How to give yourself the best chance of winning at roulette

By Bex

Roulette is a classic and much-loved casino game whose popularity has continued to grow. Thanks to the boom in online casinos, more and more players are now discovering this great game and enjoying playing wherever and whenever they want. With rules that are quick and easy to learn, roulette is a simple game to play, making it perfect for players of all levels of expertise, including beginners.

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Roulette Strategies

There are several popular roulette strategies that players use. They are:

  • Labouchere Roulette Strategy
  • D’Alembert Strategy
  • Martingale Strategy
  • Paroli Strategy or Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy
  • James Bond Roulette Strategy
  • Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

The three best strategies that most players use are:

The D’Alembert Strategy

Named after the French mathematician Jean Baptiste le Rond D’Alembert, this popular but simple system involves increasing bets after losses and decreasing bets after wins.

While the system is not fool proof – no system is! It remains a well-used and successful strategy amongst roulette players.

The Martingale Strategy

Without doubt, this is one of the most popular betting systems at casinos and is based on a simple idea. After a loss, players double the size of their next bet to recoup their losses. However, this system is fraught with danger should a player suffer a losing streak and start chasing losses. Despite this, it is considered one of the best and most successful strategies out there.

The Paroli System or Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

This positive betting system is the complete opposite to the Martingale Strategy. Players begin betting with the minimum amount allowed and keep that bet until they win. They then increase their bet after each win, and keep increasing it as their wins increase. The idea is to maximise winning streaks.

Top Roulette Tips

Once you have worked out your strategy you are well on your way to having fun playing roulette. But before you do, check out our tips below to ensure you maximise your chances of winning.

Understand the Odds and Payouts

It’s important to know the odds and roulette payouts before you start playing, that way you will know what to expect and can better asses how much you are willing to stake and your chances of success. Once you know the odds and payouts, roulette makes a lot more sense and it becomes a lot easier to play.


Before you start playing you should set yourself a budget – an amount of money that you are comfortable losing during the game. Budgets make game play more enjoyable and ensure you only bet what you can afford to lose. Once you’ve reached your limit, it’s time to take a break.


Winning streaks are great but they don’t last forever – unfortunately. Experienced players will know this and set themselves a goal before they start. When they have won enough money and reached their pre-determined goal, it’s time to cash in and enjoy those winnings.

European Roulette v America Roulette

There are two main games of roulette game widely available: European and American. Most people prefer to play European wheels because they have better odds, whereas the American wheel features a 0 and a 00 slot, making it harder to win. While the odds are only marginally better, it makes sense to grab every possible advantage you can get.

Place Outside Bets

If your sole aim is to maximise your chances of winning and come away with a profit, then outside bets are the way to go. They pay out more often and by sticking to the table’s minimum bet you can play safe and minimise losses too.

Placing two equal outside bets is a low-risk way of winning yourself a payout. It won’t make you rich but it’s a good, low risk way to play without losing lots of money.


No matter what game you like to play, practice always improves your skills and therefore your chances of success. Lots of online casino sites will allow players free games or offer tables with low stakes, allowing players to get to know the rules, odds and payouts in a risk-free environment.

Bonuses and promotions

Another great feature of online casino sites are the offers, promotions and bonuses on offer to players. Whether it’s a loyalty bonus, signing on promotion or a birthday payout, make sure you maximise your freebies.

It’s also worth checking out bonuses for playing time, with many sites rewarding players for the amount of time they spend at their casino.

Have Fun

There’s no point playing any game if you aren’t having fun, and the popularity of roulette is down to the fact it’s a fun and exciting game. But if you stick to your strategy and follow our tips, you’ll soon be playing like a pro and having lots of fun.

By Bex
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