or PPC, advertising. Since the banner ads work with keywords, your site is defined, at least in part, by the keywords which link to it.

The more frequently your site is associated with a particular phrase, the more relevant it is ranked in search engines. And that means you’ll also get more visitors from organic searches.

Meanwhile, you can also simply place banner ads on other people’s websites where you can purchase advertising space, or you can build Squidoo lenses and include them for free.

Of course, you can even place them on your own websites. For example, if you have a blog, you can place banner ads for your products on your sidebar or at the beginning or end of your blog posts.

If you select them well to match the content you’re writing, people will be curious about what you might have to offer.

While the people who find these ads are already on your website, you can send them to other websites you may have. And generate lots of traffic for those sites.

And those sites can have banner ads sending visitors back to the original blog, or to yet other sites of your choice.

Increase website traffic Conclusion:

Don’t hesitate and use these methods immediately if you are looking for a large crowd of targeted visitors.


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