Remove background from an image without Photoshop

Remove background from an image without Photoshop: Whether it is to make graphic creations or to crop photos of products on an e-commerce site, it is very useful to know how to remove the background of an image.

The operation is very easy for those used to Photoshop or similar editing software, but what about those who do not have such a tool?

Don’t panic, there are several easy techniques to remove background from a photo without difficulty, we will teach you how to Remove background from an image without Photoshop.


Remove background from an image without Photoshop

Remove background from an image without Photoshop

1) Preview on Mac

The “Preview” utility on Mac has many useful features, starting with the cropping (summary) of an image.

Two solutions are available to you:

A) The smart lasso

To use the smart lasso, open your image in Preview, then display the annotation toolbar.

In the drop-down menu on the far left, select “Smart lasso”:

With your cursor, draw a path following the outlines of the object you want to crop:

Finally, press “Crop” to remove the background of the image:

Although some flaws may appear, this tool is usually sufficient for objects with simple shapes.

B) Instant alpha

This method will only work well if the background of the image is completely uniform – for example, completely white.

In the toolbar, select the “Instant Alpha” tool (the button shaped like a magic wand), click on the background and drag the cursor while maintaining the click. The instantaneous alpha will automatically select the outline of the object:

Release then press the “Delete” key on your keyboard to erase the background:

2) Microsoft Word Microsoft Word

is primarily word processing software, it’s true, but it does have a pretty handy tool for removing background from an image in a jiffy.

Start by opening a photo in a Word document, then click on the “Format Picture” tab:

Then click on “Remove background” and Word will automatically select the outline of the object:

The automatic selection can however be imprecise (in our example, part of the sleeve is cut).

Fortunately, you can rectify this with the “Mark areas to keep” tool, which allows you to trace the edges you want to include in the selection.

Once you are satisfied with your clipping, all you have to do is click on “Keep changes” to remove the background from your photo.

3) Pixlr Editor

Pixlr is a free and easy-to-access online editing tool .

To remove the background from a photo, choose the Pixlr Editor tool :

Click on “Create a new image” and set the name and dimensions of the image as you see fit. Also, make sure to check the “Transparent” box:

Then go to the “Layer” tab, select “Open image as layer” and import the photo of your choice:

In the toolbar on the left, choose the “Magic Wand” tool and click on the background to automatically select the object.

If you need to select multiple areas to delete, click with the wand while keeping the Shift key pressed.

Now you just have to cut the background by going to “Edit”> “Cut” or by using a shortcut:

  • Ctrl + X on Windows
  • Cmd + X on Mac

Finally, go to “File”> “Save” and select the PNG format before pressing OK.

And there you have it: your image is now displayed on a transparent background.

4) Malabi

Malabi is a very handy online tool: with it, removing the background from an image is a snap .

Start by uploading your photo to the site with a simple drag and drop:

Select the tool symbolized by a green cross, then roughly trace the interior contours of the object:

Then click on the red button and do a quick trace on the background:

Malabi removes the background of the image very easily and with great precision.

You just have to click on “Download images” to download your modified photos

These tools are very useful for removing the background of an image representing a product or an illustration with simple shapes.

However, they quickly reach their limits when it comes to cropping a more abstract image or for complex graphic work.


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