How to Fix- Google maps error This page can’t load google maps correctly.

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This page can't load google maps correctly.

What is a “This page can’t load google maps correctly” Google maps error?

Is it accurate to say that you are seeing “This page can’t load google maps correctly” instead of guides on your site? This mistake has turned significantly more normal since Google Maps began requiring an API key on June 22, 2016 (after around 10 years of permitting keyless use). In case you began utilizing Google Maps on your site on or after that date then you should pursue and carry out an API key (more seasoned clients needn’t bother with a key).

Google has not made setting up an API key an extremely easy-to-use process. Their interface is outfitted with designers. Thusly, numerous clients have inconvenience accurately making a key. This aide isn’t only for our WordPress subject and module clients however for anyone on the Internet who needs to realize how to fix the “This page can’t load google maps correctly” mistake on their site.

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Track down the Cause of “This page can’t load google maps correctly”

To start with, how about we discover precisely why the “This page can’t load google maps correctly” mistake is appearing. Different things can cause it yet luckily Google gives us a method for learning the particular explanation. This aides we realize how to deal with fixing it. Notice the last piece of the blunder says to open the JavaScript console for “specialized subtleties”. That is the thing that we really want.

Oh no! Something turned out badly. This page can’t load google maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for specialized subtleties.

You can open the JavaScript console in your program with a couple of keystrokes. There is a brilliant reply on StackOverflow that tells you doubtlessly how to open the JavaScript console in various programs. In the wake of doing that, you ought to have the option to observe a section looking at something like this.

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Fix the “This page can’t load google maps correctly” Error

Since you know precisely the thing that is causing the mistake, you can fix the error “This page can’t load google maps correctly”. Here are fixes for the most well-known Google Maps API mistakes displayed in the control center.

Step by step instructions to Fix Missing Key Map Error

Missing Key Map Error implies you are not utilizing an API key and should pursue one then, at that point, design your site to utilize it. Sites that began utilizing Google Maps on or after June 22, 2016, require an API key with the end goal for guides to show.

Make a Google Maps API Key

Follow these means to make and execute a Google Maps API Key.

  1. Go to the Google Maps Platform invite page then, at that point, click Get Started. You might have to sign in or make a record assuming you don’t as of now have a Google Account.
  2. Google will ask you for some data. Assuming it requests that you make a task, feel free to do that (no concerns if not). You should add an installment technique despite the fact that Google provides you with an exceptionally enormous measure of free credits each month. Until this point, none of our clients have detailed expecting to pay anything for Google Maps.
  3. You will then, at that point, be approached to pick items. Pick Maps then, at that point, click Enable then, at that point, answer the short review.
  4. An API key will be produced and shown. Duplicate it to your clipboard with the button on the right then, at that point, click Done.
  5. Our clients can go to their WordPress administrator region and glue the key into Settings > Church Content > Locations then, at that point, click Save Changes. Try not to stop on this progression. You actually need to get your key.
  6. Get back to the Overview on Google Maps Platform. Under Enabled APIs (you might have to look to see this), click View all APIs.
  7. Under Additional APIs, click Geocoding API then, at that point, Enable.
  8. Presently pick Credentials in the menu to keep different sites from utilizing your key.
  9. Snap your “Guides API Key” and select HTTP referrers under Application limitations.
  10. Under Website limitations, use ADD AN ITEM twice to add the two passages underneath (supplanting with your own space).
  11. Snap Save at the base and you’re finished.

Note: Google says it can require as long as 5 minutes for your key to becoming dynamic. We’ve heard reports of it requiring 30 minutes or longer. Remember this on the off chance that your guides don’t show immediately.

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Instructions to Fix Referer Not Allowed Map Error

RefererNotAllowedMapError is the most well-known mistake we’ve seen separated from not utilizing a key. The control center will likewise say, “Your site URL to be approved”. It identifies with Steps 9 and 10 above while making your key. Here’s the manner by which to fix the blunder.

  1. Go to
  2. Snap your API key’s name to alter its settings.
  3. Under Application limitations, ensure “HTTP referrers (sites)” is chosen and that you have added the two passages beneath (supplanting with your own area). Both are vital and be certain that have you added/* as far as possible.
  4. Snap the Save button then, at that point, trust that the change will produce results (Google says it can require as long as 5 minutes).

Tip: If you have numerous tasks, ensure you are working with the right one by utilizing the dropdown at the top.

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Instructions to Fix Api Not Activated Map Error

Google Maps has more than twelve unique APIs. That is a ton! The Google Maps JavaScript API is the most well-known. Whichever API you are utilizing, it’s conceivable that it isn’t empowered in your record. How about we fix the ApiNotActivatedMapError mistake by empowering the API you’re utilizing.

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Guides”, click “View All” to see all Api’s.
  3. Snap the API you’re utilizing. Our topics and modules utilize the Maps JavaScript API, Maps Static API, and Geocoding API. Your item might utilize something else however the JavaScript API is generally normal for a site.
  4. Snap the Enable button at the top and trust that the progressions will produce results (Google says changes can require as long as 5 minutes).
  5. Rehash for other API’s you’re utilizing (recall, our topics, and modules utilize the Maps JavaScript, Maps Static, and Geocoding Api’s).

Tip: If you’re utilizing an unexpected item in comparison to our own, you might have to empower an alternate API. Assuming you’re uncertain which API to empower, you can take a stab at empowering every one of them (or ask your supplier).

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Instructions to Fix Invalid Key Map Error

InvalidKeyMapError essentially implies the key you executed is off-base. All in all, you made it yet didn’t enter it into your site effectively.

  1. Go to
  2. Duplicate your key.
  3. In the event that you’re utilizing our WordPress module, go to Settings > Church Content > Locations and glue your key into the Google Maps API Key field then, at that point, click Save Changes. In any case, do comparable as indicated by the item you’re utilizing.

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Instructions to Fix Other Errors

This aide covers the blunders we’ve seen most generally. There are different blunders. To realize their causes and how to fix them, see the Google Maps API Error Messages documentation.

It’s Still Not Working

The following are three things to check on the off chance that you are as yet seeing the “This page can’t load google maps correctly” mistake.

  1. Stand by five minutes. Google says it can require as long as five minutes for the progressions to produce results. I have heard that it can require as long as 30 minutes at times, however, give it something like five minutes.
  2. Check the control center once more. Return to the part above on distinguishing the reason for the mistake. It is conceivable that you had two mistakes in any case yet just addressed one or that the one blunder remains since you didn’t change the settings effectively.
  3. Clear your store. On the off chance that you’re utilizing a reserving module, cleanse it’s store. If not, your key probably won’t be utilized immediately. It doesn’t damage to clear your program store all things considered.

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Assuming that your site depends vigorously on maps, it’s most certainly worth your time and works to refresh the Google Maps API. Your site guests need a guide that heaps appropriately, and you need to give a decent client experience.



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