How to Easily Download INSTAGRAM Videos (iPhone & Android).

By Jenna More
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Download INSTAGRAM Videos

Download INSTAGRAM Videos Want to quickly download an Instagram video, reel, or story? The issue is that Instagram does not let you to do so… It’s a pity, particularly if you want to preserve a recipe on your iPhone or Android……or a humorous video on your phone! Fortunately, there is a simple web method for “uploading” any video to Instagram.

Download INSTAGRAM Videos: What to do

1. Navigate to the Instagram video you wish to save. Take, for example, this amusing video of a duck pretending to be dead:

2. Select the three little dots in the upper right corner of the video:

3. Select the “Copy link” or “Link” option:

4. Launch Safari on your iPhone or Chrome on your Android device:

5. Now, access this igram site, which enables you to save the videos:

6. Copy the Instagram video URL and paste it into the given space before clicking the “Download” button:

7. Wait for the video to download, then click the “Download.mp4” button to the right of the video:

8. If you’re using an Android, the video is stored to your gallery, and if you’re using an iPhone, it’s saved to Safari downloads.

9. You may now view the video discreetly on your smartphone without having to go to Instagram.

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That’s it; you now know how to post a high-resolution video to Instagram in under 2 minutes:-) Isn’t it simple, quick, and effective? The download can be done on an iPhone or an Android device……but it can also be done on a computer if you want to see the film on a larger screen. It’s suitable for reels, movies, IGTV, tales, and even photographs! The main disadvantage is that it does not permit downloading for a private account.

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