How will you create a recipient list for the main document

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How will you create a recipient list for the main document?


The following are the steps to make a Recipient List for the main document:

(i) In the Mail Merge Task window, I Under the Select Recipients section, select the Type a new list option.

(ii) Select the Create option. The New Address List dialogue box appears on the screen after that. To remove or add a field, select Customize columns from the drop-down menu.

(iii) Now you must enter the information in the appropriate fields and then click the New Entry button on the dialogue box’s left side bottom.

(iv) Include any records you have, such as those of your company’s clients, friends, or family. Select the OK button.

(v) In the Address List dialogue box, give the file a suitable name and save it (in case you want to save the list).

(vi) In the Mail Merge Recipients box, the newly updated details of the records by you will be displayed. If you wish to alter anything about the Data source, go to the Data source box and click the Edit button. When you’re finished with your editing, click the OK button.

(vii) Please notice that the tick mark indications are placed next to the Data Source field in the checkboxes by default, indicating that records have been selected. If you don’t want the letter to be sent to a specific address, uncheck that address by clicking on the checkboxes and then clicking the OK button.

How will you create a recipient list for the main document

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