How to display the date of the last update in Elementor

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If you write an article on your WordPress website – a how-to article in particular – you need to edit it regularly to make it relevant. The problem is, your readers will never know when your article was last updated unless you post it. This article will show you how to view the date of the last update in Elementor.

In WordPress itself, there are several ways to display the last updated date of a post, depending on the theme you are using. In most cases, you can display the date of the last update by adding a new function in your WordPress theme’s functions.php file.

last update in elementor

When you create a unique post template with Elementor, you can use the Post Info widget to display the post meta (date, author, etc.). By default, four pieces of information are displayed by this widget: Author, Date, Time, and Comments.

You can edit any of these items or add a new one to view the last modified date.

First, drag the Post Info widget to an area on your page where you want to display the last modified date. Then go to the left panel to make the settings. Select one of the elements (or add a new one) and set its type to Custom.

Click on the Dynamic link in the Custom option and select Date of publication.

Click the wrench icon in the Post Date field and change the type to Post Modified. Set the date format by clicking on the Format option drop-down menu.

To add text before or after the date, you can click on the Advanced option .

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Final words

Not only is displaying an article’s last updated date important in letting your readers know that the article they are reading is updated. This is also important for SEO purposes.

Search engines tend to like web pages that are updated regularly because that means the articles are more relevant to readers.


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