How to use color sampler in elementor

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color sampler in elementor

Would you like to use the Color Sampler in Elementor?

Today we will tell you about another quite popular feature on Elementor. Although it remains largely underestimated this feature will help you improve your productivity with Elementor.

The color palette of a website is an essential part of the user experience. Choosing the wrong palette can make this experience a disaster and cost you a huge readership. But finding the best color scheme can improve not only the user experience.

color sampler in elementor
color sampler in elementor

The Color Sampler allows you to extract colors from images and other elements on your page to create a perfect color scheme that you can use on a single page website or across your entire website.

Now let’s go ahead and see how this feature works. To achieve this tutorial create a page or a template. Here we have imported a page template. To do this click on the folder icon in the edit box.

In the Popup that appears, type in the search bar “Portfolio”, and choose the last element of the list of results

Click Insert and the template will be inserted into your page or post. In the image below you will discover our home page.

We are going to modify the Blue background on the right using the Color Sampler to extract colors from the image on the left. Click Edit Column

In the left panel, click the Style tab, and in the Background block, click Classic background type.

Then on the color option click on the color selector and then on the Color Sampler.

Click on the image on the left, a Popup will present the color palette found in this image. Select the one you like and the background on the right will immediately receive that color.

And voila you have just created a perfect color scheme that perfectly matches your image.

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Here! That’s it for this article which shows you how to use the Color Sampler in Elementor.

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