How to sort most commented post on Instagram?

Most commented post on Instagram, The comments on Instagram are organised by user. This means that the most recent remark will be at the top of the list. Then, in decreasing order, all additional comments will be sorted by date.

Why aren’t my Instagram comments in chronological order?

Most commented post on Instagram, Instagram offers a function that arranges comments chronologically. This implies that the most recent remark will be shown first, followed by the oldest.

If you wish to view your comments in chronological order, click “See All Comments” at the bottom of your feed.

To see the top comments on Instagram, tap on the “Top Comments” tab. This bar is positioned at the very bottom of your Instagram feed and displays a rundown of the most recent comments posted.

Can you filter your Instagram comments?

Yes, you can filter Instagram comments. There are two approaches to this. One option is to modify your account’s privacy and security settings. Another option is to utilise a third-party programme such as InstaPlus or InstaFilter.

Instagram now allows users to filter comments on their accounts.

How can I arrange my Instagram feed in chronological order?

Instagram has a new feature that enables you to publish photographs in chronological order. Tap the “Date” button at the top of your feed, then choose “Chronological.”

Is it possible to censor comments on Instagram live?

On Instagram Live, you cannot filter comments, but you may report them and ban the person.

How can I see filtered Instagram comments?

Tap the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen to view filtered comments on Instagram. This will open a menu with a “comments” option. You may then choose from any of the filters that are presently available.

Can I conceal Instagram comments from certain followers?

Yes, you may hide comments from certain Instagram followers. To do so, go to the comment you wish to hide and press the three dots in the top right corner of your screen. This will bring up a menu from which you can pick “Hide Comment” and then who you want to delete it from (everyone except your followers, or just yourself).

Is Instagram’s chronological order returning?

Instagram was not always organised chronologically. They were cut off by the recent move to an algorithm-based feed. However, after hearing its customers’ criticisms in 2015, Instagram reverted to their original approach, social media style.

How do you react to Instagram live comments?

I feel that live comments on Instagram are a terrific way to stay up to date on what’s going on in the globe. I can see what my friends are up to, as well as the most recent news. It’s a great method for individuals to remain in touch, and it’s entertaining to see the remarks as they happen.

How can you get rid of Instagram live chats?

Instagram is a social networking platform that enables you to publish and share photos and videos with your followers. When you launch the app, a list of recent postings from individuals you follow will appear. If someone tags a photo or video with #live, it will appear on your feed as an Instagram live conversation.

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