How to copy or Duplicate a Page or File in Word

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how to duplicate page in word

How to Duplicate a Page in Word

How to duplicate page in word: Many features help us work more comfortably and efficiently when using a word processor like Microsoft Word. How to duplicate a page in Word is without a doubt one of them.

Working with one or more duplicate pages makes work much easier in certain professional environments. Serves to save time and effort. This frees us from the work of rewriting or drawing text and images that we did earlier. In addition to the issue of saving time, we avoid having to do tedious and repetitive work.

Aware that most of its users use Word for professional purposes, Microsoft strives to offer new and more useful options and features every time. Of course, many more than any other word processor, although most of them are unknown to the average user.

This would be another one of them: duplicate an entire page of a document and create a copy of it. Certainly, many workers from the most diverse sectors used to working with Microsoft Word will find this method a very useful solution. A way of working with greater agility, making better use of available time and resources.

It is therefore one of those Microsoft Word Tricks worth knowing. Furthermore, duplicating pages in Word is a very simple process that does not require any technical knowledge on the part of the user.

how to duplicate page in word

What is Microsoft Word?

How to duplicate page in word: Word is a program specially designed for the realization of text documents. It is included in the Microsoft Office package.

It is considered to be a very comprehensive program; as they have several spectacular features and functions. That allows the user to modify the format according to their liking.

How to duplicate page in word: Word functions

  • Start: In this option, you can add the size and font. In the same way, you can include bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough. Text effects, font color; bullets, numbering, alignments, among other functions.
  • Insert: This function allows the user to insert tables, links, comments, header, and footer. Among other things.
  • Design: This feature has themes, colors, style sets, fonts, watermarks, color, and page borders. You can also add effects to your texts.
  • Layout: This function refers to the margins, indentation, space, size, and columns of the pages and texts.
  • Reference: By reference, you can insert footnotes, tables of contents. As well as citations, bibliographies, tables of authorities, and even perform a smart search.

How to duplicate page in word: Other program options

  • Voice: This important feature allows the text to be read aloud and also highlights each word.
  • Language: Using this function the content can be translated into a different language. You can also choose the language for the auto checker.
  • Zoom: Another of its functions is to be able to zoom in or out of the content of the texts.

Now, according to the aforementioned characteristics, Microsoft Word is an excellent tool that can be used to create any type of file. Regardless, if its purpose is academic, professional, creative, among others.

How to duplicate page in word: Why is it Important to Duplicate a Word File?

As we have said before, this program fulfills a series of functions to write important texts, it is also one of the most used today. Since most people prefer to use this method to carry out their work.

Based on this, it should be noted that most users consider it necessary and useful to save a backup copy that supports each of the texts. This way they will be able to secure their information and not lose it for any reason.

However, there are people who for some reason still do not know how to make a duplicate page in word. Consequently, this can harm the loss of electronic documents; due to any errors when saving or from the system itself.

Let’s see how to duplicate page in word:

How to duplicate page in word: Method

Unlike other functions, there is no direct button or option to duplicate the page in Word. Still, the process is quite simple. The idea is basically to copy the content of a page, create a new one and paste the original content onto it. These are the steps:

  1. We select the content of the page to be copied with the mouse or with the Ctrl + A key.
  2. “Copying” can be done by pressing the Ctrl + C keys or by right-clicking and selecting the “Copy from” action. With that, the selected text will be saved in our clipboard.
  3. Then we open a new blank page. To do this, we click on the “Insert” tab and then select the ” blank page” option.
  4. Afterward, the previously selected content is dumped onto the new page. Again, there are two ways to do this: using the Ctrl + V keys or pressing the right mouse button and selecting the “Paste” option.

As you can see, the process is extremely easy and fast when it comes to duplicating a single-page document. But what if what we want to do is duplicate multiple pages or an entire document with many pages?

Duplicate a document with many pages

How to duplicate page in word: In these cases, the duplication process is quite similar, although there are some differences. The main thing is that we won’t be able to use the Ctrl + A key combination to select. If we did, the entire document would be selected. This would not be useful for us if we just want to select a few pages. Therefore, we will have to make this selection manually. The rest of the process would be pretty much the same:

  1. First, we select the page content to copy using the mouse.
  2. To copy there are two familiar options: either by pressing the Ctrl + C keys or by right-clicking and selecting the “Copy from” action. As in the previous case, the selected text will be saved in our clipboard.
  3. The next step is to open a new page from the “Insert” tab by selecting the ” blank page” option.
  4. Finally, we’ll paste the previously selected content into the new page. The two ways to do this are using the Ctrl + V keys or pressing the right mouse button and selecting the “Paste” option.

Create a new Word document from an old one

How to duplicate page in word: As practical as the page duplication method in Word is to create a new document from scratch from an old one. Let’s look at an example: let’s imagine that we have to create a new document and we want to leverage part of another. However, we are only interested in some of the contents of the original document. The rest must be eliminated. Not just because it’s not useful, but for security reasons or to maintain privacy.

The idea is similar to duplicating pages in Word but reverse. Let’s see how you can create a new Word by copying part of the content of a previous document (text, tables, images…), but discarding the rest.

The method of creating a new Word document from an old one has many points in common with that of duplicating pages in Word. These are the steps to follow:

  1. First, we select with the mouse all the content, the text, and the rest of the elements that are part of the original.
  2. Next, we’ll use the Ctrl + X key combination to copy (not Ctrl + C).
  3. As in the previous examples, we now open a new page from the “Insert” tab and selecting the ” blank page” option.
  4. The last step is to paste the selected content into the new document using Ctrl +V.

