How to create custom shapes in Elementor

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custom shapes in elementor

Need to create custom shapes in Elementor?

In web development, geometric shape is another basic thing that you need to understand other than color theory. Each geometric shape represents different meanings.

The Circle, for example, represents harmony and security.

Elementor doesn’t have a specific widget to create a custom shape, but you can use the Spacer widget if you need to add a custom shape to a web page.

This article will show you how to create custom shapes in Elementor using the Spacer widget.

custom shapes in elementor
custom shapes in elementor

How to create a custom shape in Elementor using the Spacer widget

Some Elementor widgets, including the Spacer widget, have an option to set border-radius values. You can use this option to create a custom shape in Elementor.

By default, when adding the Spacer widget, you will have a rectangular shape with a height of 50px. You can change this default setting to create a square, circular, or rounded shape.

Please note that not all geometric shapes can be created with the Spacer widget.

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You will not be able to create a triangle or a parallelogram. Here’s how to create a custom shape in Elementor using the Spacer widget.

Repeat the above steps to create more custom shapes. Or, you can just duplicate a shape you created to save yourself time.

Just make sure to match the border-radius values ​​as well as the size (height and width).


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