How to display different prices in woocommerce

display different prices in woocommerce

The diversity of businesses that are idealized with the existence of the internet is infinite. Therefore, our online systems – be they websites or stores, need to be constantly evolving, adapting to the most used strategies at the moment to generate profit.

WooCommerce is a system for online stores based on WordPress and with it, a lot can be created. Different types of businesses need to work with different levels of customers and partners. Therefore, displaying price by user type in WooCommerce is excellent to encourage people to increase their levels within the business or simply buy more, earning greater discounts to their cart.

display different prices in woocommerce

Different Prices by User Type

Let’s say that an online store has customers of different levels and for each of them, a discount or a different price for products is offered. Thus, the ideal would be to create different rules and values ​​for each type of user in your store or sales system.

WooCommerce Role Pricing


According to the type of user a customer obeys, the WooCommerce Role Pricing plugin gives you the ability to discount your store’s prices. So, you can configure how much you want to offer your products to the different levels of customers your e-commerce has.

For online stores that want to encourage purchases working with a scoring system or affiliate system, WooCommerce Role Pricing is one of the lightest, most practical, and objective tools you can find. Choose to give discounts through fees or on the total purchase amount and set as many different prices as you like for levels of registered users.

Setting Different Prices on WooCommerce


After installing and activating the WooCommerce Role Pricing plugin on your WP site, in WooCommerce click on the Role Price Light link .

On the settings page, you can see that there are very few to be done. As the first step, choosing how the discount to offer different prices by user type should be applied – by Rate (rate) percentage or by an Indicated Amount (amount).

Fee or Amount

Choose the Rate or Rate discount method, it means that the discount applied will be by percentage, that is, 15%. For Amount or Amount, you will define a fixed value. Example: BRL 1.00.

The next step is to choose whether the discount should be shown for the regular price or the sale price .


Now, one of the most important steps. Do you want to offer a discount on the overall price or do you want to apply a fixed price for all products? For the first case, in You have set choose Discounts and if you want a price, choose Amount .

Setting Discount for Product Prices

In Roles, you will specifically define the fees or amounts you want to apply for each type of user. Here will be shown all types of users you have created on your system – see more in User Roles, Roles, and WordPress User Capabilities.

So, if you have selected that you want to apply discounts based on Rate (Rate), it is necessary that you enter the percentage that must be calculated for each type of user to have this price reduction. For example, below I configure that I want to give a 50% (0.5) discount for Publishers and 10% (0.1) for Clients :


Now, if you want amounts; closed values ​​( Amount ) are deducted from the value of each product, the configuration is already different. The example below, a discount of BRL 3.00 for Publishers and BRL 1.00 for Clients :


After all the settings for discounts, showing different prices by user type, don’t forget to save. To do this, click on the Save button located at the bottom of the page.

Displaying Price by User Type

Now it’s time to test whether our rules are really correct. Check below how our settings were according to the previous topic.

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Before Discount

My prices before discounts are applied and before users are logged in would be these:


After Amount Discount

For users of the Editor type, the discount in amount, that is, the closed amount. So, my products for logged in users belonging to this role type will have their prices displayed like this:


After Fee Discount

For users of the Editor type, the discount with the rate applied, that is, a percentage will be 50% (0.5). See how it turned out:



As you can see in today’s post, there are a thousand and one ways you can build or develop a profitable business and make sales with WooCommerce. Adjusting is necessary for any industry or type of business. Because finding the way your niche market buys that is interesting for your pocket is a constant search, really!

Companies or entrepreneurs who work with points, levels, affiliates, or network marketing – the WooCommerce Role Pricing plugin is a strong ally to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of work when selling products. Without any kind of programming, you can define clear and simple rules to give discounts or offer different prices in your store, always based on the type of user or user role type of your WordPress and WooCommerce system.

To ensure safe sales, a stable store that transmits credibility – regardless of whether or not you offer price by type of user on WooCommerce, paying attention to the quality and support of your hosting, as well as security measures within your store, is essential. Therefore, I recommend that you start by reading the post How to Increase Security and Hide the Fact that You Use WordPress with hiding My WP Plugin and follow the tips that Script Certo has about hosting, certificates, performance, and tools to boost sales.


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