It is at the second point that the most important change is introduced. The method of “copying” or “capturing” content is no longer Ctrl + C. Right-clicking and selecting “copy” doesn’t work either. No, for this method you must use Ctrl + X . What we achieve with this is that everything that was selected is automatically copied, but we also achieve it at the same time that everything that doesn’t interest us disappears.

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Save time working in Word with this trick to duplicate pages

How to duplicate page in word: When working with your own document in Microsoft’s Word processor, there are several reasons why we need to duplicate one or more pages. This is something that in fact can become common in certain work environments, so we are going to see how to do it quickly.

First of all, rewriting the same content again, in these times would be totally absurd. In fact, this is a much simpler process than it might seem at first, let’s see how we can do it. Thus, in the event that we only need to add a blank page, instead of copying an existing one, we can click Insert. Among the options that will appear, just select the Blank page to add it.

Somewhat unfamiliar Word functions that are helpful

How to duplicate page in word: And we must bear in mind that Word in these times offers us a good number of functions with which it tries to make things easier for us. This is something that is especially important for those who spend many hours in front of this Microsoft word processor. The problem is that on many occasions we do not even know that these functions exist, or where we can find them within the program menus.

This on many occasions translates into a significant waste of time, as is the case that concerns us in these same lines. As an example, all that we can save in terms of time and effort just by using the templates proposed by the same Redmond firm in their programs. These can save us many hours of designing and creating our own documents. Well, the same thing happens with many other functions that we overlook and are not even aware that they are there.

For example, as we told you when duplicating a document, we tend to mark it completely, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it again. But if it is large, on many occasions this can lead to certain errors, which translates into the loss of fragments or complete pages of said document, which can be a serious problem, so we will have to do it methodically and carefully, as we shall see.

Not in vain in these lines, we are talking about one of the most popular applications in the world. In fact, most of the current computers, whether at a domestic or more professional level, have a copy of it and are widely used.

Duplicate a document with a single page in Word

How to duplicate page in word: And you have to know that to duplicate a page, there is not a button that we press to carry out this. With everything and with this, the process itself is very simple, as we are going to see. In this way, the first thing will be to copy the content of that same page, create a new one, and paste the content of the original. For this we do on a document of one page, the process will be faster and easier.

The first thing to do will be to select the content of the page to be copied, either manually with the mouse, or by pressing the Ctrl + A keys to select everything there is. Next, we copy the selected content using the key combination Ctrl + C or from the context menu, clicking on the Copy option.

In this way and with the content of the Word document on the clipboard, now we will have to insert a new page. So now we no longer have to click on the Blank Page button as we saw earlier. In the event that the document cursor does not automatically move to the new page, we move down and place ourselves on it. After that, we just have to use the Ctrl + V key combination on the keyboard to paste the content of the original page into the new one.

Duplicate from a document with many pages

How to duplicate page in word: Also, if what we want is to keep the same format, we must click on the button Keep the source format in the options that appear in the paste bar. In this simple way, we can duplicate the content of the copied page, which will be inserted in the new page.

On the other hand, we will tell you that the duplication process in documents with several pages is quite similar. The biggest difference is that we will have to be careful with the cursor position in the document before inserting a new page. Thus, as in single-page documents, first, we have to copy the content of the original that we want to duplicate.

However, here we will not be able to use the command Ctrl + A to select the content, we will have to do it by hand since this selects the entire document. A getting to the end we stop, we again use Ctrl + C and we look at the new page where you will double to use Ctrl + V . We will also tell you that this simple thing that we have just told you is one of the many Word tricks that we can use at the moment. These will help us to make the most of the program and to be able to work in the best way with it.

Create a new document from an old one

How to duplicate page in word: In the same way, it may be the case that what we really need is to create a new document from scratch, but at the same time delete the content of the old one. This may be required, for example, for security or privacy reasons. In this way, what is achieved is that we create a text document in Word with exactly the same content as the first one, but discarding the old one.

It is evident that in the new file that we are going to generate in this case we will have to assign a new name, something that we should not forget. The reason for this is that by automatically deleting the previous content, we could lose everything due to a simple mistake. Well, for this, the first thing we do is mark with the mouse all the text and the rest of the components that are part of the original. We do this exactly the same as with the method described above. Of course, the most important change comes now, since we are going to change the capture mode.

While so far we have been using the popular Ctrl + X, now let’s use Ctrl + X. In this way, while everything marked is also copied to the clipboard, it disappears from the original. That is the reason why we can lose everything if we are not careful. Next, we just have to go to the new document that we are going to create, and how we use the combination Ctrl + V. So we are going to check first-hand how everything that was cut before, appears again in the empty file. This includes text, images, tables, etc.

In the same way, in the case that we are only interested in plain text as such, we can also make use of another useful combination of keys in Word. With this, what we really want to tell you is that when generating the new duplicate document, the formats added in the original are not inserted. Elements such as italics, bold type, or included photos come into play here.

Duplicate Word documents from other formats

How to duplicate page in word: When we talk about Word, we refer to one of the most used and widespread office programs in the world, if not the most. that is something that directly affects the default format that the application uses, that is, at this time, DOCX. As you can imagine, this is a file format that focuses on word processing. But it is not the only format that we can use in the program that is part of the Office suite. In fact, if something characterizes Word is its high compatibility with a multitude of file types.

We tell you all this because just as we can duplicate documents in various ways working with the default format that we are commenting on, we can do the same with other types. That is, we will always have the possibility to open a. TXT document and duplicate it with one of the methods described above, and convert it to DOCX. The same happens if we talk about the.ODT, which is the default used in another of the most used office suites, LibreOffice. Therefore, it is easy to imagine that the possibilities open to us here are almost endless when it comes to duplicating documents in seconds.



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