How to use an Elementor template kit

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how to use elementor template

Would you like to use an Elementor template kit?

In Elementor, you have two options to create a Builder theme page or template. First of all, you can create one from scratch which is the best option if you have your own design concept. Second, you can create one from a predefined template.

Creating a page or template from the Builder theme is a great solution if you have no idea about the design concept of the page or template. Elementor has hundreds of templates for you to choose from. Some of them have a consistent concept aimed specifically at a certain type of website. These types of models are called Template kits or kits models.

how to use elementor template
how to use elementor template

What is an Elementor template kit?

An Elementor Template Kit is a collection of Elementor templates that have the same design concept. What we mean by the same design concept here refers to the same typography (font family in particular), color scheme, image style, button style, and other design elements.

An Elementor template kit is designed specifically for one type of website. For example, Elementor offers a template kit designed specifically for a law firm. An Elementor template is ideal when it comes to streamlining workflow.

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How to use an Elementor template kit

Again, an Elementor Template Kit is a collection of templates. As these are templates, you can import them like other Elementor templates. If you want, you can also use a template from a template kit independently (without importing the other templates).

Elementor does not have specific functionality to bulk import models from a kit. In other words, you have to import them one by one on each page template. Suppose you want to build a law firm website and you want to use the law firm template kit.

After installing and activating Elementor Pro (template kits are only available on Elementor Pro, by the way), you can create the basic pages (home page, about page, contact page, etc …) and other parts like the header and footer.

When creating a page, you can import a predefined template from the template kit associated with the page you are creating. For example, for the home page, you can just import the home page template from the Legal Forms Templates Kit into the template library.

Before using an Elementor template kit, you can view the affected template kit on a live website. You can simply visit the page in the Elementor template library and click on a template kit that you want to demo.


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