How To Pin Someone else’s Tweet To Your Profile on Twitter

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how to pin someone else's tweet

How to Pin a Tweet to My Twitter TimeLine – Quick and Easy

How to pin someone else’s tweet: What if social media had never been created? What would you be doing right now? Do you think you would have the same conversation with your friends and family? With what communication method would you be talking to them? There are many reasons to be grateful for the fact that they exist.

Thanks to them, a large part of people around the world can communicate more frequently with their friends and family, compared to the times when they did not exist. This is thanks to the ability to upload photos, create comments, and among other things.

But despite everything and at this precise moment, there are still people who do not know how to use them, there are those who still do not know the options that Twitter allows in their tweets or WhatsApp in their messages, and so on. Therefore, most people must know more about the subject.

how to pin someone else's tweet

What is a Tweet?

A Tweet or Tweet in a few words is the update of status or a publication on the Twitter platform, in which you can only write a limit of 140 characters, we can add photographs, put pdf, upload videos from the PC or mobile, and other files. In such a way that the published information is not so long and tedious for the users who see it.

One of the most relevant characteristics of Tweets is the famous Hashtag. With which the publication can automatically be related to a specific conversation topic or a trend, making it even easier to search for certain topics on the platform.

For example, in an assumption where we make a Tweet with a slightly extravagant topic such as UFOs or aliens, we can use Hashtags of both the specific topic “#ovnis”, or we can also do it in a slightly more general way such as ” #mysteries ”

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What are tweets used for?

Tweets have multiple functions and utilities, they can be used to express feelings or activities that are in the moment. You can also use it to inform your followers about some news, the topic of conversation, product, and other things that may cause relevance; You can also make your tweets private so that no one sees them or even delete multiple tweets at once.

In the case of visual artists, who publish their creations on the platform and who generate a greater number of views thanks to the number of people on the social network. The same goes for merchants. The fact is that Tweets have so many uses that only the creativity of the user is missing.

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What is a Pinned Tweet?

One of the biggest problems that Twitter had was the constant fact of losing Tweets among the sea of ​​publications of other users, it was something as similar as a grain of sand in a sea made up of millions of people who published regularly.

But thanks to one of the platform updates, this new option was created with which the user is allowed to prolong the publication for much longer. This is because some users had to share their most important Tweets daily, which is why this fact was becoming annoying.

How to pin a tweet on my Twitter timeline?

how to pin someone else’s tweet: The first thing we must do is, choose if we are going to look for a Tweet that has already been published previously or if we are going to make one from scratch, with the second option we must write it and publish it, since before publishing the process of setting.

Then, we look for the Tweet, and we will see that in the upper right corner of the publication the “more” tool with a down arrow icon, which will open a new menu; and in this new menu we will look for the fourth option from top to bottom which is “set on your profile page”, we select it and that’s it.

The Tweet will automatically appear permanently on our profile until we want to change or remove it.

How To Pin Someone else’s Twitter Tweet To The Top Of Your Profile

While browsing the net Twitter, you may come across a Tweet that interests you and want to share it or pin it to the top of your profile page, so that this post is seen first by anyone who has entered. your profile. Well no matter what Pin your tweet there is no option for you to pin someone’s tweet to the top of your profile page, so most users retweet the post and then pin it.

Alternatively, there’s a better way, and it lets you pin anyone’s Twitter tweet right to the top of your profile page and without retweeting. Here is how to proceed in the next paragraph.

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Pin someone’s post to the top of your Twitter profile page

How to pin someone else’s tweet: The method is very simple and easy, just enter the Twtools tool on the web and click on Option Pin all tweet.

Click on the Allow access button ” Allow access To grant permissions to pin a Tweet to the header of your Twitter profile. After that, the permission request page will appear, click on the Give button. ‘authorization for the application.

Now copy the link from the Tweet to pin it in the header of your profile page. If you’re on a computer, you can access the tweet and then copy its link from the address bar at the top.

  • If you are using Twitter on your iPhone, you can copy the link to the tweet by clicking on the “ Share Tweet via ” option, and then in the pop-up window, click “ Copy link to tweet ”.
  • On Android, you just need to click on the arrow in the corner of the tweet and then click on the Copy link to tweet option.

After copying the link to the tweet, paste it into the Twtools tool and click the ” Pin this tweet t” button, this Tweet will be successfully installed on your account.

Now that the Tweet is installed, you’re sure you want to delete it someday. To do this, click on the Retweet option Under the pinned Tweet, then in the small menu that appears, click on the Cancel Retweet button.

It’s done, all you have to do is remove the access permissions from your account to Twtools For security reasons, although the site is trustworthy, it is best to cancel access. To do this, click on the More option under the side options and then select Settings & Privacy. Now, click on an Applications and sessions section to view the applications associated with your account.

In the applications that appear, select Twtools Then press an Access Revoked button. This will disengage and go to the Twtools site and your Twitter account. Don’t worry, this won’t remove the pinned Tweet.

It should be noted that the Twitter system only allows you to pin one tweet in 24 hours, which means you have to wait 24 hours, and then you can pin another tweet at the top of your profile page. Moreover, you can also know How to Record and Post Voice Tweet on Twitter.

How to pin or unpin a tweet on Twitter from iPhone and iPad

How to pin someone else’s tweet: Got an important announcement to share or just want to share something motivating or fun? You can easily pin a tweet to your Twitter timeline so that the visitor doesn’t miss it. In addition, there is no time limit on how long the pinned tweet is visible.

In this article, I’ll show you how to pin a tweet, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, from your iPhone or iPad, along with the steps to unpin it. Let’s get started!

How to pin a tweet to Twitter on iPhone or iPad

Open the Twitter app. Tap on Profile. Now tap on the plus icon in the upper right corner of the tweet. Next, tap Pin to your profile.

Tap Pin to pin a tweet to the top of your profile.

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How to pin someone else’s tweet to Twitter on iPhone or iPad

How to pin someone else’s tweet: Unfortunately, there is an official way to pin other people’s tweets on Twitter. However, you can use online tools to do this.

I often rely on TwToolsEu, an easy-to-use Twitter tool. Here’s how to use it to pin your favorite Tweet from another Twitter profile.

Go to TwToolsEu on a browser. Next click on PIN ANY TWEET → Allows access. Enter your Twitter credentials and click on Authorize app.

Go to Twitter, copy the link of the tweet you want to pin. Then paste the link on Twtools and tap Pin this tweet.

Now the selected tweet will be pinned to the top of your profile.

Note: To unpin the tweet, just click the retweet button and select Unpin Retweet.

How to unpin a tweet in Twitter on iPhone

How to pin someone else’s tweet: Pinned a wrong tweet or the tweet is no longer relevant? No problem! You can easily unpin a tweet by following the steps below:

Go to your Twitter profile Tap the plus icon at the top right of your pinned tweet Tap Unpin from your profile and select Unpin.

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These are the fastest ways to pin or unpin yours or someone else’s on Twitter from iPhone. If you have more questions, check out the answers below for the most common questions.

Q. Why can’t I pin someone else’s tweet on Twitter?

A. Since there is no official way to pin someone’s tweet on Twitter, you cannot do so using the official app. You will need to use third-party tools like Twtools.

Q. How can you see someone’s pinned tweet?

A. The pinned tweet is visible at the top of the Twitter timeline labeled “pinned tweet.” So go to the person’s Twitter account to see it. If you can’t see such a tag, the person hasn’t added a pinned tweet.

Q. Can I pin more than one tweet on Twitter?

A. You cannot pin more than one tweet. You have to be selective and choose one from the many tweets available.




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