How to make a dreamcatcher: step by step tutorial

How to make a dreamcatcher

Make a Dreamcatcher in the Modern Era

How to make a dreamcatcher: I’ve recently come across some gorgeous contemporary dreamcatchers that have inspired me to construct my own. Continue reading for the complete instruction.

How to make a dreamcatcher: Supplies

  • Rattan hoop, 21cm (8 inches)
  • rattan or metal craft ring, 8cm (3 inches)
  • Make feathers (you’ll need roughly 20 little and seven large feathers).
  • I used wooden beads ranging in diameter from 7mm (a quarter inch) to 2cm (three-quarters of an inch).
  • 8 skeins of Perle 5 thread in coordinating colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue for crafts (not shown)

1. Make a Hoop Cover

1st step

We’ll wrap the thread around the rattan hoop to cover it completely. Begin by putting the thread end along the hoop and keeping it in place with your thumb. Then wrap the thread around and around the hoop, covering the tail with it. Continue winding the thread around the hoop until at least a third of it is covered.

2nd Step

Simply put the end of the new thread along the hoop and hold it in place while you wrap over it to change colors.

Lay the end of the thread along the hoop to finish the first color, then begin wrapping the second color over it. My wrapped tassel necklace tutorial has more thorough instructions on wrapping thread and changing colors.

Change colors as needed to form a pattern around the hoop.

3rd step

Set the hoop aside without tying off the end of the thread when it is completely covered.

2. Cover the Smaller Ring with the Larger Ring.

1st step

Using the same process as the hoop, wrap the entire ring.

3. Connect the Ring to the Hoop

1st step

Place the ring inside the hoop then, in figure 8, wrap the ring’s tail up and around the hoop and back around the ring. Then, close to the hoop, wind it back around and tie a double knot.

Trim the thread’s tail near to the knot.

2nd Step

Begin to link the hoop and the ring together with the hoop’s tail, winding in a figure 8 pattern. Continue to wrap your arms around the hoop.

3rd step

Tie a double knot around the hoop and clip off the tail when you’re satisfied with how it looks and there are no large holes.

4. Finish with the Fringe

1st step

To produce the fringe, cut pieces of thread 80cm (32 inches) long. Because my craft projects often vary and evolve as I work on them, the photos may not always match the directions perfectly!

To make the fringe, I first cut four lengths of thread in six different colors (and took the photo below). Then, when I began to put them together, I realized I needed more of each color. Eight lengths of five different colors and 16 lengths of one color were used in the end.

2nd Step

Start with the color that will be in the center and tie on one length of thread at a time. Fold the thread in half and feed it through the hoop’s bottom. Pass the tails through the folded end as you bring them up through the hoop.

Pull the knot firmly so the thread hangs down at the bottom of the hoop.

Continue adding threads one by one, tying them tightly together but not overlapping.

3rd step

To the left of the center, add each additional color. Make sure the threads are as straight and untangled as possible.

Then work your way back to the right until you’ve added all of the fringe threads.

5. Finish with a Fringe

1st step

Fold one corner of a piece of office paper over to meet the opposing edge, producing a triangle. Along the folded line, make a cut.

2nd Step

Place the dreamcatcher on your work surface and comb the fringe straight with your fingers. To use as a cutting guide, place the triangle on top of the fringe.

Trim around the bottom edges of the triangle with your hand on top of the paper to keep the threads in place.

Another option is to run a line of tape parallel to the bottom borders of the triangle on the thread. Then simply cut the tape away.

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6. Attach the Large Feathers

1st step

Arrange the huge feathers in size order, starting with the largest in the center and ending with the tiniest on the outside.

Locate the thread that is about in the center of the center color. Apply a dab of glue to the top of the feather and tie the thread to it.

Feathers, thread, and glue are a dangerous combination, so take caution and keep a damp cloth handy to wipe your fingers. Keep the adhesive away from the fringe, or things may rapidly go awry!

Apply the two feathers to the fringe’s outside parts.

Then, one in the center of each color part, add the remaining four huge feathers.

7. Attach the Small Feathers and Beads

1st step

Arrange the feathers in size order. Apply a dab of glue to the top of a feather and thread a bead onto it, leaving at least a centimeter (half an inch) of the feather visible at the top. Repeat with the remaining feathers, grouping them by size.

2nd Step

Attach the larger feathers to the fringe first, making sure they are equally spaced.

3rd step

Add the rest of the little feathers to the fringe one by one. Pull individual threads to the side before gluing the feathers on to avoid a gluey, feathery mess.

8. Create a loop that can be hung.

1st step

Cut a 26cm (10 inches) length of thread, fold it in half, and tie a knot at the end.

Thread a big bead through the folded end.

Pass the folded end through the hoop at the top of the dreamcatcher. Bring up the folded end and thread the bead through it. Pull the knot as tight as you can.

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