How to Get Adsense Approval

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adsense approval

Adsense Approval

adsense approval

How to get AdSense approval

Today everyone have a question that how we can get Adsense approval. This is a complete guide about google adsense account approval trick 2021 in Hindi also.  Google AdSense is the most popular advertising network and the best way to start monetizing your traffic with image ads, whether you’re just starting an online business or have been doing it for some time. This ad network includes optimization tools and various ad units for various platforms and devices.

You do not want to register an AdSense account to be rejected for not reading the instructions or not following their policies. We’ll walk you through how to get approved by adsense in 2021 and beyond, step by step, and you’ll be greeted with this guide.

Things to know before applying for an Adsense approval

Before even applying for a approval there are a few things you should know:

Chances of how to get approved by adsense?

I already explained this above, but to be clear, these four factors are the most important for get Adsense approval.


To be honest, it’s shocking to hear how many people Google Adsense account rejected when they applied. Many readers have sent me an email saying that my application has been rejected. I’ve seen complaints and comments on the forums about how difficult it is to get approval. So, the question is how much traffic required for approval?

People often overlook important details when applying, such as having a privacy policy, contact page, or just a working website.

I have never been rejected, but I am always careful when applying. The steps I took to apply for and approval Adsense on two separate occasions are outlined below.

CAN I GET APPROVED ON A “BlogSpot adsense approval” WEBSITE?

Yes, really! You can sign up for AdSense approval on Blogger by creating a site on a subdomain. But I advise you to resist.

These days, the cost of setting up a custom domain and managing your website is so low, so you should consider hosting your website with a reputable hosting company, away from “BlogSpot adsense approval” type platforms. Abide.

How long does it take for an adsense approval time?

The length of time it takes to receive google adsense approval trick varies. Approval time can take as little as 24-48 hours, but it usually takes two weeks. Here many services providers offering so you may buy approved adsense account.

What to do if you are not approved adsense approval

If you are not allowed to participate in the program, you should carefully read the email you sent to understand why it was not accepted.

Then you can open the AdSense approval trick forums to see what happened to other users when you were experiencing the same issue.

Please review your AdSense approval time guidelines, make a list of what needs to be fixed, wait at least two weeks, and then reapply.

There is no limit to the number of applications, but please do not apply unless corrective action is taken.

Please note that there is no way to contact the AdSense approval team directly and ask why your application was approved, except in the official AdSense forums. You can also visit how to audit your Google Ads campaign in 30 ways.

Best google adsense account approval trick 2020 in hindi
Post Fresh & Quality Content

This is one of the most important steps if you want to get Google Adsense approval trick on the first try. Don’t apply for AdSense trick now if your site has well-designed base pages but doesn’t contain quality content.

Publish a Good Amount of Content

The most important factor is content. This is really easy.

What is the point of blogger when there is no content? It’s like a desolate desert.

Please update your website for BlogSpot  regularly. Include only high quality content. Do not steal content from other websites. The content must be original, as Google ads is very strict about plagiarism.

About & Contact Pages Are Must

This is a step that even the most experienced online marketers overlook. This is the third fastest way to google ad approval. Before you can apply for approval, you need a company profile page and a contact page on your website. These are the two most important pages in the googlel.

Drive Organic Traffic

If your website receives organic traffic, it means your page is indexed by Google and ranked by certain keywords.

This is a good sign that Google will take this into account when approving AdSense applications.

Powerful Privacy Policy

Finally, the Privacy Policy page provides information about Google about the information it collects from site visitors and why. You need it if you want How to get approved for AdSense approval. Most website owners and operators skip this page because they are not sure what to put on the privacy policy page

Final Thoughts:

Many times these steps have been agreed upon by me, the entity, or someone else with a Google Adsense account. It looks simple, and people often search that how to get google adsense approval in 1 minute but it would not happen.

This may be due to a variety of factors, including poor quality content and suspicious activity. However, if you follow the five steps outlined here, you will have no problem with google adsense approval.

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