How to secure your wordpress site against attacks?

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Secure WordPress site today. E-commerce site hacking is still very present in 2021, so it is essential to protect your site against attacks. The purpose of hacks is to root out personal information and money.

Securing a website not only protects it but also reassures customers and visitors. There are a few tips to easily secure your WordPress site against attack


The content of a site can be the target of malicious actions.

Texts can be stolen and reused to penalize a site’s position on Google.

This is called ” Duplicate Content “. In order to protect against these attacks, several solutions need to be implemented.

As a first step, it is necessary to put a copyright on the content and to regularly check that it has not been plagiarized (tool We recommend adding a watermark on the images (name, logo, signature) in order to authenticate the photos and protect them.


E-commerce sites generate financial transactions. These sites must absolutely benefit from an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification. This certification makes it possible to encrypt the data flow.

Web hosts offer several SSL certificates at different prices. The price of certifications varies according to the level of security required.

When a site has SSL certification, it is protected by the HTTPS protocol. A small padlock appears in the URL bar when your site is displayed.

The SSL certification can be notified on the website. This mention is a token of confidence with visitors and customers.


The hackers taking advantage of the lack of vigilance and vulnerabilities present on a site to hack the data.

– Keep the site up to date and save data,

Choose a complex admin password that is different from other accounts,

– Disconnect your session even for 5 minutes of absence.

Do not share any identifiers either by email or by phone. Keep your login details secret!

– Be vigilant against suspicious links and email attachments. Never open attachments ending in .pif, .exe …

– For a CMS, you have to remain vigilant against questionable plugins and read the reviews before downloading a plugin.

– Set up an antivirus, a firewall, a scanner as well as security plugins to protect the site.



Securing your site is a tedious task that requires technical skills and time. Entrust us with your site, our experts will ensure the website maintenance of it to limit the flaws.

In addition, developers will be able to intervene more quickly and limit the damage of an attack. Trust brel.


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