How to Follow Current Trends in Crypto World

By Bex

Trends in the crypto world seem to change on a daily basis. New projects pop up, coins take a turn for the better or worse, and it can be difficult to stay on top of everything.

Luckily, there are a lot of people who follow the crypto world diligently and bring all the news in smaller, easily-digestible pieces. But with so many podcasts, outlets, and Twitter profiles, you may be wondering who is worth following and listening to.

A good indicator may be the number of followers on social media, though it isn’t necessarily always a sign of quality. However, here are some accounts and blogs that have proven to be trustworthy.

Best News Outlets for Crypto Trends and News

There is no denying that traditional news outlets, and now websites, play a vital part in keeping people informed. Some of them are solely focused on the crypto market, while others cover a variety of topics.

What they all have in common is the ethics with which they bring news. It is precisely this ethical standard that makes them dependable and worthy of your trust.


The Forbes Magazine has established itself as a go-to business magazine with the latest news on business, finance, and, recently, crypto. They often feature prominent figures from the crypto world and conduct meaningful interviews with industry leaders.

Reading articles from Forbes is for those who wish to stay on top of the business world in general, with a broader focus. If you have invested in several fields of business, this magazine will certainly help you have the newest, freshest information.


TradeCrypto is one of the new additions in the field of crypto, but it definitely brings insider info to the table. One of the best things about this website is its ability to be the first to publish important news.

This website is a great source of information for both newbies and experienced traders. With their Academy section, you can quickly learn the meaning of the terms used daily. For those who understand the industry, the news is sorted per category for easier navigation. And TradeCrypto updates the segment daily.

Crypto Daily

This online outlet brings unbias news from the crypto world. Crypto Daily covers a variety of topics, focusing mainly on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Similarly to TradeCrypto, they focus on a large audience, bringing important pieces of news to beginners and senior traders.


CNN is widely known for its reporting on the world’s most essential news. They also have a separate segment on the website dedicated solely to the business news, under which you can find the latest crypto trends.

They cover a wide range of topics and some of the events of the world actually impact the prices of cryptocurrencies. All in all, if you are interested in more than just crypto news, this is a great source to check out.

Crypto Blogs

Every exchange, coin, or other crypto service has its own blog. These blogs are a great resource at any time for the newest crypto trends. Now, you don’t have to follow all of them, but it is advisable to follow at least the blogs of services you use and cryptos you have invested in.

Non-traditional Ways of Following Crypto Trends

The newest trends in crypto cannot always be found in traditional, mainstream outlets, like magazines and websites. As many experienced traders know, sometimes the juiciest stuff is found on Twitter and in Telegram groups. YouTube channels are also a great way to start, but be careful who you follow.

Invest Answers

One of the best YouTube channels and partially a podcast is Invest Answers. James Mullaney is the creator of this educational channel. He teaches people about finance, business, and, more recently, crypto.

His channel is filled with so much information. He has interviewed the leaders in the crypto industry, shares daily updates, and deeply analyzes all of the market movements. If you truly wish to understand what is going on in the crypto world, check out his channel.

Coin Bureau

Just a guy named Guy brings all the trends and explains crypto-related topics in the simplest of terms. Although you only see him, it is rumored that he is an actor with a huge team of analysts behind the brand called Coin Bureau. Even though their website reads like a news outlet, the public knows them through YouTube and Telegram.

This enterprise is huge. Coin Bureau has a weekly newsletter, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, and a Telegram group where you can find all of the latest crypto trends in small digestible pieces. The range of topics he covers is huge and it is suitable for everyone.

Elon Musk

If you have spent even a short amount of time in the crypto world, then you must be familiar with the Elon Musk factor. Whatever he does or says has a significant impact on the crypto prices. He is the number one influencer in the crypto world.

Following Elon Musk is a must, but you are also required to know the industry inside out. Without a deep understanding, you cannot tell how a particular statement will impact the market.

The Imposter Problem

With non-traditional sources of information, there is one crucial problem – imposters. Many scammers will try to impersonate a popular YouTuber or Twitter account to defraud people.

Using an established name in the crypto world, such as Coin Bureau or Elon Musk, they will run a scam. Usually, it is a giveaway scam, where they will ask you to send them a sum of money and they will double it. Don’t fall for this. No one in its right mind will give away free money. If Elon Musk or another celebrity “texts” you, assume it is a scam and don’t share your personal information.


Your time is valuable and getting to the vetted sources of news is challenging in these times. This is especially true for the crypto world, as it is a new and largely uninvestigated field. Be careful where you place your trust. Do deep-dive research into your potential source of crypto trends before choosing to follow it. And never, ever reveal your personal data to anyone on the Internet.

By Bex
Bex is a technical and non-technical writer, he is into the content marketing industry since 2015 and also contributed to many top news sources in the world